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The 5 R's of a great life






I think that too many people are so fixated with where they are trying to get to that they forget to take care of themselves. My 5 R's are brilliant for giving yourself the break that you need.

Rest. This can be sleeping early every day so that you wake up fresh, and this can be pushing away from your responsibilities for a short time to get perspective.

Recover. Dump digital. Do stuff without having a phone or computer or screen anywhere nearby. Go for a walk and leave the phone at home. Stretch gently all of your body. The older you get the more important it is to stretch. Breathe deeply for a few minutes. Write down everything that is in your head onto a piece of paper. Then set the paper on fire. Burn it to ashes and wash it down the sink. Wow! These are wonderful ways to recover.

Reward. Reward yourself for your achievements. You have achieved a lot. You just forget to think about what you have achieved. Think back over the past period of time and keep zooming out until you find something that you have achieved that you are proud of. Then celebrate it with a "for me" reward.

Review. Write a whole set of new goals. Forget about all the old goals that you have been pursuing. Just write a new list of things that you want to achieve. I love to plant dream seeds. I write 30 dreams on a piece of paper and then hide the piece of paper in a place that I cannot find it easily and leave it to grow. it will. Your new goals become your exciting things that you are fired up about doing.

Ready. Get on with it. So what if you changed your direction? So what if you decided to do a different type of work, move to another city, change what you believe for something that fits you better? So what!

Don't live your life worrying about what ANYONE says or thinks. Live up to your own expectations of your life. Be your greatest self. Think of the highest things that you could possibly achieve. Now go do them. You are ready.

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