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MM 1-6-22 to 30 - 6-22

[8:40 am, 01/06/2022] Mark: Be bold in your actions.

Claim your dreams.

Wait for No-one, you are responsible for your own success!

Get on it TODAY!

[10:43 am, 02/06/2022] Mark: Thank you!

Today is a special celebration...

1000 days of constant daily messages.

Consistent effort over time produces growth.

Start something today and commit to it daily, and experience your own growth over time

Have an amazing day!

[9:59 am, 03/06/2022] Mark: Fear is an illusion of the mind.

[2:31 pm, 04/06/2022] Mark: No matter what challenge you may face, if you will give it a little bit of time, and look at if from another perspective, it will change, and so will your approach.

[0:01 pm, 05/06/2022] Mark: Withholding judgment creates time to change perspective and entertain other possibilities.

Listening is the key to creating the space in which you can do this.

Take time to listen carefully.

[0:06 pm, 06/06/2022] Mark: The magic of excellence comes from a personal commitment to always improving - Remember: Your greatness lies ahead!

[9:31 am, 07/06/2022] Mark: Opportunities come but once... to know if you should seize them, you must first know what you want in life.

Be fearless!

[5:54 am, 08/06/2022] Mark: Encourage and inspire others.

[8:59 am, 09/06/2022] Mark: Remember to give thanks to God for all your blessings.

[9:51 am, 10/06/2022] Mark: Pause and consider the beauty of your life.

[11:26 am, 11/06/2022] Mark: Accumulation of things is of no value.

Seek the things that last forever...

[9:49 am, 12/06/2022] Mark: Being kind is always right.

[1:40 pm, 13/06/2022] Mark: Never stop believing.

Even if others don't...

Believe - Persevere - Overcome

[10:55 am, 14/06/2022] Mark: When you expect amazing you will see amazing things!

[8:26 am, 15/06/2022] Mark: The decision to change is taken in a moment...

The actual change that follows depends upon hard work, focus a and perseverance

[8:22 am, 16/06/2022] Mark: Say good things...

You will change the world

[2:10 pm, 17/06/2022] Mark: Compromise destroys.

[11:01 am, 18/06/2022] Mark: Plan A is a good place to start... but it is naive to expect it to roll out exactly as you wanted...

That's why you must first create a vision and that will allow for any number of plans.

The secret is not to get possessive over the plan... plans change. Keep your eyes on the vision.

[0:15 pm, 19/06/2022] Mark: The Return on Giving far exceeds any return on investment!

[8:56 am, 20/06/2022] Mark: Don't just talk...

Get on with it!


Make it happen.


[0:00 pm, 21/06/2022] Mark: Your power lies within.

You must take the time to dream where you want to go, who you want to be, what you want to attain...

Then move out of the dream and take concrete action to make it happen...

Day-dreamers spend their time in theory

Dreamers move to action and live their dreams!

[7:30 am, 22/06/2022] Mark: Winning is all that counts.

It takes everything.

Winning looks different for everyone, but one thing is sure... you must win.

If you hear someone say, winning is not important, move on...

Winning must consume you, absorb you...

I am a winner!

[2:47 am, 24/06/2022] Mark: Lest we forget...

Always express gratitude in abundance

[6:51 pm, 24/06/2022] Mark: No matter where you are in this world...

You can make a difference to someone else's life.

What are you waiting for?

This is your moment.

Do it today!

[2:52 pm, 25/06/2022] Mark: I am blessed

I am thankful

I am grateful

I am strong

I am powerful

I am...

Share yours!

[4:35 pm, 26/06/2022] Mark: Listen and learn

[2:38 pm, 27/06/2022] Mark: When you raise your expectations you elevate your outcome

[2:15 pm, 28/06/2022] Mark: It is in doing good that we achieve our highest purpose.

Do good.

[8:14 pm, 29/06/2022] Mark: Do not dismiss the the good in a message because of a distraction caused by the messenger.

[3:54 pm, 30/06/2022] Mark: Building good habits take consistent effort over time.

Persist to see results.

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