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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-05-2020 through 31-05-2020

[05:11, 01/05/2020]

Don't care about whether you you are great...

Don't try to be perfect.

We are what we are becoming, not what we were!

Care that you are good, Care that you do good...

And you will become perfectly great.

[04:26, 02/05/2020]

I am working it out... one day at a time.

If I didn't get it right today, so I now know better what to work on tomorrow...

Each day added to the next becomes consistency, and that brings real, lasting change.

[04:47, 03/05/2020]

Good morning 5'am ers.

The 5 a.m. club is exclusive to those who sleep early and rise at 5.

There is a specialness about being awake and active before everyone else, and there is the reward of mastering yourself in the peace and tranquility that comes before sunrise.

Rise early

Rise to your greatness!

Have an amazing day.

[06:17, 04/05/2020]

It really is all about gratitude.

The more grateful i am the easier it is to overcome obstacles.

Get a paper and write down everything you are grateful for.

Have an awesome day!

[05:13, 05/05/2020]

The sunrise always inspires me...

It's a new dawn, it's a new day... and i'm feeling good!

A chance to make a fresh start... write a new chapter in my life... i feel excited for i know not what this day holds in store...

One thing's for certain... it's going to be great!

Give it 100%

[06:17, 06/05/2020]

The story I tell myself is the one that decides my life.

Be bold and take a moment to have an exciting thought...

We become what we think about, so what you thought is what you are.

It is exciting to know that if you change what you think about you will change who you are!

Wow... now fill in the blank:

I am....

[05:01, 07/05/2020]

25 years from today what will you be doing?

Start by getting clarity about who you will be and what your life will be like (it is usseful to write this down).

Once it is clear, then work backwards to today and it will be obvious what you need to focus on right now.

This is a powerful way to overcome the urgency of the things going on around you today

Let me know if you would like help with this. It's really fun and liberating!

[08:13, 08/05/2020]

Whatever was the right solution before, does not necessarily continue to be the right solution now.

When you shift your focus, then you must shift your strategy.

Take time to ensure that you are not trying to get to somewhere you've never been using the map and tools that brought you to where you are now!

[06:31, 09/05/2020]

Be nice!

[07:10, 10/05/2020]

Be nice!

It sounds so simple and yet it is so difficult.

When we meet a situation where someone else interrupts our flow, our ego begins to rise and we forget to be nice...

Just be nice and see what happens...

[04:19, 11/05/2020]

Being nice is a conscious act...

we decide...

we choose...

For some the concept of being nice is too simple, or perhaps a little old fashioned...

Until we are on the receiving end of someone being nice to us, and then its wonderful.

[05:20, 12/05/2020]

Guess what this week is all about?

Be nice!

Well, if you've ever come across an amazing idea and thought, I really must do that, only to forget about it later on, you are not alone.

Great ideas need to be followed up with practice.

And cemented with repetition.

Today go out of your way to be nice to someone who could never pay you back!

Please share your experiences...

[05:23, 13/05/2020]

Being nice to others costs nothing and yet makes someone's day.

Try it!

[04:49, 14/05/2020]

How many of you tried to be nice this week?

One of the things I've noticed is that the moment I am nice, everything around ne changes for the better.

You increase your value, you become more likeable... you become the obvious choice!

Try again and measure the response.

Let me know how it goes. Have a great day.

[06:37, 15/05/2020]


[04:55, 16/05/2020]

Focus - What is it that you want to see happen in your life? Where do you really want to go? Most people are so busy going or doing that they forget to figure out where it is they want to go

[05:58, 17/05/2020]

You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want

[10:07, 17/05/2020]

Hi there everyone. I have launched a podcast called Edge of Greatness that goes along with the daily motivation.

I hope that you can find the time to go over there and listen. I will be sharing a new podcast every week, related to the topic of the week.

Let me know your thoughts!

Have an amazing day

[06:44, 18/05/2020]

The absolute meaning of focus is to concentrate on a particular thing or a particular point to the exclusion of all else. You cannot focus on everything at once. You can only focus on one thing. Choose well!

[06:16, 19/05/2020]

Focus is the power to cut out all the noise and look really deeply into one thing. Take something apart and examine all the pieces. There is an old saying that says, "if it isn't broken, don't fix it", I would like to suggest that you find things that work really well, then take them apart and understand what makes them work really well. This is focus

[05:21, 20/05/2020]

When did you make a list of all things that you would really love to accomplish in life? You know, your bucket list? Write them all down and then pick one. Just one. Focus on it and keep on with it until you complete it. You will be amazed at the results. You will achieve it because you focused on it.

[04:42, 21/05/2020]

This week's theme has been all about focus. I hope that you were able to find a way forward with something that is important to you.

Remember: You can only focus on one thing at a time!