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Magic Tricks - Adding magic to the show

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

The three step trick..

Get a person to pick a card, you don't see the card, they show the card to their friends and place it on the pack of cards on the table. You cover the card and cut the pack.

Then you tell them that you can read their body language and you will know when their card has appeared. You turn up the cards and even their card and you keep on going.. then you say, the next card is yours... you make a bet and reveal their card... you win the bet

Then you put the card back in the pack, mix the cards and cut the deck into four and put the stacks on top of each other and then finally you reveal their card again on the top of the pack

The third step is to put the cards back in the box... then you tap on the box and their card flies out of the box.

Mix the cards - let them mix the cards. Then take the pack and show the top card to the audicence. Then flip it over and put the top card in the middle of the pack. Then you start to riffle through the pack and ask them to tell you when to stop, whenever they tell you to stop you will reveal their card

21 card game

select just 21 cards... let the audience pick a card... then you lay out hte cards in three piles and ask them to choose the pile their card is in.. you do this 3 times to be sure which is their card... then on the 4th time you reveal their card

What is your favorite card... find the card and put it on the top of the pack... then you riffle the pack and tell them to tell you to stop... wherever they tell you to stop will be their card

9 Royals mix

choose either spade or heart, club & diamond... mix the 3 cards in each suite and lay them in 3 piles... let them cut teh pack 3 times... after that pick up the cards and divide them into 2 piles... then count C L U B and place that card, Then SPADE OR HEART which ever one you chose and finally DIAMOND and put that card down... then do it again and then just put the last 3 cards on top of the piles and the cards will be back in their families

Dai Vernon Magician

Dai Vernon, a.k.a. The Professor, was a Canadian magician. His expert sleight of hand technique and extensive knowledge, particularly with card tricks and close-up magic, garnered him respect among fellow magicians. Wikipedia

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