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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-10-2019 through 31-10-2019

[06:59, 01/10/2019]

Good morning. This morning take out a sheet of paper and write down 20 things you are thankful for Have a great day! 😁

[07:15, 02/10/2019]

Take time to exercise today... work your body. You self energize and create positivity... it makes you feel good!

[08:19, 03/10/2019]

Your experience of life is determined by you. Life's events may happen all around you, but it is you who decides how you will act at any given time. Take time to create a goal that you consider worthy of your time and effort and then with all your effort and passion pursue it. You will experience joy and happiness as you progress, but you will also experience disappointment along the way. By being aware of your goal, your desire to reach it, and your various emotions you can become stronger as you concentrate on consistency of purpose, and learn that the lows are merely sharp reminders that you must focus more intensively on your goal. Challenge: you must have a very clear goal in order to grow. Something so clear that you can visualize it and passionately work towards it. Have a great day


Go ahead... makes someone's day! Reach out to a person you encounter today and thank them for being in your life. Look them in the eyes, put your hand on their shoulders and say, "Thank you", and tell them why you are thankful. Have an awesome day!


Good morning! This moment is the greatest of your life. Your past is a collection of memories. Your future is yet to come. Be present here and now. Enjoy this moment. Stand with power. Breathe deeply in and out 10 to 15 times and feel your energy rise. Now go and do great things TODAY. Enjoy being awesome!

[08:43, 06/10/2019]

Focus and concentration will deliver to you your true desires. Consistency is the key! Stick at it.

[07:26, 07/10/2019]

[07:45, 08/10/2019]

Good morning. Decide that today you will do something extraordinary with your life. Grab a piece of paper and write down a goal for today of a magnitude that scares you. Now go and do it!

[09:30, 09/10/2019]

11/10 was a picture uploaded

[07:12, 12/10/2019] This is worth the time...

[06:49, 13/10/2019]

I become what I think about.

[07:11, 13/10/2019]

Think: there IS a way and I will find it

[07:35, 14/10/2019]

Good morning. Have a wonderful day. 😁 [06:38, 15/10/2019]

Good morning. There is a difference between doing something and doing something with all your heart. Give 100% or don't do it at all.

[06:40, 16/10/2019]

[07:16, 17/10/2019]

The two most powerful words in the English language are: I AM Take a moment to write down three amazing I AM statements. I AM... I AM... I AM... Now read them out loud Remember: I become what I think about Have an amazing day!

[08:31, 18/10/2019]

If you take a few minutes each day to work on you, you will experience a great return on investment.

[10:32, 19/10/2019]

[06:34, 20/10/2019]

[07:43, 21/10/2019]

[07:15, 22/10/2019]

Good morning Write down a goal this morning that you must complete by the time you sleep tonight. It must be challenging and cause you to stretch to achieve it Be awesome

[07:14, 23/10/2019]

This is really interesting

[08:22, 24/10/2019]

[08:13, 25/10/2019]

[10:13, 26/10/2019]

Good morning. Today I would like to share a valuable thought with you. The most important attribute to succeeding in getting where you want to go is perseverance. This is a foreign word in today's society, because we are told we can have everything "now". You can have everything you desire, and even a lot more. However, the dull work of perseverance is all dependent upon you sweating it out day after day. Never missing a single day, no matter what. Whenever you start something it is easy. Your enthusiasm will carry you along and you will be able to keep going because your outcome is still clear in your mind. The key is to keep your outcome fresh in your mind. Never give up. Never skip a day. Put daily reminders on your phone. Put a note on the bathroom mirror. Make it your screensaver. Keep a daily journal and rewrite your goal every single day. Make everything you write in the past tense as though it is done! In just 30 days I became.... AND describe how it makes you feel Persevere. You will thank yourself Have an amazing day.

[10:25, 26/10/2019]

[07:58, 27/10/2019]

Enjoy your day! They say that the music you listen to in the morning determines your mood for the day. If it's true then be happy! You added John Dickinson

[08:22, 28/10/2019]

My friend shared this with me. It is inspiring!

[06:00, 29/10/2019] Mark Dickinson: You say you want to change? Say "I am transformed". Grab a pen and a piece of paper right now and write down I AM ............... I AM ............... I AM ............... Now take this piece of paper and put it in your pocket. Read it whenever you find it. I AM what I think about!

[07:11, 30/10/2019] Mark Dickinson: Did you do the "I AM" exercise? If the answer is yes, I congratulate you. You are serious about growing and taking your life in a new direction. If you did not, then here's what you need to do... You say you want to change? Say "I am transformed". Grab a pen and a piece of paper right now and write down I AM ............... I AM ............... I AM ............... Now take this piece of paper and put it in your pocket. Read it whenever you find it. I AM what I think about! Please send me a picture of your 3 I AM's. Have an amazing day

[17:55, 30/10/2019]

I was very happy and proud of those of you who sent me your photos... well done! those who are doing this will grow and change and enjoy incredible sweetness of the soul!

[17:56, 30/10/2019]

[06:59, 31/10/2019]

Good morning As you look in the mirror this morning smile and say, "I love you". As you love yourself so you will increase your capacity to love others. Oh yes, "I love you" Have a beautiful day

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