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Be kind - you will change the world

Just because someone posts something online or says something in public does not mean that it has to be believed.

It is also not true that just because many people follow a meme or idea or ideology that it is right.

Let us begin with a few examples from business. Abraaj Capital (reportedely over $1 Billion) was one of the biggest companies in the Middle East and North Africa. Today the company is in ruins and the executives are facing major lawsuits. Another example is NMC ($6 Billion), a massive medical company in the Middle East, also being charged with major crimes. A lot of people put very good money into both of those institutions. If we go back in history, and not too far, we can remember the Enron crisis that sparked a global financial crisis, again, many people wrongly put their faith and trust into that organization and its leadership. Looking back many wonder how they could have been so foolish in having invested there.

They were not foolish, they followed the crowd. They did what everyone was doing because it looked good.

Remember the huge ponzi scheme by Madoff? Billions and billions of dollars (around $65 Billion) just disappeared. Why? Because people did what others did in an effort to get more.

These four examples cost the world billions, if not trillions of dollars, and yet afterwards the world goes on pretty much the same as it did before. There are those pitching visions and dreams of untold wealth to others who have a little and wish to multiply it to become more.

On the streets today there are two massive messages being foisted on the population at large, the first is Covid19, and while it is really a terrible thing that any single person should die from this flu-like virus, the stark truth is that it is a very tiny number of people in the entire world who have contracted it, and an even smaller number people that have actually died from it. Emotionally it is frightening. There are terrifying stories of those who have contracted Covid19 and died, and harrowing stories of the tireless efforts of those in the medical profession who are dedicating every living moment to helping and caring for those with the disease, and for which, I for one am extremely grateful. 0.00005% is the total percentage of deaths in the global population. Just to put this in perspective, 26 MILLION people have died in 2020, 450,000 from Covid19, and of those, many, were sadly the old and infirm. The cost to the world is quoted by CNBC as being over $2,7 Trillion dollars!

The second message relates to the color of your skin and your apparent resulting value because of that color. This has so far been estimated by SkyNews to cost the economy $1 Billion.

Neither of these messages is what it looks like. Both are designed to instill fear and awareness, but for what ends? We do not know.

What I want you to think about today is this:

You have a choice.

You do not have to follow what the population is saying or doing en masse.

You can exercise your choice by thinking.

Where are you going with your life?

Who are you following?

Why are you doing that?

What is it that you are trying to gain or attain?

A better life? A wealthier life? Another car? A vacation? A second home? A bigger house? Just feed your family?

We strive and struggle for things so hard. We put all our life effort into our pursuit of things. When these big distractions come along we allow ourselves to get sucked in.

Live your life with wisdom. Consider what you think about. For what you think about is surely what you will become.

If you concentrate on bitterness and revenge you will surely get dragged deep into complicated and difficult circumstances that will do you no good. There are those out on the streets today in cities all over the world who are "expressing solidarity" with an idea.

Far wiser would it be to put your mind to how you could personally make this world a better place. Those who are being unfair, those who are ruling wrongly are all spouses, brothers, sisters, parents and children of someone, and that someone is you.

It is time for the silent to speak words of wisdom. To hold the unkind accountable. To hold the greedy accountable. There is no need for the courts to do it. You can do it. Talk to those around you who you influence and challenge them to be kind.

Imagine if all the world were kind at the same time, there would be none of these issues. None.

They would be gone in an instant.

Literally, if everyone in the world decided to be kind, all at the same time, the world would instantly become a place of joy and amazement. Every problem would instantly find a quick and simple solution.

For those with, would be kind to those without, and those without would be kind to those who gave and to those around them.

The world is not short on resources. It is short on kindness.

Let everyone think before they speak, let them think about how they can help others and benefit others and make a difference in this world and we will experience incredible change instantaneously.

You may be thinking that this is

? As long as you are thinking that, it will be! When you start to be kind it will become our new reality.

Have a great day.

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