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Sing Box - The place to Sing

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

This is an entrepreneurial idea for some time in the future

The concept is that you get to go to a place where everyone sings together.

Singing can be operatic, choral, spiritual, rock, pop, you name it and there's a group there that sings it

Each day there are different themes

Morning times - Monday to Friday - Children's songs - think Barney and Co, Baby Shark!

Evenings from Monday to Thursday, each evening has a theme

Saturdays is party time

Sunday is spiritual sing time

Classic Hymns

Modern spiritual

The great thing in sing box is that there is no speaking... just song after song

What is even better is that Sing Box Events begin the experience on an app... you choose the date that you want to go, and the event that you want to attend

The app will then pop up a selection of songs chosen by all the people who have booked to attend the event... it is a simple popularity of songs by vote that creates the song playlist for the event. To get your song onto the list you just have to enter it onto the app... then all the attendees have to vote up. Each song is on average 3 to 5 minutes long so a song slot is considered as 5 minutes. Sing Box events are an hour and 40 minutes long. This allows for an event where you can come and have a great time and sing some great songs with the crowd.

The mics are everywhere, suspended from the roof, attached to the table tops and hand held, to get a handheld it is done by using your phone app... as you enter Sing Box you can tap your app on the mic charger and it will release a mic (like the phone charger boxes)

Sing from the first song to the end... the objective is to make as much noise as you can and have a lot of fun, so that when you leave, you are really all played out. You gave it 100%.

The screens are all around the room with the lyrics to every song.

Alcoholic drinks are available from the bar and are ordered by app on the phone - food is limited to snacks that are instantly available ready to eat stuff like chips and so on

A restaurant/diner is attached at the entrance area where you can get burgers, hot dogs, and other great snack food.

The room has a continually flexible seating area that will allow for the arrangement to meet the requirements of the SING BOX fans. Sing Box does not do live concerts or live events... it is all screened videos

The language of the songs is not determined... it is the Sing Box Fans that decide the music... they make the party and we play the songs...

More to come....








kids music

White walls... create decor with projection of exceptional images

Pay to enter online before you go

only online payment to enter and enter by using the code from your phone

pay at the door is 25% more

Available drinks - amazing bar - rotates around for the different types of event

chips - nuts - snacks

sandwiches and mini finger food

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