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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-10-2020 through 31-10-2020

[01/10/2020, 6:04:10 AM] Mark Dickinson: What are you thankful for?

Take time to write down your gratitude list

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[02/10/2020, 7:47:08 AM] Mark Dickinson: When you smell coffee, or wine how do you describe the aromas? What are your favourite notes?

Distinct characteristics become favourites and others we shy away from.

Suppposing that we give off aromas from our personalities. What would be the aroma of you?

What notes define your presence in a room?

Take a moment to write them down... it took me an hour!

[03/10/2020, 5:59:18 AM] Mark Dickinson: The words you use to describe yourself define who you are.

Take time each day to choose words that reflect your dreams and desires and write them down.

I become what I think about!

[04/10/2020, 5:23:51 AM] Mark Dickinson: Not everything is what it at first appears to be.

Try looking at it from a fresh perspective and watch it change!

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[05/10/2020, 6:00:26 AM] Mark Dickinson: Compromise is like a mist, it gradually, unnoticed thickens into fog until you can no longer see where you are going.

Slowly slowly allowing yourself to delay your outcomes results in never achieving your desired accomplishments.

Heat dissipates fog!. Turn up the temperature... get out of your comfort zone and magic will happen....

[06/10/2020, 6:25:36 AM] Mark Dickinson: One of the keys to personal growth is getting help... Contrary to popular memes, asking for help is a good thing

When someone starts talking to you, just listen.

It's the greatest gift you can give.

[07/10/2020, 4:19:30 AM] Mark Dickinson: Rising at 5 a.m. is a powerful reset.

It brings a sense of structure and peace... the only way to understand is to do it!


[08/10/2020, 4:31:48 AM] Mark Dickinson: Fasting is a beautiful way to purify our body and mind.

It heightens our senses of self control and perseverance.

A sharp and decisive way to step out of our comfort zone and into growth.

Set a time to do it and as you fast focus on your soul. Nourish it with the absence of stimulants and take time to be at rest, make a periid of silence where you think, free from sounds and connections.

The results are astounding.

Try for just one day, you will love the outcome.

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[09/10/2020, 6:00:40 AM] Mark Dickinson: Focus is our superpower.

The moment that we concentrate all our energy on doing something we begin to see movement. True focus means eliminating all distractions and homing in on the one thing that we must have.

When we MUST have it, we change our behavior and it will start to happen.

Staying focused is the challenge!

To stay focused use everything that you can find to help you, and overcome the inner voices that will distract.

[09/10/2020, 8:30:41 PM] Mark Dickinson: There are times to hurry, and times to be patient...

If you are going to catch a plane, you better hurry

If you are going to instill gratitude into your daily life as a pillar, then you had better be patient.

Every day, set aside time to be grateful (early morning is definitely the best time).

Write it down. Do not trust it to your mind, for your mind will play tricks on you.

Take out a paper and write - a journal with the date.

Start with a minimum of three things each day, make them different.

Some cry out, but I always write the same things!

Start with what you are grateful for in your own life...

Widen the circle to your gratitude for your partner and immediate family

Then widen the circle further to gratitude for friends, the good things that you see in the world

Look up and see the sky, at night see the stars, the moon... be thankful

As you grow in gratitude you will see the struggles of life gradually dissolve

Gratitude builds good character

[10/10/2020, 4:02:58 AM] Mark Dickinson: So.. here we go.. get yourself ready... go for a walk,and upon your return immediately write down what you are grateful for.

Read yesterday evening's message....

I am forever thankful for each one of you!

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[11/10/2020, 4:13:46 AM] Mark Dickinson: I am focused

I am thankful

I am grateful

How are you feeling?

Tired? Hungry? Bored? Happy?

No matter what, you will change the way things look and feel when you change how you look at them.

Anchor your inner self on being grateful. Do it now...

Keep on doing it every day.

Carve gratitude into your character and everything in life will become more vibrant, more colourful and you will feel more alive.

These are not empty words... this is a promise! Start this lifetime daily activity today and never give up, and you will be transformed...

Have an amazing day!

[12/10/2020, 5:44:44 AM] Mark Dickinson: Just one thing!

No list!

Select one desired accomplishment and work on it every day.

Never skip.

Unwavering commitment to seeing it through.

Once you have mastered one thing then you can begin one more.

You see, if you are only working on this one thing you have clarity - no confusion...

Just one thing!

[13/10/2020, 4:09:30 AM] Mark Dickinson: Want to be a millionaire?

Just click here ¤


Practice makes mastery.

Consistent focused effort over time is what will get you where you want to be.

Here's the recipe for how to get whatever you want:

1. Dream it

2. Write it down

3. Start

4. Stick at it till it's done

[14/10/2020, 4:34:17 AM] Mark Dickinson: If you do what you always did...

