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Mark's Motivation - Daily Thought - 01-03-2020 through 31-3-2020

[05:49, 01/03/2020]

Good morning As you start your day, give yourself a rating for the overall quality of your life.. say 1 to 10, If it's a true ten, go and celebrate, then raise the expectations. If less than 10, decide now, here's what I need to do today to get me there. Every person can be a 10 Let's do this!

[06:49, 01/03/2020]

Lebanon at sunrise... 5 am'ers, this is what you get to enjoy!

[07:51, 02/03/2020]

Dream an amazing dream of how great your life can be... then do everything to make it happen [11:29, 03/03/2020]

Greatness lies in your ability to keep yourself focused... Create an intensely clear picture of what you want by writing it down and concentrate your efforts on making it happen [05:12, 04/03/2020]

Smile!. Its a beautiful day.

[07:14, 05/03/2020]

Habits are subconscious behaviours. What we want to create in ourselves are consciously chosen decisions to be powerful contributors to this world... Write down 3 goals for today and do them!

[02:46, 06/03/2020]

Good morning! I am up and I am on it! This is my day! My day to do great things. The past is just that... past. I own this day. I make this the best day of my life and I will do great things...

[02:48, 06/03/2020]

I never give up. I focus and I make my dreams. Then I make my dreams happen. This is it! It does not get better than this.. Do it!

[05:58, 07/03/2020]

Read through your goals..

Make time to sit and think for 5 minutes with the music playing When you are done write down what you thought about

[03:14, 08/03/2020]

Give 100%... Don't hold back. This is your day. Make it count... go all the way! Be awesome!

[03:48, 09/03/2020]

Greatness lies within me. [06:11, 10/03/2020]

I love the simplicity of how life works... I wrote down a desired accomplishment last October... I then wrote it down every single day from that day till yesterday. I thought about it all the time, I talked about it. I focused on it. Yesterday I achieved my desired accomplishment! It inspires me to dream even more... bigger dreams... AND it underlines the FACT that when you focus, and make something part of your daily desires, it will happen! Align yourself with what you want and it IS going to happen. Dream big!

[03:15, 11/03/2020]

Practice makes mastery

[06:16, 12/03/2020]

When you see change happening, stay focused. Concentrate on your goals. Take nothing for granted and commit yourself even more... for it is now that your ego can tell you that you have made it and you are doing fine. Refocus Review Revise And goooooooo!

[05:18, 13/03/2020]

It is in the darkness that a light shines brightest... Be a wonderful light! [09:14, 14/03/2020]

[04:19, 15/03/2020]

Good morning! Write down 2 ways you can be the difference for someone else. Encourage, help, inspire, assist... Be specific Now go and do it today! Tell me what you did and how it made you feel I am proud of you and I love you. You changed the world for the better! [03:43, 16/03/2020]

Personal reflection is good, but radical action is better. Now is the time for leaders to lead. Lead by example: Inspire others and concentrate on growing. Be the source. [07:27, 17/03/2020]

Strengthen your rituals and maintain your focus on your desired accomplishments. No matter what is going on around you, make it serve your purpose.

[04:54, 19/03/2020]

You have the power to make someone's day. Do a secret act of kindness for someone. Have a wonderful day! ❤ [06:25, 20/03/2020]

Everything in life happens for a reason. It all depends upon how you look at it When you change the way you look at things you change the way they look... Say not: "I can't", for this will become your truth. Say I CAN!

[03:09, 21/03/2020]

Happy Mother's Day! Show some love to Mom, everyone. [04:21, 22/03/2020]

Gratitude creates happiness. Express your gratitude to 3 people today by thanking them. People who feel good do good!

[04:57, 23/03/2020]

Intensity... Raise your level of focus. What do you want to see happen in your life? Write a clear and compelling description in the present tense of what you want, and rewrite it every day. It will become your reality. [04:45, 24/03/2020]

Be the example! Lead with conviction. Show others what to do, then help them to do it. [07:56, 25/03/2020]

How may I help you? What would be useful to you at this time? I can shoot videos on specific topics, I can share articles, I can go live and take questions... Tell me how I may serve you best at this time... AND... ask your connections the same question! How can you serve them? Let's spread greatness and positivity

[03:16, 26/03/2020]

What is your secret to getting stronger right now? Remember: You are the most important person to take care of right now. Be clear minded. This phase will end... we must be in our most powerful state to go forward. If you strengthen now you will always think of how you were able to lead others through uncertainty. Be your greatest version of you today. Reach out to your own network and inspire your circle of influence to be positive. Let your heart guide you. If you dont know what to say, share this message... Do something positive NOW. I love you! Mark

[06:44, 27/03/2020]

Build. Use this time to build. Build relationships Build knowledge Build skills What are you going to build? Share below your projects... [06:34, 28/03/2020]

Share love. It's the need of the hour. Perfect love drives out fear. In every interaction just BE NICE!

[08:35, 29/03/2020]

POSITIVE GOOD NEWS We need to generate an overwhelming amount of good news. Today I ask you you to share something positive on your social media and tag a friend. #icanchangetheworld

[14:17, 29/03/2020]

[06:39, 30/03/2020]

#icanchangetheworld Come on people! YOU CAN!

[06:23, 31/03/2020]

#icanchangetheworld My friends, Please dont just view... now is the greatest time ever to share positivity with one another. Share gratitude. Share amazing stories. Share your heart... Inspire everyone to believe in better... Remember: #icanchangetheworld Just start!

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