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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-04-2020 through 30-04-2020

[06:23, 01/04/2020]

I can. So do it!

[07:03, 02/04/2020]

You love to live in your comfort zone, right? By now you have been quarantined for enough days for you to have developed a new pattern in your life that already begins to feel normal. This shows you how quickly you can adapt. Its amazing really. Think about this: in just 14 days from now you could be well on your way to being a different you... just decide what you want to see different in your life and begin. You will normalize whatever you repeat... What do you want to create as your new normal?

[06:25, 04/04/2020]

Good morning! Just saying hi and hoping that you are all staying safe at home. Sending out love ❤️

[08:43, 05/04/2020]

Fear is a strong currency. The media uses it, People who want to control us use it, hey even we use it. What are you afraid of? How will my future turn out? What is the next step? Not knowing can create fear. You must know this: ALL YOUR FEARS ARE CREATED IN YOUR MIND BY YOU. Talk out loud in simple words what makes you afraid and you will begin to dissolve your fear. Recognize your fears by writing them down. Give them a name. Now use the power of I AM to overcome. Create I AM statements that are the exact opposite of your fear. I am courageous I am powerful I am victorious I am strong I am kind I am generous I am loving... Claim your inner power and your fears will dissolve allowing you clarity to find your path forward. Peace!❤️

[06:14, 06/04/2020]

The world needs you right now. This is a call for you to act. You must step up and heed the call. It is your responsibility. Create positive vibes. Share love. Encourage others. Send out messages of hope that inspire others. Create a wave of change. #icanchangetheworld ❤️❤️ [05:59, 07/04/2020]

Good morning wonderful people... Be different. Be centred. Take in slow deep breaths and let them out silently. Repeat until you have a massive smile on your face... Now send someone some love! #icanchangetheworld

[06:30, 08/04/2020]

The journey is yours and no one else's. No matter the obstacles, the challenges, or the seemingly insurmountable walls that stand between us and greatness... No matter what others think, nor what we think they think, the battle is first and foremost within. Begin. Start today with the little that you have and by time you will overcome all that blocks your way. And as you stand as conquerors, surveying your victory, even as you enjoy the rewards, you will start to notice up ahead in the distance, the clouds of even greater challenges. You will wonder, "Why?" The answer? Because now you are strong enough. Have a great day

[07:27, 09/04/2020]

Be authentic. [08:32, 10/04/2020]

What are you focused on? Whatever is foremost in your thoughts is going to determine your actions and control your feelings. Minimize your exposure to news and protect yourself from negativity. Concentrate on goodness and doing whatever you can to encourage others... to inspire... to give and to love. Do good - get good Give love - get love

[04:00, 11/04/2020]

Have you ever wondered when your time would come? Your time to stand up and make a difference? Your time to overcome your inner fears and be the brilliant you? It's now. Right now. This is the exact moment in time when the world needs everything you are and everything you've got to make it a better place. Do whatever good you can find to do today. Whatever you can find to do, that's your calling. Do it. Do good in abundance. The world needs an overwhelming wave of goodness, care and love. Be it. Be powerful. Be 100% you. Now. #icanchangetheworld

[04:27, 12/04/2020]

Happy Easter!

[04:33, 13/04/2020]

To create a powerful positive message takes far more effort than to share negativity. Please amplify gratitude by thanking everyone you are in contact with for whatever they do. Gratitude is your most powerful characteristic. Thank you for sharing!

[06:04, 14/04/2020]

Relentlessness. A smooth pebble became so because of the countless times water and fine particles passed over it. When you hold a pebble it feels soft to the touch, and yet, tap it on a hard surface and you will see just how solid it is. Our message is unending gratitude. Yet we must repeat it over and over, relentlessly encouraging a spirit of optimism, so that we truly can transform our world into one where people are soft to the touch, yet strong and resilient, and ready to make a difference. Keep giving Keep serving Keep loving And stay grateful. Thank you.

[08:17, 15/04/2020]

You had a plan You believed it was a great plan, but it didn't work out. What does this mean? Should I give up? Should I quit? What do you do? 1. It's good it didn't work out. Now you learned that this was not the right plan! 2. Start on a new plan immediately. This is how all great achievements are done... If at first you don't succeed... try, try another way!

