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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 1-8-2021 through 31-8-2021

[01/08/2021, 7:55:28 AM] Mark Dickinson: Reading daily messages can give us different kinds of reactions...

We can feel attuned and encouraged, which is the aim; we can also feel a sense of skepticism...

As we strive to become better versions of ourselves each day we will hit obstacles and challenges... these are the refinement mechanism in life. We need to learn to sit with the process when it 'feels' uncomfortable, when it pokes us, for that is when the real work is taking place.

Stick with it.

Try something new and different.


[02/08/2021, 8:28:44 AM] Mark Dickinson: Remember that the things that grow are the things that you planted.

If you plant weeds and go looking for fruits you are going to be disappointed.

You must consciously take time to plant the things that you want to see grow!

Happy planting!

[03/08/2021, 7:45:00 AM] Mark Dickinson: Planting a seed is a single act. It takes a short amount of time. It's like having a thought that you want to achieve something, or a change you want to make.

The growth will only take place if you nurture the seed. The same applies to you.

To make your thought happen requires nurturing, and that requires constant daily attention.

A little focus every day will yield great growth by time.

[04/08/2021, 4:31:14 AM] Mark Dickinson: BE.

Being is your ultimate state of life.

'Be' means you have become what it is you desire.

You no longer do things. You now ARE the embodiment of your selected state because you have become it

[05/08/2021, 5:51:52 AM] Mark Dickinson: Wanting to change and making a change are entirely different states.

To actually make a change requires movement from a current state to a new state.

Many want to make the shift but fail to do so, the shift itself can appear overwhelmingly hard.

Micro-growth IS the answer.

Determine what you want.

Come up with a tiny action that you can take towards that goal AND that you can do every day.

DO that tiny action every single day and you will discover that over time it will become MASSIVE.

Happy change!

[06/08/2021, 6:34:09 AM] Mark Dickinson: Amazing friendships create a support circle that is invaluable.

Carefully nurture relationships that are powerful and positive and that inspire and encourage both you and your friends.

Shout out to my friends... thank you so much for being there... Love you!

[07/08/2021, 7:24:01 AM] Mark Dickinson: I am overflowing with gratitude for all of you!

An extra special thank you to those of you who shared your love back to me. I am greatly encouraged.

Today: Consciously share your gratitude forward... to your family, your friends and those around you.

Ghandi famously said, "Be the change you want to see".

[08/08/2021, 7:05:42 AM] Mark Dickinson: Creating goals, writing them down every day, and living and working to see them come true really works.

They work when you work.

You need to define just one or two goals that are essential to you. Goals that must happen.

Then you work for those goals every single day.

They will happen.

I have seen it over and over again in my own life and this inspires me to go for even greater goals.

It is not the goal that will get you there.... it is your constant focus and effort over time that will bring it to reality.

I am amazed by how certain the process is.

The secret is "Every Day"

[09/08/2021, 8:08:59 AM] Mark Dickinson: If you quit you will never know how close you were to making it.

I can

I must

I will


[09/08/2021, 8:51:46 AM] Mark Dickinson:

This video is a must see... it was shared to me by Ed.. thank you.

Its exactly what we always talk about in our coaching sessions.


[10/08/2021, 7:32:33 AM] Mark Dickinson: Life is precious, you only get it once... live it to the full, celebrate often, learn its lessons, and enjoy being you. You are special!

[11/08/2021, 7:35:23 AM] Mark Dickinson: Encourage others.

As you go through your day, consciously try to encourage people. Smile and say good things to people you do not know or have never met before.

Have fun doing it and watch as you light up lives throughout your day. 😁

[12/08/2021, 8:17:32 AM] Mark Dickinson: The beauty of life is in the richness of your relationships.

Love life.

Love others.

Love yourself.

[13/08/2021, 7:45:44 AM] Mark Dickinson: Life is so precious. Each moment comes but once.

Pause ⏸️

Reflect upon all your blessings and be thankful for everything.

[14/08/2021, 8:36:11 AM] Mark Dickinson: Silence and stillness.

Powerful and effective for developing thoughts.

