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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-4-2021 through 30-4-2021

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

[01/04/2021, 4:16:11 AM] Mark Dickinson: Why?

When children ask questions, they always want to know, "why?" And we find their questions difficult or uncomfortable to answer, so we distract them, point them in another direction.

As we get older we are conditioned not to ask 'why?'

The most important question you MUST ask is, 'why?'

For in the answer to 'why?' lies your motivation for 'what'.

Take time this morning to think about why you do what you do...

Your 'why' must be compelling, all-consuming, or raise a very important question for your consideration...


[02/04/2021, 4:49:31 AM] Mark Dickinson: What are your daily rituals?

I would love to know...

One way to keep your rituals fresh is to mix them up from time to time, do them in a different order or add something different.

Keep them alive and relevant, and make sure they are bringing joy and freedom, and not a burden!

Have an amazing day ❤️

[03/04/2021, 4:04:56 AM] Mark Dickinson: Celebrate!

Find as many things in life to celebrate as you can...

Embrace birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, success in studying, success in reaching a goal.

When you celebrate you are signaling success to your brain. You create a great memory and you experience elation.

This causes your brain to seek more of the same. It creates a subconscious desire for even more and so you become more successful at whatever you celebrate!

Have an amazing, celebratory day!

[04/04/2021, 5:15:01 AM] Mark Dickinson: Happy Easter everyone.

The mystery of grace is revealed through the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May you be blessed and know his saving love in your life.

[05/04/2021, 4:18:10 AM] Mark Dickinson: Perseverance gets 10/10...

Ideas are easy...

Talk is cheap.

But perseverance is where its all at.

Giving up takes no effort at all. Quitting before you get there is ego in all its glory.



Now that's where character is found.

Digging deep. Sticking at it. Staying balanced. Creating new paths where there were none.

Crossing the finish line; reaching a goal... that takes perseverance.

Have you got it?

[05/04/2021, 12:27:27 PM] Mark Dickinson:

[06/04/2021, 4:07:17 AM] Mark Dickinson: Do you keep a journal?

Jotting down your daily thoughts and gratitude is rewarding. Over time it all adds up.

The more you do it, the better you become.

The exercise of physically writing a daily journal produces a strength of its own.

I write mine on A3 paper each day as it allows me the freedom to express myself.

Find a way that suits your style and begin... Today!

Start with gratitude. It's a beautiful experience.

[07/04/2021, 4:07:19 AM] Mark Dickinson: We are not designed to solve life's challenges alone...

Every champion has a team around them.

Reach out...

Continually be the person for othrrs that we would like to have people be for us.

Build support by being supportive.

[08/04/2021, 4:09:23 AM] Mark Dickinson: You are awesome!

Look in the mirror and look yourself in the eye... say,

I love you!

Love yourself first. Take care of you. Do something special for you today. Then go do the same for someone else.

You will change the world!

[09/04/2021, 8:10:56 AM] Mark Dickinson: 1 person can make the difference.

Let that 1 person be you!

[10/04/2021, 4:06:04 AM] Mark Dickinson: What are your values in life?

Here are 2 of my favourites... integrity and courage.


Doing what you said you would do, no matter what.


Standing by your actions even when others may not believe you

[11/04/2021, 4:05:08 AM] Mark Dickinson: Do your part...

Do it to the best of your abilities. Do it with all your heart.

When the day is done you will know that you gave everything you have.

That is a fine reward!

[12/04/2021, 4:36:44 AM] Mark Dickinson: It's your time!

Seize the opportunity and run with it... grab it with both hands.. concentrate intensely on the goal and go!

Be like never before.

More focused than you've ever been.


[13/04/2021, 7:13:49 AM] Mark Dickinson: Celebrate life!

Enjoy every moment...

Remember, worry slows you down and most often, what you worry about rarely happens.


I am going to celebrate my life today!

Now decide how you are going to celebrate...

Now do it!

Have an amazing day.

[14/04/2021, 5:25:11 AM] Mark Dickinson: The only person you must believe in is yourself!

You've got this!

[15/04/2021, 5:29:31 AM] Mark Dickinson: Random acts of kindness can change people's lives forever.

Take the time today to surprise someone with your act of kindness.

Make sure that they can never pay you back!

[16/04/2021, 7:26:36 AM] Mark Dickinson: Be content with being who you are.

Enjoy yourself.

Find time to be in your own company and discover the things that you like...

[17/04/2021, 6:58:07 AM] Mark Dickinson: Where are you on your 2021 goals?


This symbol is the answer to moving forward.

This > means greater than. Greater than what?

Greater than I AM right now!

As you write out your goals (do it every day!) Just add the symbol > in front of your goal... it makes all the difference to how you think and creates even greater results... infinite mind... infinite results!

[18/04/2021, 7:27:02 AM] Mark Dickinson: Think.



First, get your thoughts sorted out.

Then create an excellent plan.

Execute your plan.

Most people do it the other way round!

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[19/04/2021, 7:54:14 AM] Mark Dickinson: What do you do when you face an unsolvable or difficult problem? Remember:

1.There's always an answer.

Sometimes it's not what you want to hear...

By shifting the way you approach the problem you will be presented with new possibilities.

Do something different.

Change behaviour.

Adopt a new approach.

Write the problem as though you were going to post it online for answers.