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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 1-12-2019 - 31-12-2019

[05:34, 01/12/2019]

Good morning. Thank you. Thank you Thank you! Whatever is happening around you will be under control when you are in control of yourself. Make deep, abiding rituals or habits that are your life anchors. Always start your day with gratitude. Write "thankful" on a paper and keep it in your pocket. Have an amazing day

[05:48, 02/12/2019]

Stick at it. Whatever you desire will only show up if you stay focused. You cannot afford to miss out on your daily commitment to your dream. No matter what, keep on going

[04:11, 03/12/2019]

When you commit, do it. Your commitment to your commitment compounds over time and you become what it is that you think about

[00:41, 04/12/2019]

Doing what no one else will do sets you apart from everyone else. You become stronger with each repetition. Mastery comes from constant consistent repetition. Never give up. If you tried and it didn't work, then try again. If it still doesn't work, try a different way...

[04:48, 05/12/2019]

AQAL Ask Questions And Listen Make today a conscious listening day. Focus on what other people are saying and not what you want to say. [05:26, 06/12/2019]

Start where you are. Take one step forward and you will have begun the journey

[03:46, 07/12/2019]

[05:36, 08/12/2019]

You have been loved... You are blessed Share your love with someone today

[03:23, 09/12/2019]

Start by thinking "I dont know" and your learning potential is unlimited. If you say, "I know", then you are blocked.

[03:33, 09/12/2019]

Think about how much life is in this apple... [06:38, 10/12/2019]

Remember, it only means something when you take action. Good intentions are worthless... good actions make a difference. Consistent effort produces the change you deserve Have a great day

[04:03, 11/12/2019]

Day 30... if you took up the 30 day challenge, then today is the last day. Most people who start something give up almost right away. Please share if you were able to keep up for 30 days and tell me what has happened for you in this time... NEW 30 DAY CHALLENGE Start today and see your life transform as you make a choice to grow in one area for 30 days...

[05:04, 11/12/2019]

Find joy in life's simple beauty

[03:24, 12/12/2019]

No matter what is going on around you, own it. Accept it, then reframe it with your own narrative, then shape it for good...

[07:42, 13/12/2019]

Be what you believe.

[06:42, 14/12/2019]

Think about what you want to see happen in your life Write it down right now on a small paper and put it in your pocket. Have a lovely day!

[09:11, 14/12/2019] :

[05:18, 15/12/2019]

Learning and growth happen outside of your comfort zone.

[04:15, 16/12/2019]

Good morning 5 AMers.. welcome to the world of mastery. Control the morning and you control your day. Write out exciting goals for today.

[03:33, 17/12/2019]

Beautiful things happen in the early morning! Rise at five and experience a different way of living.. I promise you that it's worth it!

[04:04, 17/12/2019]

[05:34, 18/12/2019]

[03:25, 19/12/2019]

Good morning 5 am'ers It's time to write your gratitude list. Everything that you are thankful for... I am thankful for you! Have an amazing day.

[04:24, 19/12/2019]

[05:06, 20/12/2019]

From the shores of the Arabian Gulf I wish you a pleasant day!

[05:54, 21/12/2019]

Be kind to yourself.

[08:12, 21/12/2019]

As the gifts increase let ur humility grow for you must consider that everything is given to you on loan 🙏

[06:37, 22/12/2019]

Each day brings you the opportunity to create whatever you want to see happen in your life. Your opportunity is unlimited. It is your mind that limits you. It is your anchor to your past that causes you to moderate your future. Dream big... Decide for greatness... Be!

[06:21, 23/12/2019]

As we enter the Holiday season whenever you are at the meal table or in a conversation, please put your phone on silent mode and out of sight. Be fully present in the moments you have with others and allow them to be deep and meaningful without interruption. Have a blessed day! Sending love and hugs

[06:31, 23/12/2019]

Sunrise... amen!

[08:15, 24/12/2019]

It's Christmas Eve. The greatest gift is one that can never be repaid... forgiveness! As you give and receive, share your love... take a moment to be deep with people and let them know how important they are to you. I wish all of you a Happy Christmas! You are important to me. Sending love...

[09:12, 25/12/2019]

Happy Christmas! Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus. May light and peace fill your life.

[09:10, 26/12/2019]

I hope you celebrated a wonderful Christmas. Over these next six days we are going to prepare for 2020. Today, write down 3 things you would like to accomplish in 2020. These can be work things, home things, skills... Keep in mind that a year from today they will be done. IMPORTANT: Dont just think them.. write them. Have a great day! [08:52, 27/12/2019]

Good morning! On your 2020 plan, for each of the 3 things you wish to accomplish, write down a. What you need to do to make it happen. Be detailed. b. Why you want it to happen. When you write your "why" close your eyes and imagine that your accomplishments are already complete. As you imagine the completed task capture that feeling and write it down. This is your why. Take time to really work on this so that you increase the probability of your own success

[08:13, 28/12/2019]

Good morning By now your 2020 plan is beginning to take shape. Today you need to get yourself a daily journal and make your first entry... Do 1 thing today that moves one of your 2020 desired accomplishments. Start by deciding what you want to do and writing it down. e.g. today I will call 3 people. Then do it! HINT: Try to get it done as early as possible in your day.

[08:55, 29/12/2019]

Hi... let's continue our 2020 preparations.. yesterday you should have done something towards your goal... if you did, you are one step closer to achieving. Now... today I want you to take a few minutes to reflect on 2019... kinda like the media does... and review your highlights from 2019... Write down a list of all the great things that happened for you and to you this year (skip the negative stuff... focus on the positive). Write down WHAT happened and HOW it made you FEEL. You are going to love this exercise. Have a great day!

[08:58, 30/12/2019]

Its NYE -1 Most New Year's people around the world make a resolution to stop something or to make some adjustments to life. Problem is, they dont stick to them and by Jan 15th it's all over and they are disappointed because it didn't work. Not so this year! You have been preparing for three accomplishments in 2020. Today you need to review them and re-write out the three accomplishments for 2020 with WHAT you will achieve, WHY you want to do it and WHEN it must be done. Once you are done with this you are going to take this paper and hide it somewhere dark and hidden where it can begin to grow. Have fun! PS: Thx to those who shared yesterday's exercise. Very inspiring! [17:05, 30/12/2019]

Remember: Over promise Over deliver

[10:10, 31/12/2019]

Remember what life was like 1 year ago? The year of 2019 started with many Hope's and dreams Now you are ready to start 2020. You are prepared. 2020 is going to be the greatest year of your life. Yesterday"s exercise was like planting a seed in the ground. If you didn't do it I encourage you to do it. It will bring you an amazing reward in the future. If you dont plant a seed then nothing will grow! If you plant a seed and leave it alone, add water from time to time, one day it will grow and delight you. For your pleasantness of life and the joy of seeing your dream grow, please write it on a paper and hide it. Put the paper somewhere where it will remain undisturbed. Your mind will do the work of making it grow. Have a great time tonight.

[11:00, 31/12/2019]

Someone told me they are too busy to do this exercise... Are you too busy to take time to make yourself less busy?

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