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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 1-10-2021 through 31-10-2021

[01/10/2021, 6:18:28 AM] Mark Dickinson: Take the time to look up an old friend... someone you didn't connect with for a long time...

There is great beauty in shared memories.

Reach out today and enjoy the outcome!

[02/10/2021, 8:13:17 AM] Mark Dickinson: Love is central to life.

The key is that it starts in you!

Love you first...

Treat yourself. Make a special time for you each day.

Every day.

As you care and love you it will begin to radiate outwards to others...

Its wonderful - try it!

[03/10/2021, 9:13:40 AM] Mark Dickinson: If today is 3 October, 2030, where will you be and what will you be doing?

When your long term vision is clear your perspective changes.

Small challenges become easier to overcome as we look towards our long term goal. They become the lessons that later on we will look back upon and call experience.

So, 2030... where will you be? What will you be doing?

I would love to know!

[04/10/2021, 6:48:19 AM] Mark Dickinson: By saying that we want to grow automatically means that we are going to experience something new, something different.

We must learn to embrace growth-change quickly and allow ourselves to become transformed into a new us.

[05/10/2021, 6:28:15 AM] Mark Dickinson: Do the unexpected.

Take a risk...

Let your heart beat quickly wondering what is going to be your outcome...

Live on the edge a little!

[06/10/2021, 6:39:51 AM] Mark Dickinson: Take time to be still.

Sit quietly without any distractions for a few moments each day.


You will love the outcome

[07/10/2021, 6:38:29 AM] Mark Dickinson: Shakespeare said,

Nothing is either good or bad... it is our thinking that makes it so...

Be patient as you go along life's journey and keep in mind your desired outcome.

[08/10/2021, 7:08:14 AM] Mark Dickinson: What we believe is most truly affirmed when we are under pressure.

When you feel challenged, confronted or afraid, is the time to step up, "I've got this", get encouragement, pause to reaffirm your beliefs and step forward with courage and strength.

[09/10/2021, 9:17:57 AM] Mark Dickinson: If love is the greatest human emotion, then we should share it more with as many as possible, as often as possible.

For those who love each other only want the best for them... peace in our world is attainable through love.

I love you!

Have an incredible day.

[09/10/2021, 5:57:21 PM] Mark Dickinson:

[10/10/2021, 8:50:46 AM] Mark Dickinson: The path to inspiration runs right through you.

You are unique.

You are the only one who can decide to step up, play all out, give 100%.

Be courageous!

Do not worry what others think, be your greatest self by being fully you.

Be fantastic!

[11/10/2021, 11:32:51 AM] Mark Dickinson: A word from you can change someone's life forever...

Make every word count.

[12/10/2021, 7:11:55 AM] Mark Dickinson: Never give up.

Try new ways.

Explore different approaches.

As long as you have a desired end-result in mind, keep on going on.

You can do it!

[13/10/2021, 5:45:19 AM] Mark Dickinson: The rewards for perseverance are sweet.

Each little achievement along the way is important, for it is a part of your great success

[14/10/2021, 4:53:21 AM] Mark Dickinson: What I say determines my thinking and my actions.

I can, therefore I can.

[15/10/2021, 8:47:45 AM] Mark Dickinson: Do you pray?

If so, now would be a good time to ask for peace. 🙏

[17/10/2021, 8:24:35 AM] Mark Dickinson: Consistency.

Tiny daily growth focused on one area of our lives will eventually produce amazing change.

By consistent effort over time you will achieve great things.

[18/10/2021, 4:21:12 AM] Mark Dickinson: Whatever you do, give it all you've got.

Go all out...

Give 100%...

So that when it's all over you can rest confident that you did your best.

[19/10/2021, 1:38:40 PM] Mark Dickinson: Dreams become reality through persistence!

[20/10/2021, 9:42:45 AM] Mark Dickinson: I am blessed

I am thankful

I am grateful

I am special

I am honoured that you are my friend!

Spend a few moments each day to write down I am...


I become what I think about.

[21/10/2021, 9:38:45 AM] Mark Dickinson: When you don't know what to say, listen.

When you don't know the answer, ask a question to clarify what you are being asked, and listen.

When you don't like what you hear, listen.

The more you listen the more you hear... the more you understand, the better your decisions.

So hey, have a happy listening day!

[22/10/2021, 11:20:55 AM] Mark Dickinson: We will become what we think about...

We will gravitate towards what we focus on...

The greater the intensity, the faster the pace.

Take time to determine the outcome that you want to see... then focus intensively on getting there.

[23/10/2021, 11:14:30 AM] Mark Dickinson: Growth is an essential component of a healthy life...

Consistency of small habits will ensure a constant growth rate.

One small action repeated over time creates spectacular growth in the long term.

How are you growing?

[24/10/2021, 11:11:48 AM] Mark Dickinson: Doing good never gets old.

Random acts of kindness that can never be repaid produce exponential results.

Go out of your way today to do a random act of kindness for someone!

[25/10/2021, 9:49:23 AM] Mark Dickinson: Each moment in life comes but once.

Take time to be completely present in it.

Listen attentively.

Ask questions and concentrate on the answers.

Seek to appreciate the speaker and affirm their value.

[26/10/2021, 2:33:41 PM] Mark Dickinson: Our lives are like an artist's canvas.

Each day you get a new one to paint your own picture.

If yesterday's did not look how you wanted it to, or did not reach your expectations,

Take all that you learned and put it into today's!

Happy painting!

[27/10/2021, 3:00:02 PM] Mark Dickinson: Gratitude is life's greatest secret.

The more grateful you are, the more your life will flourish.

Like any living thing, it requires care and attention to continue to grow...

Write your gratitude every day and experience incredible growth.

Will life become instantly perfect? No!

You will discover the change over time.

[28/10/2021, 10:30:04 AM] Mark Dickinson: Stay focused.

Challenges will come.

Problems will arise.

The unexpected will occur.

The daily discipline of writing down your goal will cause you to refocus and refine your goal.

The key is "daily".

[29/10/2021, 11:36:04 AM] Mark Dickinson: Doing things you never did before changes you...

You step out into the unknown and through it you become a different person.

It may feel strange, unusual, even uncomfortable, yet the outcome will be a better version of you!

Try it...

[30/10/2021, 8:45:30 PM] Mark Dickinson: Every day is a marvel... You never know what it's going to bring.

The wonders never cease.

[31/10/2021, 1:45:47 PM] Mark Dickinson: Strength is that inner will to continue, to find new ways, adapt to the changes life throws at you... to become your ultimate greatest self!

Stay focused on your desired outcome... and move towards it each day

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