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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-1-2022 through 31-1-2022

01/01/2022 Happy New Year! Game on! 02/01/2022 The hardest thing about change is everything you do and everyone you know... coz they are not in your plan... they expect you to continue being the you they know, and any change you make challenges them to make a change, and they will resist this change. Homeostasis! This new you is going to have to fight off the old you to overcome. You will fall, but NEVER give up. Get up and rethink. You will never fail when you see every step as learning. In fact, you can only fail if you quit. 03/01/2022 Most people thought about having a great plan for 2022 But most people also got busy and didn't get around to doing it Most people have probably forgotten that they had an idea to create a plan... Here is your plan 1. Write gratitude every day - never miss 2. Move - walk/workout 3. Write I AM 4. Read every single day - start with at least 10 min 5. Give something/help someone - do it often 04/01/2022 Don't let the common thought that, "It's too late to create a plan" prevent you from doing it. Only a few go on to live their dreams Break free from what others think and build the plan of a lifetime 05/01/2022 It is not the merit in changing that we seek, but the transformation of ourselves to a higher understanding of life. 06/01/2022 You are the victim of over 4000 daily messages from advertisers... How can you have a clear mind against such competition? Focus, know what you want, deflect distractions... weigh up all purchase decisions with the 24 hour rule... wait a day before committing to that purchase. You will find peace in taking meditated decisions! 07/01/2022 Nothing is ever as important as it seems in the moment. Create a space and give it time and you will discover its true value 08/01/2022 Life is a beautiful thing. I don't mean in an abstract way, or even philosophically, but in a real and genuine way. Each day we wake up is a marvellous thing. Treasure your life Enjoy each day Don't get lost on unimportant small stuff. Here's to life! 09/01/2022 Enjoy this beautiful day as it is! Be grateful Be kind Be generous 10/01/2022 There is greatness within you. The noise around you distracts you and prevents you from concentrating on your dream. Make time for yourself each day to reaffirm your masterpiece and to work forward towards your greatest work ever What you can produce is exciting; beyond words! 11/01/2022 Wisdom is born of diligence. 12/01/2022 Getting started counts far more than talking about it 13/01/2022 Consistency of your message is your greatest asset! 14/01/2022 Wisdom is knowing before an event... Experience is learning from an event... Friendship is sharing this with others 15/01/2022 Nothing is either good or bad. It is our thinking that makes it so. 16/01/2022 Savour the moments with your friends and family. Make them rich and memorable for they are fleeting. 17/01/2022 Extraordinary results are the outcome of ordinary people committing to doing the 'extra' regardless of others' opinions 18/01/2022 Everything you are is the unique and beautiful combination of everything you have said, thought and experienced. Embrace every part of you to become the complete and most powerful version of you. The sum of it all is you in all your greatness and humanity. 19/01/2022 I wish for you to live your fulfilled life doing what you love. Make sure you know what that is. Write it down clearly. Then do whatever needs to be done to live it. 20/01/2022 Every time you smile and say please or thank you, you reveal your true beauty. 21/01/2022 Distractions are all around... crying for attention... Delete games, notifications and have a blank home screen, keep your phone on silent. Claim your time and your focus. Use your phone, don't let it use you! 22/01/2022 The outside may look good, but it's what's inside that really counts. 23/01/2022 It is not about starting... Anyone can start. It's about perseverance... Sticking at it, no matter what, until you finally achieve your dream! 24/01/2022 Power starts from within 25/01/2022 You must invest. The most important place to invest is in yourself. Invest in learning and personal growth, invest in your soul. To become more, you must know more! 26/01/2022 There are always more choices than what is immediately obvious. 27/01/2022 Take time to be still. 28/01/2022 How can you make a difference in someone's life today? When we concentrate on doing good to others it has a funny way of coming back to us... Do good, get good! 29/01/2022 Random Act of Kindness Day... Don't google it... I just made it up! Actually, every day is. Do a random act of kindness for someone who can never return the act to you! 30/01/2022 It takes only a small decision to effect massive change... Decide to do 1 thing each day that is good for you, abd do it everyday for the rest of your life... The transformation is immeasurable. The only way to experience it, is to do it! 31/01/2022 It's great to be alive. Start your day with gratitude! Smile often. Have an awesome day!

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