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Why isn't it happening for me, now?

I believe we have all faced this question many times in our lives, we may also be asking, "Why has this happened to me now?" which may actually be the same question.

If I do not have what I want right now there must be a reason why. Here are 5 thoughts on this topic.

1. I think I should have something without doing any work, and wonder why I don't have it, so this is ignorance. We must first understand the general mechanics of life. You must make effort in order to elicit a result. Only in childhood myths do people generally appear and grant our wishes without effort on our part.

2. I really want it, I have worked for it, but it has not happened. Why not? Here it starts to get more interesting. You have begun to work on it, however you may have underestimated either the amount of effort, the amount of time or perhaps the direction required. If we wish to climb a certain mountain it helps if we are on that mountain when we start to climb.

3. It may not be good for you and time is just holding you back to protect you from what may not actually be good for you, or what you originally wanted is not actually the thing that you truly want, it was a passing phase. Time has a way of evening this out. You may look back and see that what you had wanted would have harmed you.

4. You may have already gotten what you wanted, but since the time that you started working for it until now, you have forgotten that this is what you had wanted because you have raised your expectations. You have may have wanted something quite specific and achieved it, however at the point of when you achieved it, it passed you by because you were so taken with the next thing - look at where you are and compose a gratitude list that recognizes all the wonderful things in your life and not all the wants.

5. Maybe I am not ready, and I need to grow before I receive it. In this case, it shall be supplied in due time. Rather like a child who wants to watch an exciting movie because it looks good, however the content is not appropriate for a young mind, so they are prevented from watching it.

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