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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 1-7-2021 through 31-7-2021

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

[01/07/2021, 5:46:04 AM] Mark Dickinson: When you raise your expectations then your actions change.

"I cant" becomes "I can".

As soon as that happens, my potential is limitless...

Change your actions and your results will instantly change...

You can!

[02/07/2021, 6:21:44 AM] Mark Dickinson: Have an amazing day today.

No Matter What.


Start with gratitude... be thankful... write down 3 things that you are thankful for.

Now read this out loud:

Today is the greatest day of my life!

[03/07/2021, 6:22:32 AM] Mark Dickinson: Dreams are special.... I mean the conscious ones that we desire to attain throughout our lives... some call them "the bucket list".

By writing them down somewhere and knowing 'why' we must attain them all have an impact upon our subconscious mind.

Those things we desire most strongly are where we put our time and energy and that is where we see results.

Take a time out and rewrite your bucket list today.

Be clear and purposeful... and by time you will see them fulfilled, one by one!

[04/07/2021, 5:32:40 AM] Mark Dickinson: Be an unstoppable force!

Dream it...

Work for it...

Attain it, because you can!

Give it everything, hold nothing back.

Be your greatest self.

Have a fantastic day.

[05/07/2021, 5:32:40 AM] Mark Dickinson: Start today knowing that this is your masterpiece.

Each action, each thought, each conversation is a step towards your dreams.

Live to leave a legacy of love.

[06/07/2021, 5:13:43 AM] Mark Dickinson: There is nothing you cannot accomplish.

Decide: I can

Take action consistent with what you want to achieve.

Persevere until it is done!

[07/07/2021, 6:35:18 AM] Mark Dickinson: Pure joy!

It's the outcome of overcoming challenges... challenges lie along the way to greatness...

Perseverance and faithfulness to the purpose will see you through...

Keep on going. It's worth it!

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[08/07/2021, 6:36:14 AM] Mark Dickinson: Create your what.

Determine your why.

Be certain that this is what you want, and that this is your genuine desire.

Then go after it with all your focus on achieving your what until you complete it, or discover that it is no longer serving you. In which case, start again!

[09/07/2021, 7:30:18 AM] Mark Dickinson: The journey is not to be missed... the destination can change, your dreams and desires can evolve over time... so make sure you take the time to look around you as you go through this journey and appreciate all the things you have, you see, and experience. Live life to the full!

[10/07/2021, 6:26:52 AM] Mark Dickinson: You can only reap what you have sowed... start today by planting smiles... everywhere you go!

[11/07/2021, 6:32:16 AM] Mark Dickinson: Make every effort to grow... set small attainable goals along the road to achieving your dreams.

Celebrate each achievement.

[12/07/2021, 6:23:53 AM] Mark Dickinson: Every person has a gift... it is their unique personality.

Discover what your gifts are, then concentrate on using your gift to make the world a better place.

[13/07/2021, 7:40:46 AM] Mark Dickinson: To get different results, you must do things differently.

No matter where you are at in life, if you desire a change, you will have to change.

Thinking you would like to have different things in your life but doing nothing about it is called daydreaming.

The secret is this: a tiny repeated action over a long period of time produces incredible results.

Create a tiny action, repeat it daily, and over time you will see massive results.

Look at a tree... it took years to get that big, growing every single day!

[14/07/2021, 7:04:27 AM] Mark Dickinson: Focus by definition means the center of attention or activity.

To succeed at something requires all of your attention, and the more you concentrate, the greater the results.

Begin with simple gratitude, every day and grow from there...

Daily, rigorous attention will reveal wonderful results

[15/07/2021, 7:55:42 AM] Mark Dickinson: When great opportunities arise, step up...

Seize the opportunity with both hands and make it an amazing moment.

It came because you are ready!

So give it everything you have got...

Have an incredible day.

[16/07/2021, 8:23:54 AM] Mark Dickinson: Celebrate each achievement in proportion to your success.

A big step deserves a generous reward, small steps must not go uncelebrated..

You reward yourself in ways that are exciting, thus teaching your mind that there are amazing rewards for each achievement.

[17/07/2021, 8:32:13 AM] Mark Dickinson: Rest





5 R's to creating a powerful reset for your life.

Take time to be silent and completely still each day until you are fully recharged.

[18/07/2021, 8:49:29 AM] Mark Dickinson: Greatness comes from within.

It begins with a decision to set outstanding goals, ones that will stretch you to grow...

It gains momentum by making a daily decision to commit to those goals.

By continually focusing greatness will appear.

Take the time to set exceptional goals and then rewrite them every single day.

[19/07/2021, 9:13:53 AM] Mark Dickinson: Success is perception.

What one person considers success, another may not.

What we once thought of as our success quickly fades, and we are left chasing a dream that is no longer there. By constantly creating new goals and celebrating achievements along the way we create a train of successes that establishes a virtuous cycle in our brains.

We will then more frequently perceive ourselves as successful, and we will come to expect it.

[20/07/2021, 8:10:00 AM] Mark Dickinson: You get stuck.

You are not sure where to turn.


Think long term... what will this mean in 12 months time?


Go forward.

[23/07/2021, 8:49:02 AM] Mark Dickinson:

Beautifully said,

Prince EA

[24/07/2021, 9:35:10 AM] Mark Dickinson: Pause.

Look around you.

Find something from nature to look upon.

A plant, a flower, a fruit.

Be in wonder.

How was it made?

Enjoy the thoughts.

Have an amazing day!

[25/07/2021, 7:40:12 AM] Mark Dickinson: The wonder of life is that everything has a beginning, a middle and an end...

It is in learning to embrace each of these phases and value their lessons and experiences that we release joy into our lives.

Each phase has it's own beauty.

[26/07/2021, 3:49:42 AM] Mark Dickinson: Remember:

Wherever you focus your energy and thoughts is where you are most likely to see results.

[27/07/2021, 8:15:27 AM] Mark Dickinson: You receive what you put out there...

Give love... get love.

[28/07/2021, 4:08:46 AM] Mark Dickinson: Cut through the noise, and focus on giving your energy, effort and commitment, to your ideal.

Stay locked on to what you believe is worthy, as a single minded champion you will taste sweet rewards.

[29/07/2021, 6:38:21 AM] Mark Dickinson: What is your message?

What do you stand for?

You are a message and you can bring great healing and happiness to this world.

Be your message.

[30/07/2021, 8:37:37 AM] Mark Dickinson: You are special.

You are precious.

You are unique.

You are limitless.

You are made to do great things!

Reach out and touch others today and make a positive difference to someone's life. 🔆

[31/07/2021, 6:45:11 AM] Mark Dickinson: Put down roots through growing your daily rituals, such as your daily gratitude.

Hold on to them, no matter what, maintain the daily discipline.

When challenges come, when difficult times come, you will be anchored and steady.

Overcoming challenges then becomes a conscious exercise of focused self growth. With such a mindset there is no failure, only learning.

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