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This is where our brains work together to create optimal operating conditions for your business, combining skills and decades of diverse experience to deliver brilliant results. Results that make financial sense and that produce increased profitability in a short space of time.

Restaurant Consultant & Advisor

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Having opened over 40 restaurants in the past 18 years it is somewhat of a passion. Each project has its own peculiar demands and making the customer experience unique, authentic and original is often the heart of the challenge. Proud to have worked with the greatest hotels and restaurant brands in the world.

Creation of Your Learning Academy


Three simple steps.
The first step: You decide you want an academy for your business. We come and listen to you and find out what the structure of your academy should look like.
The second step is to integrate your team into understanding the value of the academy to the organization and learning how they can contribute
The third step is to go live.
This is a two month process that requires full commitment from your team and we can deliver using our custom online learning platform
Contact us for a demonstration of the learning academy

Rapid Operational Efficiency


One of the challenges for any organization is to be able to make non-emotional decisions. Internal politics, length of service, complex relationships cause less than optimal decisions to be made, resulting in carrying individuals in positions for which they are either not fit or not well qualified. 

Our role is as external observers, which is a better place to observe what you cannot see. We create processes that assist in optimizing a business and creating massive savings in a very short space of time.

Contact us for more on how this process works.

Operational Optimization


Optimizing an operation is about understanding the existing assets, the way things are currently being done, and then combining these with first class solutions, be they digital or system changes.
Frequently organizations continue to do things in a certain way out of habit. 
Our role is to evaluate your people and what they do and determine a streamlined structure that increases efficiency and reduces costs rapidly.
Contact us for further information

The 2025 Organizational Chart

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Looking forward businesses are not going to be run in the way they are today.

Here's my take on what they are going to look like...

Minimalist management structures with highly qualified line managers and very few directors.

We run a program of consulting to help you build your true non-emotional organizational chart

Contact us for more about this program

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