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In Tough Times, Training Is The Key To Success

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

There’s a lion on the street! Or so they say. Business is down, the market is tough and everyone is struggling. Do you take precautions and wait for the crisis to pass or run outside with a smartphone camera, take a picture or a video of the lion and make sure your brand appears in the shot? Mark Dickinson of DONE! Hospitality Training Solutions shows us how to detect an opportunity and dare to be different. When people believe the market is struggling, how do they behave? They put their heads down and focus on saving money. Let’s think about this for a moment. If you put your head down what do you see? You see the ground. If you focus on saving money, what happens? You think about a shortage of money. Where is your focus? On the lack. What happens? You get exactly what you focus on – a lack. What do you need to do to help you make it through those tough times? Obtain new skills, better preparedness and better employees. More skilled people. Train How do we get ourselves better prepared? We train. We train ourselves. We train our minds. We maker extreme personal efforts to be our very best. We wake up earlier and take the time to think about everything that we are thankful for. We prepare our minds for the day ahead. We write out our goals every single day. Right about now, I have probably lost most of my readers. And why’s that you may ask? Because they are not willing to do the hard work. The hard work is preparing yourself. Making you better. Challenges will always present themselves, so long as we are alive. What will guarantee that you overcome those challenges is your commitment to being a better person. If you work harder on yourself than on your work, you will be that person that will make the difference. The only way to do that is to get trained. Training of your mind. Start every single day by writing out your gratitude list and writing down three simple goals for the day. Then write out your big goals. The ones for the next six months. And finally, write down your huge scary goals for a year away, and one for five years from now. Then work out. Physically. Even if you do just 10 push-ups, work out one way or another. It can be something very simple and small, but do it. It prepares your mind. Now you are ready for the challenges. Invest Invest in your people. Show them how to become the best that they can be. Train them. Bring in skilled people to train them. Use all your time and effort to make your people be the very best that they can be. Do not wait for someone else to come along and do it. You do it. That is why you are here. You are the person that makes the difference. You inspire others. As for tackling the challenges, lead the way. Guide your people toward finding the solutions. Show them the way. Lift them up. Carry them when they need it. Encourage them. Be kind to them. Get them to show you how much they can do to help you fight through the challenges. Make the Challenge a Shared One Don’t keep it for yourself. Ask your team how they can help you overcome the challenge. Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Invest in your people. Get them to be great. Help them to grow. Get them excited about overcoming this challenging time. Give your team the chance and they will show you the way and they will inject your enthusiasm and passion into the rest of the team. Get a Motivational Activity Going Something different that gets all your people to focus on being better and giving more. I ask people to stand up and take a deep breath. Then I ask them if they can jump. They always look at me as though I am quite mad. But I persist and eventually everyone jumps all together. Then I ask them a very important question, which goes like this: “If I ask you to jump again, and jump higher, do you think you could?” Guess what the answer is? “YES!” Everyone in every group always says that they can. So then I ask them another question: “Would you try?” And again the answer is: “Yes”. And they jump a second time with the result that they all do it – they jump higher. If you simply ask people to do something, they will do it at a standard, comfort level. If you challenge that same group to give more of their own free will, they can and will. Show them what they have already done, and just ask that simple question: “Could you do more?” The results are amazing. Training people in tough times will bring you success because training creates progress, progress is growth and growth is happiness. The human mind thrives on happiness and will work out ways to get that shot of serotonin that comes from doing things well and getting the reward. Training is the key to success.

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