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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

“Instant communication is a way of life; market trends spread like wildfire in real-time and trends come and go as fast as the seasons. In an industry that has traditionally taken years to accept change, we are now propelled into a new workplace; one in which junior employees have no concept of business hierarchy and the boss is not always right. Master trainer Mark Dickinson explains” Social media has become a new human resource tool for employees, where they may express their feelings, unfiltered and uncontrolled. They say exactly what they feel, when they feel it and no longer in private; they broadcast it to the whole world. Hospitality managers are slow in catching up. They are still telling employees that they cannot bring their phone to work and that they must follow old rules. But the new employees don't care. They were born with a phone in their hands. Their entire life is connected through tablets, phones, computers and TV - the four screens. These screens provide them with everything they need. They are educated, entertained and informed, and they share, meet and socialize through these four screens. Whatever are you thinking telling them that they must be separated from their life? “Your messages and your communication must change. You have to speak in the language that your listeners understand. “ Throw Out the Old Rules The old adage of 'leave your personal life at the door' is no longer realistic. We must provide a workplace that engages and absorbs this generation of digital children. Reading a magazine article like this one is a thing of the past for them. They may read it in a blog; they may glance at the headline and make an instant judgment about whether it is worth reading on, but read a magazine? Not very likely. Tweet about it, put a cool picture with it, add a mini video to it, and now you are getting somewhere. Your messages and your communication must change. You have to speak in the language that your listeners understand.  Your employees do not want to be called staff. They want to be highly empowered responsible operatives, or HEROs, as Harvard's Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler suggested back in 2010. Highly empowered or engaged or encouraged, but never judged or scolded. What does that Mean to You? It means you have to change. Change is no longer an option Dictatorial styles of management are dead, and for those who still run egocentric management teams that are focused on massaging position and authority, your days are numbered. Every dictator in history has fallen and the one thing that they all had in common? An unwavering belief that they were right. What should You do? 1. You Must Self-learn. You no longer have to read books, books will come to you. They can be audio books that you listen to as you walk, drive, jog or work out. Let the digital world support your personal growth. 2. You Must have personal Development Goals Beyond the Scope of your Work. If you're not growing, you cannot inspire your team to grow. Set up one outcome that you want to see happen in your life and go after it Avoid setting several goals - that doesn't work. Your brain is wired to work well on a focused activity. Lose weight. Get fighting fit. Get a certificate in something. Travel to a specific destination. Whatever it is, pick just one thing. Work on it until it happens Then move to the next thing. 3. Learn how to Use All the Latest Media. You don't have to use them, but you do have to know what they are and what they do. Ignorance creates conflict. Understand what your team are doing when they snapchat or tweet. Encourage them to do it in a positive manner - they will grow your business. 4. Engage Social Media as Part of your Team's Culture - Don't Fight the Beast. Encourage the team, and give them parameters Enable them rather than struggle against them. 5. Be a Master of Search Know how to search using more than just Google or SIRI. The population of material in the world is phenomenal. The entire learning of humankind is available at your fingertips, you just need to learn how to search. Engage your team, encourage your team, remember that their success is yours. The higher they rise, the better, and the more amazing your business will be.

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