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Becoming a Thinker & Dealing with "It"

Becoming a Thinker & Dealing with "It"


A while ago I realized that less and less people are interested in sitting down with a book and spending a considerable amount of time reading, so I figured that I would present some one thought books that are easy to read and cover a specific topic.

Thinking is a lost art. We are so often in a hurry and our electronic devices attract so much of our attention that they frequently distract us from having meaningful time with those around us.

In this short book I want to introduce you to Sun Tzu in a slightly different way and then draw you on to spend time thinking about how you live your life and how you take responsibility for your life and the lives of those around you.

Learn to think and then discover the things that block you from your greatness. So often I am in conversation with people and they say things like “It is not happening for me”. What is this “IT” they speak of? I want to share with you all about “IT” and how you can move forward and become your most powerful self.


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