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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 1-6-2021 through 30-6-2021

[01/06/2021, 5:56:21 AM] Mark Dickinson: What are your goals?

As soon as you identify them, attaining them becomes more probable.

Writing them down every day keeps them present in our conscious mind and moves us nearer to fulfilling them.

Take a few minutes each day to rewrite your goals and you accelerate the probability of achieving them

[02/06/2021, 5:45:18 AM] Mark Dickinson: What project have you always wanted to do, but so far have never completed?

We love new things, which so often is what gets us started on a project, only to lose enthusiasm and drop it in favour of something else. And so life leaves in its wake a trail of unfinished works.

Here's how to fix it...

Create a list.


Break down the tasks.

Assign a regular slot for making progress.

Stick to your plan.

Complete it!

[03/06/2021, 6:24:50 AM] Mark Dickinson: Stay the course.

Keep focused on your desired outcomes.

When challenges come, embrace them. Welcome them.

It's your time to grow.

If you give up... you will never know what could have been.

[04/06/2021, 8:21:52 AM] Mark Dickinson: You are special.

Always remember that you are a wonderful and unique person.

There is no one else like you!

You fill an amazing space in the lives of many people.

Thank you for sharing your life with me.

[05/06/2021, 6:25:57 AM] Mark Dickinson: Here are the keys to a magical day... the more you use them the more magic you will unleash.


Thank you

I love you

[06/06/2021, 5:12:06 AM] Mark Dickinson: How will you know if you have succeeded if you have not defined what success means to you?

Take the time to ensure you have a clear picture of what success looks like for you. Write it, vision it, and then go get it...

When it happens, celebrate!

[07/06/2021, 5:26:36 AM] Mark Dickinson: Perfection may or may not exist...

We will only know by working at something so much that we come within striking distance.

Only a few will ever know.

Will that include you?

[08/06/2021, 4:45:24 AM] Mark Dickinson: The practice of stillness and silence...

Here's something worth trying... it takes 5 mins and yields amazing benefits.

Find a quiet place, silence your phone and put it out of sight, now just sit quietly and enjoy being still. You will be amazed at the outcome.

If you can do it in the presence of someone else, a dear friend or close relationship, even better.

Enjoy and have a blessed day.

[09/06/2021, 6:31:58 AM] Mark Dickinson: Today, find a way to do a random act of kindness.

Giving to others is a path to our own greater happiness

[10/06/2021, 5:33:59 AM] Mark Dickinson: Life is not about what we have done, nor about our achievements, nor even about what we have gotten or accumulated.

Life is a about what we do with ourselves from here on out!

We cannot change anything from our past, but we can convert it into a powerful force for who we will become.

Concentrate on transforming into your greatest version of you, ever.

[11/06/2021, 6:01:35 AM] Mark Dickinson: Our vision for our own lives is what defines our limits...

Limitless thinking, open your imagination and let your mind run free... dream of the endless possibilities...

Write down one that really appeals...

Now write down 1 action you can take today to begin making it your reality

[12/06/2021, 8:17:06 AM] Mark Dickinson: Love wisdom...

Search for wisdom, wisdom's value exceeds that of all things...

Seek wise people and learn from them.

[13/06/2021, 9:14:56 AM] Mark Dickinson: Talking is easy...

Listening requires wisdom.

[14/06/2021, 7:53:37 AM] Mark Dickinson: It is reputed that Sir Winston Churchill once said.

Drive slowly, I'm in a hurry.

My father always says,

Measure twice, cut once.

Take a moment to ponder what it means to you.

[15/06/2021, 6:24:02 AM] Mark Dickinson: Find someone you enjoy being in the company of...

Invite them for a walk and enjoy the pleasure of walking and talking...

Wonderful and therapeutic

[15/06/2021, 8:46:35 PM] Mark Dickinson:

[16/06/2021, 5:18:23 AM] Mark Dickinson: You cant wait until life isn't hard anymore to be happy...

[17/06/2021, 6:51:01 AM] Mark Dickinson: The thoughts we think, direct the words that we say.

It is wise to think hard before speaking than to rush to be heard.

You can never unspeak whatever you have spoken, your thoughts however are yours to do with as you wish.

I am the source.

[18/06/2021, 6:18:17 AM] Mark Dickinson: Stop.

Be grateful.


Make a difference.

Gratitude is the elixir of life. The more you practice gratitude the more beautiful your life will be

[19/06/2021, 7:16:43 AM] Mark Dickinson: Focus is underrated and misrepresented.

Focus always delivers results, the issue is that results take time... and this is where the challenge lies. Staying focused for the duration, until you achieve your desired objectives, demands endurance, constant mindfulness of the objective and the constant desire.

[20/06/2021, 8:08:43 AM] Mark Dickinson: Focus is not mere words.

Focus is accompanied with actions.

In order to take action we must determine 'WHY' we are taking action.

The result of a strong and powerful why will be outstanding results

[21/06/2021, 7:55:21 AM] Mark Dickinson: In times of change, rebalancing is essential.

To rebalance means to rely upon your rituals and continue to maintain your habits.

Natural balance will occur and you will be up and sailing in no time.

The key is to establish unshakeable rituals

[22/06/2021, 7:50:05 AM] Mark Dickinson: You have a gift... a special gift that makes you unique.

You do not have to compete with others, you have to be you

Being fully you, free from comparison and judgement gives freedom.

Take time to discern your gift and then excel in it!

[23/06/2021, 7:00:08 AM] Mark Dickinson: You are fabulous!

Your personality and character are simply quite wonderful.

You are created unique... one of a kind.

Make your life a reflection of your dreams.

Keep on dreaming every single day...

Have an incredible day! 🔆

[24/06/2021, 5:29:23 AM] Mark Dickinson: Life is a gift, you only get it once.

Use yours to make a difference, to be fulfilled and to encourage and inspire others.

Have a great day!

[25/06/2021, 8:01:17 AM] Mark Dickinson: You get exactly what you focus on...

So focus on what you want.

[26/06/2021, 6:54:37 AM] Mark Dickinson: Show me your close friends and I will show you who you are...

Gather around you people who are more experienced than you are in the different areas of life, learn from them, and grow.

It takes time and decisive action and yields tremendous personal growth.

Today, seek out one new person to add to your circle of influence.

[27/06/2021, 4:55:20 AM] Mark Dickinson: Your success is based upon never giving up...

It is so easy to quit. You just stop.

Committing to restarting takes massive amounts of energy, so the secret is, never quit.

No matter what.

[28/06/2021, 6:45:07 AM] Mark Dickinson: Ever present change is a certainty. It's called flux.

We must be prepared to constantly reinvent ourselves in order to thrive, letting go of things and learning to enjoy our failures and challenges, for they reveal our next opportunity to grow.

[29/06/2021, 6:56:52 AM] Mark Dickinson: Your results are a consequence of your decisions.

Many are surprised that they are unfit, out of condition, or struggling in an area of life.

The first step to being powerful and in control is to decide upon your desired outcome. If you do not like the way things are, change how you do what you do.

Making one tiny change and sticking with it has a major impact in the long term.

[30/06/2021, 5:56:02 AM] Mark Dickinson: What has been your greatest life achievement?

Now think back to a time 5 years before that achievement... was it not just a dream? An idea?

Now think forward 5 years and picture an even greater achievement...

Begin today!

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