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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 1-3-2021 through 31-3-2021

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

[01/03/2021, 8:30:20 AM] Mark Dickinson: The greatest moment in life is right now.

So give it all you've got and you will create magnificent memories.


[02/03/2021, 3:11:48 PM] Mark Dickinson: Routines can become tedious and tiresome.

You sometimes need to shake them up...

Where are YOU in your picture?

Remember to challenge what you are doing with the question, "Why?"

You are the source.

You are your chief decision maker... make sure you have self-care time in your life to refresh and revitalize. It could be something as simple as having a long sleep!

Enjoy your day!

[03/03/2021, 4:01:25 AM] Mark Dickinson: Wake up!


Transformation from within.

[04/03/2021, 3:59:06 AM] Mark Dickinson: Say good things.

Literally create sentences of nice words and say them.

It's a sign of wisdom!

[05/03/2021, 4:07:56 AM] Mark Dickinson: Your journey is yours, and only yours.

No matter what people say, they will virtually always act in their own interest.

By understanding this we can pivot more quickly and concentrate our energy on what's important to us.

Only you can attain your personal greatness, no one else.

Dream, define, desire, drive...

Go get it...

No matter what!

[06/03/2021, 4:53:26 AM] Mark Dickinson: Be an awesome friend.

Be stable,

be consistent,

be available,

Stay connected.

When you work at being a great friend, you will be surrounded by people who will love and support you.

You become stronger by exercising...

Be the friend you want to have, and you will have deep and meaningful friends

[07/03/2021, 3:57:05 AM] Mark Dickinson: Smile!

[08/03/2021, 7:43:31 AM] Mark Dickinson: 500 days of daily messages...

No two are the same. All are original.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions said Spencer Johnson.

Are these daily thoughts valuable?

Would you like me to continue?

Please let me know...

Send me a yes if you think we should continue...

Thank you for reading each day...

[09/03/2021, 4:05:44 AM] Mark Dickinson: Consistency is underrated.

Daily gratitude builds personal power.

Stop what you are doing, write down things you are thankful for.

Now do that every day from now on and by consistently doing it you will find your level of joy in your life expands exponentially.

Encourage others to do the same and in so doing you will change the world!

[10/03/2021, 4:08:00 AM] Mark Dickinson: Today is my day!

Be bold.

Be powerful.

Give it 100% and watch life give you back way more than you put in!

[11/03/2021, 3:56:03 AM] Mark Dickinson: Challenges will always come.

Embrace every single one positively... no matter what!. The challenges will teach you more than the sunny, happy days.

Some may appear to be against you.. they are not! They are your teachers.





Glory !

[12/03/2021, 5:48:52 AM] Mark Dickinson: Do something different.

Consciously decide that today you will do something that you would not normally do.

Draw, paint, read, taste a new dish, speak to a stranger, compliment a random person, meditate for 5 minutes...

After you do your consciously chosen new activity or action, notice how you feel.

You will find an elevated sense of pleasantness within...

You can have that feeling over and over by continually doing consciously selected things... in so doing you are becoming a more complete version of you!

Tell me, what did you do differently today?

[12/03/2021, 9:26:19 PM] Mark Dickinson: Here's a new post

[12/03/2021, 9:26:25 PM] Mark Dickinson: I hope you enjoy!

[13/03/2021, 4:07:21 AM] Mark Dickinson: It's time to play!

We were not created only to work, neither just for play. There is a magical balance that is hard to achieve.

Playing is important and stirs our brains..

Work and play can go together.

Let the joy of creativity and playfulness be part of your work and your overall sense of self worth and contribution will immediately increase.

Remember to play!

[14/03/2021, 4:14:26 AM] Mark Dickinson: The difference between being ordinary and being great is that the great do what others do not do.

What about you?

Will you do whatever it takes?

[15/03/2021, 4:03:42 AM] Mark Dickinson: You say, "I want to grow"

TRUE - continue

FALSE - leave the group!

In order to grow we must move from comfort to discomfort. If we continue as we are we will get what we've been getting.

Most people know what they need to change, but postpone taking action.

There's no miracle in change, there is just a personal decision that things must be different.

Pick one thing that you know you need to change and take one action towards what it is you desire to be.

Take that decision every time you are tempted to go back to comfort and you will become your new self.

[16/03/2021, 4:06:40 AM] Mark Dickinson: Do a random act of kindness today.

Be kind,

Say good words,

Help someone,

Encourage someone.

You will make the world a more beautiful place!

Thank you 😁

[17/03/2021, 4:21:26 AM] Mark Dickinson: What are you searching for?

Why do you endlessly scroll?

What is it that you expect to find?

Human curiosity...

The hunt for your next hit of dopamine. When will it end?

When you discover that greatness is within you!

You say, "I want to be inspired"

Inspired means in the spirit.

Look within.

Sleep early, rise early.

Breathe deeply.


Focus on knowing what it is that you want. Eliminate the noise and concentrate on having one goal.

Once you know what that goal is, go after it... be unstoppable... be unreasonable...

Turn off notifications.

Turn off the news.

Become your news!

Become what you want to be by concentrating all your energy on it.

