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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-11-2019 through 30-11-2019

[07:01, 01/11/2019]

Good morning... Make a plan Write it down. Go and do it Make it a big plan! Get amazing results... As soon as you've written it, take action!

[06:35, 02/11/2019]

Step out of your comfort zone. Take a decision today for your life and write it down As soon as you do it you will experience a flow of energy that will excite you. You will instantly begin to become what you wrote down! Have a brilliant day

[06:53, 03/11/2019]


[06:55, 04/11/2019]

Your life reflects your decisions. If you take small decisions, you will get small results. Step up, go all in, make 1 big decision today. Write it down and then immediately take action to make it happen Have an amazing day.

[05:40, 05/11/2019]

Good morning friends. I hope that you are experiencing growth in your life. Consistent daily effort towards your goal produces results. Rewrite your goals this morning. Then take action to make then happen. Be awesome!

[06:59, 06/11/2019]

Mark Dickinson: Being exceptional means you are going to BE the exception. You are going to be different from virtually everyone else. So get ready and BE different. I am.....

[07:04, 06/11/2019]

Dont become so attached to who you have become. No! Focus on the incredible person you can be. Now go and take the first step to being incredible.

[07:22, 07/11/2019]

Write this down .. I am blessed. Now remember all the reasons why

[07:45, 07/11/2019]

This is better than the title. Enjoy [06:31, 08/11/2019]

Thank you for sharing in this group with me. I wish you a lovely day.

[09:10, 09/11/2019]

Good morning everyone. Try this small exercise, it gives you amazing power. Stand tall and straight, shoulders back, chest out, close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth ten times. Then breathe in through your nose and out through your nose ten times. Visualise your dreams while you do it. Have an incredible day!

[15:21, 09/11/2019]

Someone just told me this... "Done! Is better than perfect"

[06:22, 10/11/2019]

Today is Day 30! If you started off your 30 day challenge with me then today is your victory day. I have experienced business growth on a level I have never seen! I have lost 3.7kg I feel amazing and have been able to reach out to people and touch their lives. I used to be the number one sceptic. If you are like me I used to think that this daily motivation stuff does not really work. It does! 30 days... my goal written on a piece of paper in my pocket.. rewritten every morning... And my 3 I AM's each day made a difference to everything. Prepare yourself We will start a new 30 day challenge tomorrow! IF, and I say IF, you do it, then you WILL experience your own greatness emerging. Have an amazing day and thank you to all those of you who frequently comment. Peace and love

[06:21, 11/11/2019] Mark Dickinson: Day 1 of a new challenge I become what I think about. Who do you want to become? Write it down this morning and read it out loud Have a great day

[06:44, 11/11/2019] [05:44, 12/11/2019] Mark Dickinson: Day 2. Good morning! Write down in detail who you will become when all your dreams are fulfilled. Try to write it in the present tense, as though it has already happened. Carry it in your pocket and read it during the day. Have a wonderful day! Mark [04:59, 13/11/2019]

Smile at yourself in the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes and say, "I love you" Have an amazing day x

[10:52, 14/11/2019]

[09:25, 15/11/2019]

When you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want, then your whole mind, emotions and abilities can align with that image and you will automatically take decisions and actions that will eventually lead you there. Some people say that this is not true. Let me share a small example. If you are very thirsty you have unlimited choices of things to drink available to you. Most likely you will select water. Why? Because you instinctively know that it will fulfill your need. You did not have to think and debate... your mind knows precisely what must be done, and gets it done. Similarly, as soon as you have a clear idea, or picture, of what it is you want, then it becomes much simpler for your mind to execute. Why? Because all of your instincts naturally …

[08:49, 16/11/2019]

Its day 5! Good morning. How's it going? Read what you wrote 5 days ago... now rewrite your dream in the present tense - already done - and keep it in your pocket. Read it throughout your day. If you are like 90% to 93% of people you have not done the writing. You thought about it but did not write it. Today elevate yourself, put more investment into yourself and write it. A 2 minute investment every day will compound into outstanding results. For those who start with writing today, this is your day 1. Proud of you... [07:52, 17/11/2019]

[06:06, 18/11/2019]

Your thoughts become your reality.

[05:11, 19/11/2019]

This video says it all!

[05:28, 19/11/2019]

5 a.m. will change your life like nothing else can. Wake up at 5 a.m. and experience something unique. You say you want to change? Maybe it is not happening for you. Maybe you are not seeing the progress you desire. Try waking up at 5 a.m. Just the action itself will create immediate change. Set your alarm right now for tomorrow morning and let me know what happens... Have an amazing blessed day! [05:05, 20/11/2019]

Good morning friends. Thank you for being part of my life I would never be where I am without you. I am genuinely grateful. Today, please take a moment to tell someone how important they are to you. Have a fantastic day. M

[06:56, 21/11/2019]

I am wrong! Start with this thought and you will search for answers. I am right! Start with this thought and you begin by defending yourself. Which do you start with?

[06:56, 21/11/2019]

[10:03, 22/11/2019]

Today we will change the world. We are meditating across the world for Lebanon. For peace and for an awesome future. Please join us in this global initiative for greatness. It's at 7pm Beirut time.

[10:29, 22/11/2019]

The video title is not what this is about... It's about how we can make a shift happen [08:56, 23/11/2019]

Good morning friends, Keep on dreaming, living and loving the dream within you!

[03:03, 24/11/2019]

Good morning Its 5 am. Join the 5 am Club

[03:03, 25/11/2019]

Good morning 5 am Club! It's so exhilarating to be up while the world sleeps! Have a transformational day x

[03:54, 25/11/2019]

[05:57, 26/11/2019]

Good morning To get what you want you must have a crystal clear picture of what you want or who you want to be. This is simple and logical. You will stay as you are till you realize that there's a better you waiting to be created. Set the course by deciding on what the next version of you will be... then move towards it by focusing on the new version. Do whatever it takes. Note: it is a daily effort. Unwavering. Resolved. I will be. [06:23, 27/11/2019]

[03:44, 28/11/2019]

The beauty of 5 am is getting to see different things... You own these hours without interruption "When you change the way you look at things, you change the way they look" Have an amazing day

[17:36, 28/11/2019]

Today is Thanksgiving Remember to take a moment to be thankful. If you write it down it's even better! I am thankful for all of you wherever you are... Peace and love!

[06:31, 29/11/2019]

Good morning Today, take the time to tell the people you love that you love them. Its important! Then show them that you do. Have an amazing day I love you!

[07:24, 29/11/2019]

Get the tissues! [05:16, 30/11/2019]

Good morning 5 am'ers! Remember... To achieve your dreams you are going to have to do life different

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