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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-02-2022 through 28-2-2022

01/02/2022 Silence and stillness are wonderful teachers. 02/02/2022 #NMW Sometimes you don't feel like doing it... Do it! #NMW It's the consistent commitment that delivers the best goals #NMW - No Matter What 03/02/2022 Stay connected with everyone. The richness of life is not found in the bank, its found in the deep relationships that are formed by time and commitment. 04/02/2022 Stones thrown into a pond disturb the surface... even create ripples. But deep down all is well. Its just another small "surface" event. When we are faced by challenges most of them are ripples, but they don't have to cause major disruption. Let the ripples flow and you stay like the deep. Change when you are ready and when it makes sense to you. 05/02/2022 Mark: Deep thinking. A process of identifying a topic or value in which you have great interest, and then discovering elements of that topic. Upon discovering those elements we then write them down each day in 5 columns of 7 pieces of information. The chart is populated over time until reaching 35 items. The deep thinking is triggered by daily writing of these items from memory. Continue to write the chart each day for 100 days. The learnings yielded will last forever. Drop me a note if you want support in getting started. The results are startlingly brilliant, even transformational! 06/02/2022 Remember, focus is about one thing. Focus is not a fad, or a trend. Focus is dedication to one particular thing to the exclusion of all else. Focus is developed over time. When you are focused, don't expect others to understand you, stay focused anyway. 07/02/2022 Today is no ordinary day, for it is Today. No matter what this day may bring, it is here for a brief moment, and then it will be gone. Treasure it. Make it count. Do not long too much for days past, for this day shall become one of them Do not get too wrapped up in the future and all its possibilities. Instead, live this day to all its fullness. Begin it with gratitude, and, Just remember, you decide what kind of day this will be. Have a great day! 08/02/2022 What would you like to master? Pick something and begin with just 5 minutes a day. 5 minutes a day, every day, adds up to 1,825 minutes or 30 hours in a year! Consistency creates exceptional growth over time. 09/02/2022 Save. Invest. Give. Live! 10/02/2022 The journey from dream to fulfilment of your dream is never a straight line. The secret is to keep your dream alive, even if you are the only person who still believes in it. Fulfilling a dream always takes much more than you first imagined 11/02/2022 The vision of victory must be so compelling that it powers your desire to overcome challenges and temptation to quit. Build your vision of victory over time, strengthening what success will look and feel like to you. One brilliant way to do that is to share your victory vision with someone you trust 12/02/2022 Endure the challenges to reach your goal. That's pretty much what life is made up of. Attaining the goal makes it all worthwhile. 13/02/2022 To reach your goal means it can be reached. Every time you set a goal, make sure that it has a quantifiable and tangible end. Games are played by rules so that someone can win. Make the rules for your goal so that you can win! 14/02/2022 Always give thanks... Take time every day to write down what you are thankful for... Be consistent in doing this simple exercise and you will grow in abundance and goodness. 15/02/2022 I become what I think about. Where you go with your mind is where you will steer your life... Where you are today is the product of your thoughts thus far! 16/02/2022 So you have a goal? Excellent. Now you need a plan. The plan creates the action that moves you towards your goal. 17/02/2022 Once you have a plan, then you know what you want. Ask for it! Keep on asking till you get it. 18/02/2022 Optimism is contagious, but someone has to start it... That would be you! 19/02/2022 Perseverance doesn't always feel good at the time. However, reaching the goal erases the memories of the pain. Stay focused, keep on going, refresh your vision of where you are going... You will celebrate more when you don't give up! 20/02/2022, If you quit... You will never know the sweet taste of victory. Just coz you hit a bump does not mean its over. Get up, Dust yourself off, Remember who you are. And fight on towards victory. 21/02/2022 Our lives are given to us. The purpose of our life is to serve others and give as much as we possibly can... The rest will take care of itself. 22/02/2022 Start! 22-2-22 If you start today, you will always remember the date that you started... Then do it till it's done! 23/02/2022 Take time to check where you are going... it would be a tragedy to get there and find you were in the wrong place! 24/02/2022 We see the moon in phases... Each phase reveals the moon in a different light; full moon? new moon? yet the moon itself remains constant. Remain consistent though everything around you may be changing... 25/02/2022 Knowing and living your values makes you more valuable. Discover your values by writing them each day and keep doing this daily exercise until you have them memorised. 26/02/2022 Starting your day with gratitude prepares you for the challenges ahead... Write down 3 things you are thankful for... share them! 27/02/2022 Sometimes the best response is no response. 28/02/2022 You are unique, You are amazing. You are capable of incredible things. Just believe in yourself and do them!

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