Take time to totally disconnect from all things digital and enjoy sitting very still, in silence.

[15/08/2021, 11:13:08 AM] Mark Dickinson: Thinking time is sacred.

Take time to be alone, uninterrupted, and to reflect.

Where you have been.

Where you are.

Where you are going.

Your potential is limitless, no matter where you are in life. What lies ahead is always far greater than what has passed.

You know more.

You are more.

Become your greatest self!


[16/08/2021, 7:45:21 AM] Mark Dickinson: The things you do in life you must do because of your own convictions.

Seek alignment between who you are, what you value and what you believe .

Fear not what others think, seek your own inner peace.

[17/08/2021, 7:30:22 AM] Mark Dickinson: You are the consequence of your decisions.

You and you alone are the captain of your life and through your decisions you have made it to where you are.

Be thankful.

If you like where you keep moving, stay thankful.

If you dont like where you are, change your decisions, keep moving, stay thankful.

Have an amazing day!

[18/08/2021, 10:00:14 AM] Mark Dickinson: Just over the next hill...

As a boy climbing mountains was a regular activity, and as we journeyed towards the summit my father would say, "Just over the top of that hill" and he would encourage us to go to the top of the next bit... and sure enough, by time, we always reached the summit.

As you climb, knowing which mountain we were climbing was the goal. Having a great guide was essential.

Getting to the top of the next bit was our focus...

Trust the journey, and the guide and do what is required of you now!

[19/08/2021, 9:26:01 AM] Mark Dickinson: I can't

I can

Both are a decision.

Change your decision... change your outcome.

Change your outcome... change the world!

[20/08/2021, 9:59:45 AM] Mark Dickinson: Kindness is a wonderful quality...

Reach out to someone today and do a random act of kindness...

You will change the world

[20/08/2021, 11:39:24 AM] Mark Dickinson:

[20/08/2021, 11:39:39 AM] Mark Dickinson: Shared by one of you to me! It's so perfect!

[21/08/2021, 10:14:22 AM] Mark Dickinson: Never get tired of doing good.

Doing good is always right.

[22/08/2021, 6:04:04 AM] Mark Dickinson: 5 things that form a great life in you:

1. Wake up & get up

2. Walk

3. Write gratitude

4. Write I AM's

5. Work out

These 5 simple things are the core of micro-growth. Do them every day and experience the long term amazing results.

[23/08/2021, 8:42:53 AM] Mark Dickinson: Set yourself a challenge...

Make it small, but doable.

Do it - no matter what (nmw)

And now you've grown!

Do it again... and again

[24/08/2021, 9:03:34 AM] Mark Dickinson: Enjoy every moment.



[25/08/2021, 7:00:38 AM] Mark Dickinson: Life will give you obstacles or opportunities.

It depends upon your perspective as to how you see them.


When you pause you can begin to make a choice.

[26/08/2021, 11:05:19 AM] Mark Dickinson: The solution is not out there.

The solution is within!

[26/08/2021, 5:49:37 PM] ‪+971 50 579 0312‬: ‎‎Your security code with ‪+971 50 579 0312‬ changed. ‎Tap to learn more.

[27/08/2021, 8:08:09 AM] Mark Dickinson: If only...

A meaningless thought or the beginning of wisdom.

It's a question of perspective.




[28/08/2021, 8:39:30 AM] Mark Dickinson: Have you gazed at the stars?

Wondered at their beauty...

Marveled at their distance...

Pondered upon the amount of time there is in 1 light year?

And then considered the time span of our own lives...

Mind blowing!

Spend time with the stars

[29/08/2021, 8:11:22 AM] Mark Dickinson: Life is found in its quality...

Not in its quantity.

Enjoy the little things!

[30/08/2021, 8:16:38 AM] Mark Dickinson: Eat healthily.

Exercise frequently.

Read daily.

Listen more than you speak.

Learn constantly.

Give abundantly.

This is being your greatest version of you!

[31/08/2021, 7:34:19 AM] Mark Dickinson: Words of peace:

You are right.

I agree.

Yes, sure.

Thank you.

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