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Positive Intelligence

Today's question for you is this: How well do you handle yourself when chaos ensues?

Where would you honestly rate yourself on a 0-to-10 scale of emotional mastery as a leader in

your business? Your demonstrated effectiveness at shifting and elevating the emotions of those

around you is key to maintaining influence.

Your capacity to find your center and help others find solutions comes down to your ability to direct

and manage emotions to maintain an aura of certainty.

Extraordinary leaders bring certainty into uncertain environments.

Certainty is not that you as a leader have all the answers, but rather, that together with your team,

you can break through any obstacle and move forward with momentum.

Being able to turn on the emotional certainty to use humor, playfulness, curiosity, compassion and

creativity in the midst of stressful environments gives you flexibility—an emotional strength—that

can allow you to overcome any challenge with your team. And those who do this consistently

develop a reputation of a leadership brand.

People naturally look to leaders for support, vision, insight and guidance in every situation.

Explore the true potential for emotional mastery that we all possess, which is regulated by how

often our brain works to serve our goals. We all have parts of ourselves that are overly judgmental,

fearful, controlling and hyper-vigilant to perceived threats. Shirzad Chamine calls these

influences saboteurs and suggests that if we don’t learn to identify, weaken and reduce them, we

effectively reduce our own emotional mastery and maximum psychological power as a leader.

To help you have a very detailed look at these in your own life I would like to suggest that you

complete this questionnaire: The outcome is a very

detailed and informative look at who you are related to your positive intelligence, it will take you a

little time but it is well worth it!

"Effective leaders have the ability to consistently move themselves and others to action because

they understand the invisible forces that shape them."

At the same time you may wish to have a look at your PQ rating, your Positive Intelligence rating. It

is highly revealing and shows you where you are right


You can have a look at more of the work of Shirzad here it is

highly illuminating and interesting

Hope that this was helpful. Let me know if you would like to talk through the outcomes

Warm regards

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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