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You cannot know how great you can be until you try

So often we get into patterns in life.

We learn something and we become attached to what we learned.

So now we identify ourselves with whatever we have learned or accomplished.

Is that our greatness?

We love to look back and reference our past achievements and tell the great war stories. Most people that we are around for extended periods of time get sick of our old stories. They know what is coming next and they know what we are going to be saying. Why? Becauuse we find our security and our reason for being in our past accomplishments.

What if everything you have ever done was wiped out of your mind and you woke up one day without any memory of anything that you have accomplished. Who would you be now?

You see, for those who are looking forward to greatness, they seek to become something more than what they are. They are striving towards a future goal. It inspires them and motivates them to transform from what they are today to what they could become.

Who do you want to be?

The person who is always looking back to their former glory, the person who has fallen asleep at the wheel of their life and lulled themselves into a patter of security? Of do you want to be a person who is exploring their capacity for even greater things?

"You cannot know your potential for greatness until you try".

Make a list of things that you have always wanted to do, to learn, to read, to attain, maybe you will call it a bucket list. Now decide which one you will do first.

Suddenly you are going to be fully motivated and fired up about what is ahead and you are not going to be sitting there thinking about what has already passed. Your concentration is how to achieve whatever you selected from your list. Why? Because it is something that you have decided to do for yourself.

As soon as you decide, you are already greater than you were yesterday.

If you do what you always did, you get what you always got. So focus on what you can do today to grow yourself to your higher potential. There are loads of books out there by great people who are sharing about their past and how they did it. You can learn from them, but the problem is, you are not them!

I am not the other person!

I am me. My path can be similar to others' paths. My path may even have common threads, some of my methods may be drawn from those who went before me and who did great things. The most important thing is you must be you.

You must be an authentic personalized version of you. Not a copy of anyone else. Do not try to be like anyone else, for if you knew all their faults and failures you would not want them. The magic of their books is how they made it for them. You can learn what they did in those circumstances, and it is interesting and even at times very helpful. What you must understand is that you are writing your book.

The book of your life is far more important than any other book that you can read. Write it each day.

Start each page of your life with gratitude, waking up early to the peace and undisturbed time when you can connect with your soul. This day is yours to do with as you see fit.

You may resign from the job you are doing. You may decide to go off on a great life adventure, you may decide that you are already fulfilled by what you are doing and that life has given you exactly what you asked for. Perhaps your journey is zealous passivity, the need to be ready but to do nothing, just be ready for the call, not knowing what that call will be.

You will know when you write your list and you will be inspired to greatness. Your own greatness.

Be amazing!

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