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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-09-2020 through 30-9-2020

[01/09/2020, 6:29:58 AM]

Do you ever get information overload? Feel overwhelmed?

Type virtually any question in a browser and you will see millions of answers. We are privileged to have access to more information than anyone ever before.

What does this mean?

Not everything you see is real!

Enjoy the variety and diversity, yet decide what you really want to see as an outcome in your own life and concentrate on establishing one thing that you can claim you have mastered, then add to that.

Over time you will attain self-mastery.

[02/09/2020, 4:21:57 AM]

Be at peace.

Listen a lot.

Speak your mind when someone is listening.

Remain silent when everyone talks.

Keep your balance and do not compromise your values, the moment will pass.

Your value is in staying true to yourself and what you believe and are convinced of in all circumstances, yet always willing to consider other possibilities.

[03/09/2020, 6:52:39 AM]

Gratitude is the ultimate expression of a person's soul.

When you recognize all your blessings, gratitude is an overflow of your inner joy and thankfulness.

Inadequacy and insecurity are born from the messaging around you. Concentrate on what you do not have and you will experience emptiness and feel unfulfilled.

Take the time to recognize all that is good in you, all that you already have, and you will bubble with excitement.

Share what you are grateful for with someone else and your gratitude multiplies.

TODAY talk to one person about what you are thankful for.

You will change two lives at the same time!

Yours and theirs!

[04/09/2020, 6:28:14 AM]

A day of prayer and fasting for Lebanon.

One month ago the blast tore through Beirut.

Please join in praying and fasting for healing in this nation.

Thank you

[05/09/2020, 6:39:42 AM]


Goodness in,

Goodness out.

You can only bring out what is inside... make sure you fill up yourself with goodness!

[06/09/2020, 4:34:16 AM]

Concentrated effort over time produces outstanding results.

Your mastery lies within your decision to continue to persevere no matter the challenges.

Stay focused

Increase effort

Learn more



[07/09/2020, 5:38:07 AM]

Make it special.

Today will come only once.

Give it all you've got. Smile to people, listen when others speak, use please and thank you a lot.

Be the light!

Make the difference.

Have a wonderful day! ❤️

[08/09/2020, 6:40:44 AM]

The law of growth:

What you plant is what will grow.

What are you planting?

[09/09/2020, 7:43:52 AM]

The law of distraction:

Small, unimportant things will creep in and dilute your passions, weaken your resolve and chain you to your comfort zone.

Do not try. DO!

[10/09/2020, 6:31:00 AM]

The Dream Code:

Take time to write your dreams down... do it in detail.

Meditate on your dreams and add outrageous ideas.

Take every opportunity as soon as they arise, jump in to life, and you will make your dreams come to life...

Every reality starts as a thought!

[11/09/2020, 6:53:00 AM]

Inner peace comes with patient perseverance

Adding gratitude each day eventually purifies the soul and brings enduring calm and the confidence of knowing that everything will always work out

Add gratitude each day, never skip... reap the rewards

Have an amazing day ❤️

[12/09/2020, 6:42:07 AM]

365 days of messages.


A million thanks!

Today is a day of celebration. One year ago I was encouraged by my friend Elie Beiaini to share my morning thoughts with you, and so began Mark's Motivation.

My daily thought has now reached over 250,000 views, and I never missed a single day. I try to share my life journey as it unfolds in the hopes that it will help you as you go along your journey.

Thank you to all of you for reading and sharing.

Do we continue?

Let me know what you think...

There is a complete history of all 365 posts on my blog at:


It all begins with a thought and materialises through consistent action!

Start your idea today.

Love to you all.

Here's to the next 365!

Thank you!

[13/09/2020, 6:38:30 AM]

What have you always wanted to do, but never done?

Play the piano?

Sing well?

Speak a new language?

Swim with confidence?

Take a decision today that you will start, and then take an action today consistent with your desired outcome.