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There is only 1 leadership trait

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Leadership - Leadership - Leadership... I am sick of hearing about it and ready diatribe after diatribe about it

People, leadership is a simple thing... when someone gets a thought in their head about something they either follow it or forget it. If they follow it, and become passionate about it then they begin to believe that their thought has sufficient value that it would be worth investigating

Consequently they investigate their idea and their belief that this is a good idea grows. They start to develop further thoughts and opinions around their idea until "boom", they have created a belief within themselves that this is a great idea.

Now they translate that idea into action... and as they do they communicate their energy to those around them. They share their belief and it becomes contagious, so others start to follow their idea...

And now they have become a leader!

Why? Because others follow them.

Huh. That simple.

All this nonsense about qualities of a leader is just packing to fill up attractive articles to sell books on leadership.

If you don't have the passion to do whatever you are doing, I don't care how many of those qualities you have that are listed all over the place. You are not going to be able to lead. People may follow you because of your position within the organization, but do not be fooled, you are not leading them! They are working for their own ends. They care less if it is you, the self indulged 'super-leader' who is at the helm, or some other fellow who gets hired after your ego has tripped you over and you have gone.

It is easy to demonstrate. Take any company that has a so-called leader at the helm and remove them. The company will continue. It may even do better.

Take an organization led by someone totally oblivious to all this leadership stuff, but totally on fire with passion, and there you will find followers. When you find followers, then you have found a leader. They may need a lot of help in managing, now that is a totally different story...

Passion is an unstoppable force. People love that, they admire it and they follow it.

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