[13:21, 15/04/2020]

People have been coming to the wise man, complaining about the same problems every time. One day he told them a joke and everyone roared in laughter. After a couple of minutes, he told them the same joke and only a few of them smiled. When he told the same joke for the third time no one laughed anymore. The wise man smiled and said: “You can’t laugh at the same joke over and over. So why are you always crying about the same problem?” Moral of the story: Worrying won’t solve your problems, it’ll just waste your time and energy.

[05:00, 16/04/2020]

Determination. Whatever your mind can conceive you can attain. Decide, then execute. Stop wanting and start doing. [04:39, 17/04/2020]

Today as you start your day, be grateful for the blessings in your life. Be thankful for the people who make up your family and your friends. I am thankful for each one of you!

[07:35, 18/04/2020]

Challenge yourself to do something you've never done before, and do it today. This will engage your mind in a creative process, which by itself will create good feelings. By doing your new activity today you will create a sense of achievement, and this will elevate your mind to a feel good state. What are you waiting for? Go do it!

[04:27, 19/04/2020]

Stay focused on your dreams. Write down your desired accomplishments daily. Continue to be self disciplined. Your dreams are on the way... Never give up, for you may have been just moments from getting there!

[08:46, 21/04/2020]

Finish what you start.

[03:57, 22/04/2020]

Tell me... why do you give up on your goals so easily? Have you ever watched a sport where a team quit? Just gave up? Is it normal to just walk away from the challenge in front of you? Show me a success story and I will show you a person who stuck at it no matter how hard it seemed. Show me a celebration and I will show you people who persevered, who did not give up even when it seemed impossible. You owe it to yourself... Here's what it takes - 5 Steps to Awesomeness! 1 Unwavering belief that it is worth it 2 Unshakable commitment to finishing it 3 Ears that are deaf to criticism 4 Daring to dream when no one else will 5 Passion that says, I will do it, and no one can stop me!

[05:43, 23/04/2020]

Remember your victories. Think back upon your moments of greatest success. What was happening? Where were you? How did it FEEL? Picture succeeding. Visualise success. Work hard for success. AND... stick at it... You will enjoy success!

[04:28, 24/04/2020]

If you are complaining, it's because you have forgotten just how blessed you are. Go back, count your blessings, starting with the fact that you can see this message! Today, make a conscious effort to go out and be a blessing to someone. Make every effort to do a surprising act of goodness to someone who would least expect it. And have a fantastic day while you are doing that!

[09:10, 25/04/2020]

5 R's for personal greatness: Rest Recover Reward Renew Ready Rest - you need to take a rest when you have worked hard. Recovery - allows you to regenerate and actually makes you stronger Reward - recognise your own achievement and celebrate in a meaningful way Renew - raise your expectations, set them at an even higher level, with more energy and more intensity Ready and GO! Get out there and get on it... Do even greater things!

[09:13, 26/04/2020]

What is your dream? Are you sure it will happen? Having a dream that you are working towards elevates your life's purpose. Sometimes you hit obstacles and you may be tempted to quit. Remember this: all those who speak of their achievements, and how they attained what they desired are talking in the past tense. They did it already. They are telling you AFTERWARDS how they got there. Having faith looking forward takes great courage, for you know not that you will succeed. Let nothing distract, nor dilute your dream! By being courageous you will do it.

[08:04, 27/04/2020]

What makes you feel good? Think about it... is it a thing? Is it an interaction? Is it someone's random act of kindness? Share what makes you feel good. TODAY go and do that for someone else! 😁 [05:27, 28/04/2020]

Thank a friend for being your friend! We all have friends and yet we often take them for granted. It takes only a moment to call and say "thank you" Call a friend today! Thank you to all my friends for the difference that you make in my life! Much appreciated and I am grateful. Have an amazing day [09:08, 29/04/2020]

Good morning friends.... I was sharing that you should reach out and touch people's lives... so my room cleaners were present and I thanked them specially, taking time to truly appreciate their work. I came back to my room to find this message: Hi Dickinson Mornings are God's way of saying 'more time's Live life, make difference, touch one's heart, encourage one's mind and inspire others. Smiles. Cito & Faith I was blown away. Do good - get good! Give love - get love

Have a brilliant day! ❤️

[07:45, 30/04/2020]

What is your source of motivation? Is it religion? Self-help? Following a guru? Meditation? Spirituality? Where does it come from? The all important difference is not where it comes from, but what you do with it. You must do something about what you have heard. Remember: I am the source. It starts with you... you must DO something for things to change. Have a great day

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