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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-07-2022 through 31-7-2022

[5:42 pm, 01/07/2022] Mark: Experiences are the consequences of your decisions.

You must take decisions consistent with your desired outcome to enjoy the life of your choosing.

[3:15 pm, 02/07/2022] Mark: 10 years from today...

Where are you?

What are you doing?

Get a vision for where you want your life to be... then live it!

[10:35 am, 03/07/2022] Mark: Make sure to spend time alone every day for personal reflection and gratitude.

[11:25 am, 04/07/2022] Mark: Challenges will always come.

Being consistently grateful is an anchor that will help you to weather the storm

[11:51 am, 05/07/2022] Mark: Take a break...

One day off...

No work

No phone

Just focus on quality family time!

[5:53 pm, 06/07/2022] Mark: The secret to real transformation begins with the decision to focus.

[10:39 am, 07/07/2022] Mark: To complete transformation from one state to another you must get the right help.

There are 5 key areas where you should enlist others with more experience than you...






Who is in your list?

You become like those you spend the most time with!

[8:58 am, 08/07/2022] Mark: There's no point in wondering why people don't love what they do if you don't start by loving them!

[0:24 am, 10/07/2022] Mark: Consistency is so incredibly important, and the only way to ever understand is to be consistent.

Pick something you love doing... start and do it over and over and you will discover its meaning.

[5:17 pm, 10/07/2022] Mark: Consider how you may be kind to someone who cannot return your kindness.

[8:00 pm, 10/07/2022] Mark: Love wins!

Love always wins.

Every day and twice on Sundays ❤️

[5:31 am, 11/07/2022] Mark: We are capable of far more than we think... we must first capture in our minds what we want and then focus all our efforts in that direction.

[5:31 am, 12/07/2022] Mark: As our dreams become realized it is easy to forget that they were once just a dream, a hope, an idea...

It is essential to celebrate our successes, to meaningfully reward our own achievements, so as to teach our brain the joy of success and thereafter to strive for even greater dreams.

[7:58 am, 13/07/2022] Mark: Doing what you said you would do when you said you would builds trust and reinforces great relationships.

[3:44 pm, 14/07/2022] Mark: When faced with a challenge... stop and think!

There is always another way.

[7:01 am, 15/07/2022] Mark: Have the courage to speak up.

Say what should be said.

Be bold and fearless!

[2:18 pm, 16/07/2022] Mark: Treasure your family...

[0:31 pm, 17/07/2022] Mark: Great friendships are grown through care, love and kindness. Like a tree they bear fruit over time.

[5:32 pm, 18/07/2022] Mark: It's not enough to dream... once you've figured out your dream, then you have to play all out... 100%... give it everything you've got...

[10:13 am, 19/07/2022] Mark: The challenge of completing a goal is nevers so sweet as in the last moments before it happens... you can see all the pieces coming together and you can feel the excitement of completion at hand...

All this because you never quit!

[11:16 am, 19/07/2022] Mark: Shared by a friend from The Everyday Hero Manifesto... Love it!

[0:18 pm, 20/07/2022] Mark: Sometimes when you are winning, something will come along to interrupt your flow...

You feel it is unfair, or it is spoiling the victory that tasted so sweet...

It is neither unfair, nor spoiling anything.... It's a new test that you have to handle because you are now stronger, wiser, better and more experienced than you were before, and now you are ready for this new challenge.

The old victories must fade away to make space for new triumphs!

[4:18 pm, 21/07/2022] Mark: No matter how far you have come, there are more journeys ahead.

So stop, take a moment and enjoy the view...

You've earned it

[1:53 pm, 22/07/2022] Mark: No one needs a self-improvement program!

Each person is uniquely individual and displays their spirit and character.

We only need the confidence to reveal who we truly are and discover who we can become

[11:03 am, 23/07/2022] Mark: You've got to know what you want out of your life.

Like, you have to have it written down somewhere you can refer to it.

You must then start taking actions consistent with what you want.

Dreams and visions are great, but unless you start doing the hard work, that's all they are, dreams and visions.

Take charge of what you want

Work for it, manage it, calculate it, negotiate if necessary, stay focused on what you want.

When you take responsibility for what you want, you get it.

[0:53 pm, 24/07/2022] Mark: If you don't play,

you can't win!

So get in the game...

Full power...

Total commitment.

Let's gooooooooo!

[5:56 pm, 25/07/2022] Mark: Mistakes and disappointment are a great teacher if you allow them.

Learn, grow and improve

[3:40 pm, 26/07/2022] Mark: There's a positive and a negative in everything...

It all depends upon your perspective as to what you will see.

Remember: you can change your perspective!

[1:14 pm, 27/07/2022] Mark: The longer you are willing to think about a complex issue, the more you will gain clarity on how to proceed.

Thinking - not postponing!

Write it all down,

Propose different outcomes.

Write your most desired outcome...


[0:14 pm, 28/07/2022] Mark: If you think you are going to do something amazing and it's going to be easy, watch out!

Struggles never feel good at the time... but they are at the core of all great legends...

Get ready!

[5:17 pm, 28/07/2022] Mark: Obsession leads to exceptional results...


Not everyone is obsessed!

[8:58 am, 29/07/2022] Mark: Stay obsessed...

Even if no one else understands.

[5:35 pm, 29/07/2022] Mark: A friend in the group shared this... I thought you may like it

[0:36 pm, 30/07/2022] Mark: Doing is way better than talking!

[7:02 am, 31/07/2022] Mark: Kindness begins with me!

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