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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-08-2020 through 31-08-2020


[08:16, 01/08/2020]

Good morning!

Today I went for my walk before sharing my thought.

I want you to know that you can experience amazing things in your life no matter what is going on in the world. When you concentrate on learning and growing and loving, your life elevates and you become a better person, a better version of you. You shine.

I am grateful to everyone who has helped me to discover this and I want to share it with everyone.

There is a formula that works but there is no quick fix. It is tiny steps every day towards your goal that will eventually create massive change.

Starting is the key.

[05:13, 02/08/2020]

Emotions are great, but they won't get you far.

Convictions will always see you through.

[05:53, 03/08/2020]

Talking is easy. Everyone can say whatever comes into their heads.

Doing is good.

Doing good is better.

Completing good things is best.

[05:58, 04/08/2020]

New opportunities will come, but to take them you will have to let go of what you are already holding.

Fear of letting go stops many from taking hold of something greater!

[04:27, 05/08/2020]

Now is the time to love unconditionally.

[05:18, 06/08/2020]

In everything you do, do it well. Pour yourself into it and give it your best.

Give it your personal signature.

Not because of others but because you have the quiet knowledge that you did whatever you could to make a difference.

[05:20, 07/08/2020]

PRAY FOR LEBANON Please join in a moment of prayer for Lebanon.

Today at 12 noon stop whatever you are doing and pray for the needs of this nation.

Let wisdom and kindness prevail.

All of us praying together makes a difference.

Thank you 🙏

[10:56, 07/08/2020]


Please, I ask, if you can, stop what you are doing for a few moments right now, and join in praying for peace and the healing of the nation of Lebanon.

Prayers make a difference.

Thank you

[04:43, 08/08/2020]

Do everything you can to make the world a better place

Start by serving those who are around you. If each one helps one, the whole world will be changed!

Be the one

[06:26, 09/08/2020]

Hugs are special.

They communicate more deeply than words. Find a way to give a hug to the people you care about the most.

Hugging is a high level of giving!

[06:10, 10/08/2020]

Our family is the greatest gift in life.

Every investment multiplies.

It reveals our weaknesses and provides a background against which we can grow and change.

The more you put love in, the more you will be loved.

The immutable law of life is, Whatever seed you plant, is what will grow.

What seeds are you planting?

Do good, get good.

Give love, get love.

[07:38, 11/08/2020]

Connect with people on things that really matter.

Ask amazing questions that are all about their life and then listen.


Stop Talking And Listen.

The outcome will pleasantly surprise you!

Try it!

[06:23, 12/08/2020]

I encourage you to treasure your time with people you love, right now.

Make sure that you are at peace with everyone.

We are often so busy preparing for the next step, that we neglect living fully this day that we are given.

Have an amazing day!

[05:37, 13/08/2020]

When was your last tech-free hour?

When you concentrate, you increase your ability to get a task done.

By eliminating noise, such as reminders, news, social media updates and the like, and by spending time without a mobile phone, you will begin to hear new thoughts and listen to your inner voice.

Set aside an hour a day to be consciously tech-free and rediscover the magical creativity of your natural mind.

[05:32, 14/08/2020]

Listen to your inner voice.

You can only hear it when you are still.

[06:42, 15/08/2020]

There are always many voices in our heads telling us to do this and do that.

When you practice sitting quietly you will be able to unscramble all the noise and hear the one true voice within. The more you practice listening the easier it becomes to hear.

Take some time to listen!

[09:21, 16/08/2020]

Its that time again....

Thankful time.

Its always thankful time.

Grab a note pad and make a list of everything you are thankful for...

Mine starts with YOU!

[06:10, 17/08/2020]

Some view getting help as weakness.

The truth is, not getting help is a fatal character flaw. When champions win its because they have surrounded themselves with people who cause them to reach further, with peolle who support them, contributing value and expertise so that the champion can rise.

Every championship is a team effort.

It takes wisdom and humility to recognize the need for help, and the grace of others to provide it.

Make sure you are doing both!

Giving help and getting help to become the greatest version of you... The Champion in you awaits!

[07:42, 18/08/2020]

No one can know your challenges.

No one can understand your pain.

No one can experience your joys.

It is a mystery of life that no matter how close we may be to others, all our emotions are ours alone.

What we can do is build meaningful relationships that provide support in the hard times, comfort in the difficult times and encouragement and partnership in the up times.

The power of great relationships is that when you commit to them 100%, they will give you more than you ever dreamed of.

[08:08, 19/08/2020]

Stay focused.

Keep your eye on your desired outcome.

There are detours and unexpected challenges in every undertaking.

It is in the overcoming that your story becomes interesting.

Those who give up have no story to tell!

Keep at it...

[07:23, 20/08/2020]

Happiness is found in moments along the way, it isn't the final destination.

Enjoy these times with great contentment and you will have found life's true treasure.

[04:59, 21/08/2020]

Make every effort to make a positive difference to someone's life.

[05:11, 22/08/2020]

Don't try to fix the past.

You can't!

Create a new you who learned from the past...

[09:26, 23/08/2020]

Remember to rest.

[04:08, 24/08/2020]

If we consider that our life is the most important gift that we have, then why is it that we spend so little of our time working on making it the best life possible?

Every minute wasted on unimportant things such as TV, social media, games, news and so on, is a minute we can never reclaim.

Today, make time to assess the value of your life and decide to use your time accordingly!

[05:16, 25/08/2020]

Are you growing?

If not, its probably because you have settled in your comfort zone.

To do something new you have to do something different.

New always feels uncomfortable or unusual, it is in this space that we experience growth.

Growth leads to unpredictable outcomes, try something new and feel the shift.

The more frequently you try the easier it becomes

[07:12, 26/08/2020]

To do today:

Select a random person that you do not know and praise them for doing a great job!

Please share the outcome

[05:47, 27/08/2020]

Did you do yesterday's exercise?

I did... and to be honest with you, it transformed me.

I praised six random people that I have never met before and three that I had met before.

I loved what happened.

The outcome in every single case was smiles and a warm feeling between me and them

Today I want to challenge you...

Do yesterday's challenge again... this time, really do it!

Praise some random person for doing a great job.

Practice makes mastery!

[08:29, 28/08/2020]

Steel is forged in fire.

Gold is purified in fire.

To become a person of value you must go through fire...

The fire will burn away all the impurities.

To victoriously endure the fire you must prepare yourself by establishing unshakable behaviors that will carry you through.

These behaviors need daily commitment. Start with gratitude as your first pillar and grow from there. Always start every day by writing down what you are thankful for. Begin simply and build...

When the fire comes, and come it will, you will be ready.

[05:04, 29/08/2020]

Quitting is easy.

Giving up takes no effort.

All you have to do to quit is nothing.

Then you will get nothing.

Nothing will change.


Modify, reevaluate, refocus and go at it again.

The only nothing you will ever say is:


[06:01, 30/08/2020]

Measure twice.

Cut once.

[06:17, 31/08/2020]

Ask "why?"

Don't do things because they look cool...

Don't do things because someone else told you to

Dig deep and ask yourself "Why?"

If the answer is good, go ahead, if not, do something else.

There's never any reason to do stuff just because everyone else is. In fact that's probably why you shouldn't do it!

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