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Training has virtually died. It has been thrashed to death.

We are now 2024 minded.

What does that mean?

Learning must be experiences that transform the participants behaviors, improve their understanding of what is trying to be achieved and helping them to grow as individuals within an organization. 



Obsessed with Success is a 6 hour program that we deliver either in two half days or one powerful full-day session.

Master Mindset - What is obsession? Why should I be obsessed with success?

Financial Success - Physical Success - Leadership to Succeed - Personal Excellence

This forms the core of our Obsessed with Success program

Every person is touched by this program, every time we deliver it.

Let us deliver it for your team and you will see incredible results and hear brilliant stories of what is changing in your life and your people's lives. 

70 * 7 Mastering Business

A master is someone who has comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject. In two days attendees learn how to build mastery into the way they do business. This course talks about seven important pillars of a company and shows how to get managers to constantly improve the way they work. The seven pillars are: strategy; product; marketing; people; numbers; processes and customers.

Participants work on improving the way business is done and get a template for how he or she can do that. 70 BY 7 is a scheduled 70 minute meeting to advance the 7 pillars of business. Over a period of 7 sessions the group will create 7 breakthroughs that transform the way business is run.

All over the world, countless clients are benefiting from this and other services. It’s time to transform your life, and Mark Dickinson is here to give you the tools you need in order to succeed.
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The Art of Thinking

Most people don't think.
Learn how to think.
4 Hours live session

In this session you will learn a process called Flow - Click - Think

This process is an effective way to learn how to move blocks and to stimulate your thinking processes, inspire team participation in thinking and developing creative solutions.

This session is four hours and is conducted in a live environment for best results.

The 9 Step Sales Meeting Process

Make an instant success of every sales meeting by adhering to these 9 steps

4 hours to learn a process that will make you a lot of money!

Build amazing confidence in your salespeople for every sales meeting. 

Help your team understand that a sales meeting is all about building a great and lasting relationship and NOT about selling a product. Learn our 9 step process for managing a powerful sales meeting and ensuring that you always walk away with a positive result.

Who should attend:
Every person who attends meetings where a sales transaction takes place.

Benefits of Attending:
Understand the 9 step process.
Play the long game.
Learn the exact actions and activities to do at each step.
Discover the bits that make a sales meeting effective.
Know how to effectively follow up to get what you want.
Get the presentations, handouts and all course material in an online format for sharing with your team members

Management Development Program

This is a series of 12 sessions that has been developed for people who are in a management role. The first four sessions are about thinking, change management, influence and leadership. The other eight sessions are about finance, sales skills, motivation, delegation, hiring, evaluating team members, service improvement techniques and the importance of details.

These sessions may be scheduled over 12 weeks, 6 weeks or 2 full days.

Every participant also receives a copy of the book Management Development Program

Becoming a Powerful Trainer

I wrote this program because I want people to be able to get their message of how to do things into the minds of their team in a powerful way. In this three day training, we become amazing trainers

One of the most important training programs that any manager can participate in. 

By the end of the three days you will be energized, believe in training and have powerful tools that will enable you to effectively communicate a task to anybody, any place, any time. 

Speaking in Public

Stand up, speak up, change people's lives.

This three day event gives the tools to influence your audiences and gain commitment to your message

We are going to be back in seminars. We are going to be back doing live presentations. 55% of all that you say is the way you use your body. 38% is the way you sound. 7% is the words that you speak.

Now is the time to learn how to present so that your next seminar is a massive success. We can get you there!

Find out more

Sell Like a Rock Star

Become a Rock Star salesperson and increase revenue now! This packed one-day event has more information than most 3 day courses!

Sell Like a Rock Star takes you on a journey of how to sell. It is practical and useful. It skips the useless lengthy theory and concentrates on how to sell.

As you leave the room you will begin to sell!

Caring is Selling

How to connect with customers through care calls and make sales in challenging times.
8 sessions of 30 minutes live online

Transformation in the world demands transformation in the way business is done. 

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. This course is all about caring. You will learn how to connect, build authenticity, how to powerfully listen and how to sell.

The Passion to Lead

Understanding the keys to being a powerful leader.
3 Hours live

Leadership is an over-abused title for seminars.

After 35 years of being a manager on 4 continents, I have a lot to say about this topic. Author of 4 books, and speaker at numerous events I can assure you that you will learn about leadership in a meaningful and useful way. 

The material is memorable and has been a success with over 7000 people. 

Everything you need to know to run a restaurant

This program is 30 full days, plus 3 months of mentoring. 
It is specifically created to mentor restaurant managers in their art, and create exceptional customer experiences

I have opened over 40 restaurants and this is a collection of everything that I have learned.

If you want to succeed in hospitality then this is the route you want to take. Having been the Director at the world's number one hotel, and having coached and trained at many other hotels, this is a course that will extend your knowledge and build your skills in managing restaurants like no other.

The Matter of a Minute

You cannot manage time... you can only manage what you do with your time!
4 Hours live session

If you still have a "to do" list you need to get on this course.

If you still think that you should do the Urgent and Important first you need to get on this course.

We teach you how to transform your work into a joy and remove the challenge of burdensome tasks

Motivational Speaking

Does what it says!

Learn how to set the room on fire.

This is a one to one personal program

Do you want to rock the room?

I will teach you how. I will show you how to get people to rock with you as you share your training material.

You want to see passion? Then sign up and I will teach you how to do it.

Powering Forward

This event is all about how to get things done, both at work and in your personal life.

Making lists is a popular way of organizing things that need to be done. During Powering Forward we help you move from making lists to selecting two very important goals that you feel you MUST achieve, and then share a template of how to achieve these two goals. Powering Forward helps attendees rediscover what is most important to them and shows them how to achieve it.

From personal to professional growth, Mark Dickinson wants to help you overcome your struggles in order to create the successful future you’ve always dreamt of. Answer some questions below and start benefiting today.

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