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Sheikh Mohammed's 10 commandments of governance

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, shared his 10 commandments of governance as detailed in his book titled “Qissati” (My Story), and posted on

1-Serve people! The purpose of the government is to serve the people,

the purpose of a government job is to serve the community and the purpose of laws and regulations is to serve humans. 2-Don't worship the chair! The job and responsibilities are temporary. You will lose them if you love the chair and prefer it over principles and your main purpose: Serving the people. 3-Have a plan! Without a plan, you are planning for failure. The leader's main role is to know the direction and guide his team towards it, and to motivate them till they achieve their target. 4-Monitor yourself!

Monitor the performance in your institution. Have an inspector inside and a neutral one outside. Indicators are necessary because they ensure you are on the right path. 5-Make your work team! Don't fly, sing or applaud alone. Make a team that carries your targets to new levels, give up some authority for them and raise their ambitions higher. 6-Innovate or withdraw! Governments that don't innovate grow old. With ideas, we will beat all competitors. New economy is based on innovations. Nothing is stronger than great ideas. 7-Communicate!

Tell the world about your ambitions. With media, you can get public support. Announce your goals through the media because they will hold you accountable. 8-Always have competition! Compete with yourself or others, and create a competitive working atmosphere. Competition should be a lifestyle in governments. Without it, enthusiasm and courage would disappear. 9-Create leaders! Making leaders is a secret that is only understood by men who beat their egos and recognise that the greatest achievement is to build a human being, not bricks.

10-Change lives! We are lucky because we work in governments, our job is the best thing in our life; it is our life! With it, we change the lives of millions for the better.

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