You will be that which you have thought about, just as you are now the product of your previous thoughts.

Have an incredible day!

[18/03/2021, 4:08:50 AM] Mark Dickinson: When we choose conflict we limit ourselves and our choices become negative.

Sometimes conflict will face us, and our challenges will seem to be insurmountable. It is not true. It is the perspective that we have chosen that causes us to see the negative.

We can take a higher path. We can choose to zoom out, to place the conflict against the backdrop of time.

How important will this be in 1 year from now? 5 years from now? How will history record this moment?

Keep zooming out until the issue at hand becomes small to you.

Now you can master it.

Change the way you you look at things, and the things you look at will change.

[19/03/2021, 4:02:11 AM] Mark Dickinson: Want to make a difference to someone's life?

Let someone pass before you!

It's amazing what happens...

You get all kinds of reactions.

The best is how this noble, gracious gesture makes you feel.

Try it and see...

[20/03/2021, 6:02:35 AM] Mark Dickinson: Today is special...

And so are you!

Shine brightly and enjoy being alive!

[20/03/2021, 2:02:44 PM] Mark Dickinson:

hi everyone... here is my latest podcast - its all about consistency... enjoy!

[21/03/2021, 6:47:31 AM] Mark Dickinson: Encouragement is an elixir for the soul.

Take the time today to thoughtfully encourage someone.

Tell them specifically what they do that you are encouraged by.

You will make a lasting difference to someone's life!

Have an amazing day!

[21/03/2021, 5:11:46 PM] Mark Dickinson:

My newly published book!

I hope you enjoy reading it... it is available on Amazon

It's all about life the way we think of it here in our group


[22/03/2021, 6:23:38 AM] Mark Dickinson: Be bold.

Be confident.

Be yourself, and be kind.

Live your life with power and stop worrying what others think.

Focus on being your greatest self and live for your dreams.

Have a fulfilling day!

[23/03/2021, 7:41:01 AM] Mark Dickinson: Every achievement in life was at first just a dream... a thought.

It began in the mind of someone. The tallest buildings, the biggest ships, the greatest physical achievements. Every single one of them began in someone's mind.

The difference between your dreams and your achievements is ACTION & PERSEVERANCE.

Taking action to convert the dream into reality

Persevering to see it through to the end.

Dream great dreams

Take massive action

Stick at it till it's done!

[24/03/2021, 4:02:55 AM] Mark Dickinson: Challenges are a sign of growth.

To become stronger you must build resistance.

Stay focused on your goal, remember that challenges are a sign of progress.

Overcome, learn the lesson, and keep on going.

[25/03/2021, 4:07:57 AM] Mark Dickinson: Your happiness depends upon your choices.

Your choices are determined by your values and beliefs.

Whatever you truly value is what will drive your decisions.

Write down your values as you see them today and then only take decisions consistent with those values...

Happiness will increase as you move to align your choices and values with one another.

[26/03/2021, 6:30:40 AM] Mark Dickinson: I could.

I should.

I will.

I must.

I am...

The degree to which you commit yourself to your desired outcomes will change the probability of you achieving them.

When you MUST, then you will make a way...

When you say I am, you will be.

Change your language, change your life!

[27/03/2021, 5:59:07 AM] Mark Dickinson: Do you need approval for your dreams?

Are you worried what others will think?

Very natural fears, particularly when we are younger.

Here's the deal... make your own dreams happen and stop waiting.

Others will laugh at you, they may mock you... but when you have achieved your dream they will be amazed by you.

Consistent effort over time, stay focused, stay humble and you will achieve whatever you desire.

[27/03/2021, 1:14:02 PM] Mark Dickinson:

Here you go people... A brand new podcast for today...


[28/03/2021, 5:23:07 AM] Mark Dickinson: A small daily unbroken commitment will deliver outstanding results over time.

When you decide to do something, stick to it every day... keep on doing it and little by little the outcome you desire will appear.

[29/03/2021, 4:09:25 AM] Mark Dickinson: Why do we fail?

Are you struggling to break through?

Little compromises are like a tiny hole in a balloon...

They begin with, "I'll do it later" and "I will make it up next time"

"Just this once" and " I will have just one more" or the best one, "I'll sleep for an extra 5 minutes".

When these voices begin to speak, you are about to compromise!

Giving in now, leads to regrets later on.

Build power into your dreams so that the desire to achieve is stronger than these voices in your head.

You can do it!

[30/03/2021, 4:20:06 AM] Mark Dickinson: Greatness lies at the end of determination.

Compromising or quitting will steal what could have been.

It's never too late to try again.

Decide what you want.

Know why you want it.

Intensify your why by ingraining your what into your consciousness until it is the loudest voice inside you.

Move towards your what, unwaveringly. Stay focused.

Avoid distractions.

Accept discomfort.

Be determined!

You will taste victory at last.

Stick with your why, no matter what!

Victory is sweet...

[31/03/2021, 4:01:22 AM] Mark Dickinson: Performance vs Trustworthy...

It's been a while since I shared a video... i think this one is really good... thank you Simon!

[31/03/2021, 8:48:16 AM] Mark Dickinson:

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