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Things I learned about LinkedIn posting

hi there. I am sure many of you are on LinkedIn and wonder how to post and what to do.

There are several things that I have learned that I would like to share

1. Post just text - when I post text only about something I am interested in and I am passionate about, people like and view

2. Avoid putting links to your own stuff in your posts - in my experience as soon as you put a link to your stuff, people skip over you

3. Pictures generally seem to be of less interest, at least to those who follow my stuff. When I put a picture on my post it gets very little response compared to plain text

4. Posting videos seemed to get me the least traction

5. Sharing other people's posts got almost no interest at all, better to re-write what you liked about that post and then credit the person that you learned it from in your comments

6. Hashtags are not all created equal. Look at the hashtags that have the following that you are trying to speak to. Use several, I find that four or five is good.

7. If you are on LinkedIn to get lots of connections you are wasting your time. Connect to people because they are relevant to you and you feel that there will be some value in sharing with them. It's not a popularity contest, it is a value adding platform. The more you add value, the more people will stick to your stuff (see number 9)

8. Accept everyone who would like to connect but decide who you would like to follow. You can select who you follow from the settings.

9. Whatever you post, make sure that it adds value. This is not Facebook or Instagram

10. Tagging people in your comments is OK from time to time, but don't do it all the time and try to tag people that you really want to see your content.

11. Be consistent in your approach to LinkedIn. Post regularly and show up. If you want to be part of a social group or club you have to go there to be known. If you just show up on LinkedIn once a month don't expect everyone to suddenly flock to your content. Growing takes time and patience, above all, consistency. Just like being in a club or society is not a one way relationship, so it is with LinkedIn. You are a part of a business club, so go and comment and engage other people in the club. Compliment people on what they are saying and how they are looking. Make others feel good and they will like you in return! So simple and yet so ignored.

12. Be generous, but don't do free. Free is like a buffet that people come to, eat and go and leave nothing in return. It is demoralizing for you the provider. Even when you offer for free in exchange for a share or a connection people frequently ignore your request and just ask for the free. It is okay to ignore them if you have gently reminded them that they should connect or share and they do not.

13. Finally, let your content be who you really are. Do not fake it. Be real. When you are real it will lead to people getting in touch with you and reaching out to you for opportunities.

14. LinkedIn is a gift. Be grateful for it and use it as such and it will be the gift that keeps on giving..

Thank you LinkedIn!

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