You will get what you always got.

When you live life in your comfort zone it is comfortable. To experience growth you must move into an area of discomfort.

Think about it... then do it!

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[15/10/2020, 5:58:28 AM] Mark Dickinson: I am the product of my thoughts and choices.

If today you are wondering why you are where you are, or doing what you are doing, this too is a product of your decisions.

[16/10/2020, 5:56:39 AM] Mark Dickinson: Consistency

When you want to achieve something in your life, establish a new habit, start doing it and keep on doing it.

Tiny incremental steps lead to incredible long term growth.

The key?


[17/10/2020, 4:28:38 AM] Mark Dickinson: Rewards are reserved for those who make it through, who persevere, consistently working at it irrespective of feelings.

Feelings go up and down and are unreliable indicators in our journey towards our desired accomplishments. Tiredness can cause us to give up.

Lift up your head, breathe deep, remember your goal, and be grateful. Your feelings will align and you will enjoy the victory.

Have an amazing day!

[18/10/2020, 6:00:10 AM] Mark Dickinson: Note to the wise:

Your greatness lies before you.

Look forward and imagine: with all the experience that you have, and all of the accomplishments you have made, with these as your capital, what can you now attain?

Dream bigger than ever!

Write down one new dream today!

Then take one action to make it happen.

Share your dreams...

[19/10/2020, 4:22:24 AM] Mark Dickinson: I love you!

I am blessed and grateful to have you in my life.

Thank you for all your care and support and encouragement.

Have a wonderful day!

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[20/10/2020, 4:14:02 AM] Mark Dickinson: Why did you give up?

You started off so well!

Your enthusiasm was high and you were doing great... what happened?


We are either growing or shrinking. When you stop growing you start shrinking.

You must continually feed the fire, increase the effort, make it new, it all stems from one thing:


Believe: I Can

Action: I Am

Result: I DID IT!

[21/10/2020, 4:40:23 AM] Mark Dickinson: Belief without actions is meaningless

[22/10/2020, 5:59:16 AM] Mark Dickinson: Thought attracts that upon which it is directed

[23/10/2020, 4:56:18 AM] Mark Dickinson: Pause ⏸️


Write a list of all your I can't sentences...

I can't do this.

I can't be that.

Now cross off the letter 't' from can't and what does it say?


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[24/10/2020, 4:12:29 AM] Mark Dickinson: You become like the people you spend the most time with.

Hang out with people who have done more than you, are smarter than you, and you will stretch upwards to become like them.

Beware of negative people.

Surround yourself with greatness

[25/10/2020, 4:05:42 AM] Mark Dickinson: Giving to others is the duty of our souls.

We can all give something to someone else, even if it be only a smile.

Sometimes the tiniest gestures create an eternal impact.

Find a way to give something to someone today... thank you for doing so 🙏

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[26/10/2020, 4:36:59 AM] Mark Dickinson: It's exciting to wake up at 5 a.m. for no other reason than you can.

When I first did it I was a bit lost as to what to do with all this time.

Start with a nice walk and then spend some time writing down your gratitude list. Follow that with some reading and before you realise it, you will find that you MUST get up early.

It becomes a habit.

Then it becomes a lifestyle.

Stick at it... it's worth it!

[27/10/2020, 4:12:16 AM] Mark Dickinson: Do you talk?

Or do you do?

You see, to attain great things one must do what one would ordinarily not do.

Success looks so easy from the outside, but the hard work and consistent effort that it takes are unseen.

Diligently work to attain your desired accomplishments without wavering. Resist distractions and build an amazing support network.

One day it will be you who we celebrate!

[28/10/2020, 4:12:51 AM] Mark Dickinson: Random acts of kindness change the world...

It's your turn!

Many heroes became so because someone did them a random act.

Lets change the world together starting now!

[29/10/2020, 5:30:04 AM] Mark Dickinson: Events happen.

It's what you do next that determines the quality and direction of your life.

React and you are helpless

Act and you are consciously determining what happens next.

Pause... Decide... Act!

[30/10/2020, 6:20:59 AM] Mark Dickinson: A result or outcome is just that: a result!

It is neither good nor bad. It is how we look at the results that make it so.

Separating ourselves from emotions related to results is a skill that takes time and awareness to master.

Once we grasp that a result is only an indicator of how a process worked we can then use the result to improve the response and get better at what we do.

[30/10/2020, 6:42:12 AM] Mark Dickinson: BTW: I am on Beirut time... still in the 5 a.m. club!

[31/10/2020, 6:57:28 AM] Mark Dickinson: The ability to listen is driven by subduing ones mind and exercising the knowledge that speaking is a choice.

Whatever has not been said is unlimited.

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