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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-07-2020 through 31-07-2020

[05:06, 01/07/2020] When you move your focus from competition to contribution life becomes a celebration

[05:33, 02/07/2020]

Are you feeling maxed out?

There are only so many things that you can do and do well before you need to get others on board to help.

You can increase your effectiveness by reflecting on what you have to do and stopping doing things that steal time with no return.

Break down everything you did throughout your day, hour by hour and then eliminate the things that burn time.

Focus on doing 3 important tasks each day and you will get a lot more done!

[04:51, 03/07/2020]

Good rituals increase your power and enhance your growth.

Some call them habits.

Create important rituals and you will stand firm through all challenges with confidence.

You already have rituals/habits in your life... but are they ones you created that are empowering you? Or are they negative ones that you have fallen into?

Determine who you want to be, then write down the rituals/habits that would get you there.

Now do them!

[05:14, 04/07/2020]

Creating your rituals is fun.

You alone get to decide what they will be.

You can change them too.

These habits must elevate and inspire, not enslave you.

Any ritual that does not create growth is not worth it!

[18:12, 04/07/2020]

Here it is!

This week's podcast... enjoy

[04:30, 05/07/2020]

How to create a ritual:

1. Decide what you want your life to be about

2. Develop your WHY?

3. Figure out what small habit would help you get there

4. Do it every day. Always. Never skip.

Now you have a ritual!

Start with one. By time you can add a second, then more...

Think frequently about what you want to attain.

[05:41, 06/07/2020]

Your rituals are essential to producing outstanding results.

When you grow your habits into ingrained patterns that you automatically engage in then you have a ritual. It gains significance because you have consciously created it, and subconsciously do it.

Habits form quickly, 20 days+ will get you going. Rituals take time, self-control and perseverance. If they are well chosen they will evoke outstanding life actions and noteworthy results.

[07:43, 07/07/2020]

What are your rituals? Your institutionalized habits that contribute to your sense of balance and purpose?

Here are some of mine:

Sleep early - wake early

Daily gratitude list

Daily I AM list

Daily 3 things I must do

Walk every day

Daily life checklist

I would be interested to hear about yours. Please share 🙏

[04:20, 08/07/2020]

Thank you to everyone who shared their personal rituals.

Slow things down and enjoy them. Be present in the now.

Its as if there is an undeclared race to be first in everything. There is not. You will not become CEO if you scan 50 books a year, you will become more valuable when you care enough about yourself to grow you into being a better version of you.

Then when you become better, do it all over again!

[06:21, 09/07/2020]

What would you consider to be your most important ritual?

Mine is my daily gratitude list. Every day when I get back from walking I sit down and write everything I am grateful for. It is a cleansing reset for the soul, reminding you of all that is good in your life. It fills you with goodness and certainty

If you are looking for a ritual to start out with, then this would be it!

[06:49, 10/07/2020]

Whenever you feel tempted to quit, remember that it is your ritual that will work as an anchor to keep you on track.

If you establish these good patterns in your life when you you are feeling positive and focused, when hard times come you will be able to ride through based upon the strength of your rituals. They will carry you through to the next positive cycle.

Always remember, you will improve the quality of your life by having anchors established as they reduce the depths of your downs and regulate the extent of your highs.

Let me know if you need help figuring out yours... happy to help!

[19:37, 10/07/2020]

[05:06, 11/07/2020] Mark Dickinson: Your dream becomes your reality when you work at it with all your heart.

Otherwise its called a daydream!

[06:18, 12/07/2020]

The magic in your dreams only happens when YOU believe in them.

Talking about your dreams is one thing, but living with the expectation that they WILL happen is an entirely different matter.

The challenge in life is to live with the firm belief that your dreams are going to happen for you because they are meant to. When you are convinced, then they happen.

[05:58, 13/07/2020]

When everything seems to be going wrong and falling apart, remember, it is the very adversity that you are facing that will make the final outcome all the more sweet

When its tough is the time where you need to simplify, eliminate the unnecessary and concentrate on your dream and make every effort to take another step in the right direction.

Giving up is not an option!

[04:54, 14/07/2020]

Work at your dream with all your heart.


Refresh your dream daily and you will eventually live it.

[07:36, 15/07/2020]

Never ever quit.

[06:30, 16/07/2020]

I appreciate all of you who take this daily journey with me. You see, it is as though you are walking beside me as I wrestle to create my greatest version of me.

