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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-12-2021 through 31-12-2021



I used to believe that the louder I speak, the more people would understand my point of view. Now I believe that the more I listen the more I understand, the less I have to speak for people to understand.


When we are in the planting season it is all hard work and difficult to visualize what harvest will look like. A seed looks nothing like the fruit, and yet, all the fullness is there awaiting. Keep on planting!


Great friendships are like fine wine. It takes many years and much care to reveal their true value


The power of humility is mind-blowing. When you are able to drop your ego beautiful things begin to happen


Rest, Revitalise, Review, Refocus Resume Great things are accomplished by taking care of ourselves first. Make every effort to do so.


Short cuts do not exist... they are merely an illusion. Stay the course. Do things right because that's right. It holds things together. 07/12/2021

Along the journey you must make friends with your closest companion: You.


Life is so much greater than you ever imagined! Let your mind go... What if? Now do it!


Thank you. When I look at my life I experience gratitude. I am so thankful for everyone who has contributed to making me, me. I wish you all a fantastic day.


Wishes often flash through our minds and vanish forever... If you begin to notice these wishes, and jot them down, you will recognise a certain pattern of wishing and fulfillment of that wish. Once you see the pattern, you can begin to consciously direct your thoughts to create powerful wishes and enjoy the outcomes (some call them prayers).


When you give... You create a chain reaction of goodness. You may never know the outcome of your gift, but give anyway!


What are you thankful for? Talking about things and doing them are two entirely different propositions, as are thinking and writing. A recent World Health study explained the healing power of writing. I highly recommend you practice writing your gratitude every day and personally witness the transforming power of this simple daily activity.


When you open the doors and windows, fresh air comes in and everything feels better. It's the same with your life! Open up, let people in and see amazing things happen.


No matter what's going on in our lives we must remember we are alive. Live it to the full. Every day!


Your not feeling it? Push on through... Do the actions that you know will produce the result you desire... You will make it! It may look and feel different from what you had in mind, but by the time you get there, you will be different and so the result will be amazing


The power of the human mind is beyond measure. Ideas become thoughts, become opinions, become beliefs become convictions. Nothing is impossible.


By giving to others on an emotional level we meet our own needs. If you desire love in your life, give love. Others will naturally respond.


Did you ever feel disappointed by someone or something? You weren't. It was a difference between what you experienced and what you expected... The point is not what you actually experienced, it was what you expected... Note: all your expectations are created in your head!


Sometimes the builder is the only one who understands what the outcome must look like. Others participate, but can never fully comprehend it until they see it. This is the mystery of being the creator


You are endlessly creative until you decide you are not.


You are a light. Shine brightly.


Reflection is valuable time spent.


Your dream is yours. Don't expect others to agree, or even assist... Never give up on your dream!


Christmas is about the birth of Jesus... It is good to reflect upon what that really means. Merry Christmas


Happy Christmas everyone. Sending love and peace to you all ❤️🕊️


The gap between Christmas and New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and plan for the year ahead. Use the time well and make it count


How are your 2022 plans coming along? As we think, so we become. Have great thoughts... Dream great dreams... 2022, the best year ever!


You may be thinking, "Should I really bother to set goals for 2022?" The answer is, "Yes! Absolutely" But make them differently from however you have made them before. Think of one thing that you CAN achieve and that inspires you, that's exciting and stirs your spirit. Make that your mission for 2022


You got your new plan... You start. Nothing happens... You quit. This is what over 85% of people do. Results take consistent effort over time. Start... Don't stop until you get where you want to be, or a different and more desirable objective calls... Then start... Don't stop! You will see Results


No matter what... Keep focused on gratitude. You have so much to be thankful for!


Try something new... Enjoy not knowing how it's going to work out. Enjoy the adventure of experiencing the unknown Decide today what it's going to be... put a date when you are going to do it! Share the experience with others...

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