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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 12-09-2019 through 30-09-2019

I have posted a daily thought every single day since 12th September 2019. This blog is an archive of each daily thought

[07:51, 12/09/2019]

Good morning everyone. It has been a long time coming but I believe that we all need to be inspired often and reminded of the vitality of our lives. I have put this group together to share with you from time to time motivational videos, stories and thoughts to inspire you in your life! I hope you enjoy being part of this group! Welcome. Mark

[07:23, 14/09/2019]

[08:05, 15/09/2019]

Good morning. If you have not already met Jim Rohn then today is a great time to do so. He was one of the great speakers. Search him on youtube and listen. You will grow in wisdom! Have an awesome day.

[07:29, 16/09/2019]

Good morning. Make a difference today


! Here's a great song to get you fired up while you Exercise.... never miss a day! Do at least 5 minutes to start your day, every day. You will become stronger physically each day which will cause you to become stronger in all areas of your life. Be awesome[18/09/2019]

Do a random act of kindness today to someone who you do not know.. the results will amaze you

[08:33, 19/09/2019]

You are going to love this... start your rituals!

[11:23, 20/09/2019]

Good morning - Enjoy this!

[11:24, 20/09/2019]

I am the Source

[09:59, 21/09/2019]

Do more than anyone else is doing. Continually raise your expectations of yourself. The results will speak for themselves. Stay focused-every day!

[07:14, 22/09/2019]

[08:24, 23/09/2019]

Find a quiet place... Stand straight and tall... breathe in for the count of 4, breathe out for the count of 4... repeat 10 times Beautiful thoughts! Have a lovely day

[08:32, 24/09/2019]

When we change our beliefs we change our outcomes

[07:54, 25/09/2019]

[06:36, 26/09/2019]

It's a new day! Be thankful and decide to give 100% to everything you do! It's the only way worth living. Have a great one!

[08:43, 29/09/2019]

Wayne is one of the great minds. Set aside time to listen. This is one of my favourite talks... I listened to it over 10 times and still learning.

[06:56, 30/09/2019]

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