Each time you share your thoughts, I grow too.

Thank you for coming along. I encourage you to do the same with your amazing journey too!

Never underestimate the power of your ability to inspire others...

Start sharing today!

[06:14, 17/07/2020]

It takes more effort than you think to attain your dreams.

First you must have a clear vision of what you want to attain.

Secondly, and more importantly, a powerful why.

Then you'll need an unstoppable conviction that says, "no matter what" this will be done.

[14:49, 17/07/2020]

Tell me if you can figure out why I am sharing this clip with ya'll...


[17:25, 17/07/2020]

[04:58, 18/07/2020] Mark Dickinson: You become like the people that you spend the most time with...

Choose to spend time with those who sharpen you, inspire you, and who cause you to become a better version of yourself

[05:14, 19/07/2020]

The power of your friendships is going to determine the quality of your life.

Make a list of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Now evaluate - do these relationships cause me to grow? Are they empowering?

Thought: You become like the people you spend your time with.

[06:34, 20/07/2020]

I am thankful for each of you, my friends!

Your presence in my life is a specialness that words cannot express. You add richness and beauty. There is a sweetness in knowing you.

It has been famously said, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

I am who I am because of all of you!

Thank you. ❤️

[04:30, 21/07/2020]

Friends make life richer. It is not a passive process... think hard about your dreams and desired accomplishments and think about what kind of people would help you the most on your journey.

You get to choose who shares your path so carefully create relationships that are going to mutually reward and work hard at nurturing powerful positive deep, honest friends that will share your journey

[05:40, 22/07/2020]

Great friendships need 2 things

1. Time

2. Understanding

Over time we create a friendship and through understanding we keep it alive. The lower the ego the deeper the friendship becomes.

A great friend is an oasis where one comes for refreshment, and where one provides the same.

[06:36, 23/07/2020]

When you find someone who will stand beside you, listen to you without interrupting, call you out of the blue and who's shoulder you can cry on, who will speak the truth you need to hear without judging you, then you have found a friend.

Stick with them and they will stick with you till the end of life's journey.

[07:29, 24/07/2020]


Make a list of 3 people in your life who were very close friends at some point and who are now far away, and reach out to them and renew your friendship today.

[04:59, 25/07/2020]

Being thankful every morning is an incredible way to grow as a person. The more that you concentrate on the goodness that is already in your life, the more you will experience good things.

Take time to write down the things that you are thankful for each morning and never skip a day... you will love the outcome!

[06:16, 26/07/2020]

To overcome challenges we need strength. Sometimes it feels like everything is against us and no matter what we do we are not making progress. This is the time when we either learn perseverance or we give up.

Keep on being grateful, especially at these difficult times and you will find that your attitude will adjust and you will overcome, for even in the most challenging circumstances there are things to be thankful for. Be in the habit of writing diwn your gratitude every single day.

[07:44, 27/07/2020]

A lot of people get excited about achieving a goal when they are inspired. They see a movie or attend an event or read something that makes them believe they can do something great,

only to find that a few days later they have given up on it.

During your moments of inspiration you must write down your desired outcome.

Then you must concentrate on it every day for a periid of time. Each day you must move it forward with an action, no matter how small, and amplify why you are doing it.

Soon enough it will happen.

Try it and you will see!

[06:51, 28/07/2020]

The real reason many people find it difficult to make the changes that they want to see is because they live in their comfort zone.

All our growth must be outside our current competency, it means that we are forced to get uncomfortable in order to experience the new we so much desire, and a lot of people don't get that.

By doing different you get different.

[09:35, 28/07/2020]

[07:18, 29/07/2020]

Sometimes it takes sheer determination to push through.

You try everything. Nothing seems to be working, and that is the moment you give up.

Victory is shy. It will not give you any indication of when it is going to happen. It might me in the next few hours, it may be far away, if you give up you will never know.

Keep pushing. Even when things seem tough and you will be surprised by victory.

And victory will be all the more sweet!

[06:24, 30/07/2020]


To make any change and sustain it, you must be clear about why you want it. When your why is clear and compelling, your actions make sense.

If you're struggling with change, stop and reevaluate your 'why'.

[06:23, 31/07/2020]

Waking up early and walking is a way to have time alone each day to clear your mind before the day starts.

Its been almost a year I did not miss a day.. and the impact is amazing. Start with a commitment to a few minutes and build it up

[17:58, 31/07/2020]

Here we go! A new podcast episode... Enjoy

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