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If you do what you always did, you get what you always got

It was a spring morning back in 2011, I was sitting outdoors at a cafe in Beirut and the sun was shining. We were having a conversation with a couple of friends, and one of them told me this sentence. I wrote it down, and for ten years it has driven me to seek out better. To be different. To find new ways. To tear up old presentations and write new ones. To go on courses that cost thousands. To read books (a lot of them). To invest in me.

If you keep on doing what you did that got you where you are, you are not going to go further than where you are. Why? Because you need different energy to go further.

Think of it like a car. You fill it up with gas (petrol/benzine) and away you go. That gas will only get you so far, and if you don’t refill it, eventually you will grind to a halt. There will be no point in getting mad with the car; it’s not the car’s fault. It needs more fuel. What it had got it where it is, but it needs more to go on. Just like you.

Fill up.

Fill up on new energy. You can go anywhere. You can do anything. It all starts in the mind. You have to have the idea. If you turn left you could go to one destination, if you turn right, who knows where you could go. Change your sense of the possible.

Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. EXACTLY!

We can process this sentence, even smile or laugh at it, but the truth is, most people do precisely that. They live their lives in a cocoon of doing what they have done before. They do it because it provides security. It allows them to fulfill their human need for certainty. The problem is that they are perpetuating life in their comfort zone, and the only thing you get in your comfort zone is more comfort.

To do amazing things is within the grasp of everyone. You can. You must first become aware of the amazing things that there are to be done by you.

Then you must decide that you really want to do something amazing.

You must then take it very seriously. Write it down, think about it and figure out what it takes to be able to do that amazing thing.

Then you must do it! Do whatever you can to get it moving. You will not know how it is going to turn out, so you must have a very strong vision of what it is that you want to achieve because the journey is going to be challenging. You are going to get bumped and bruised, rejected, laughed at and hurt. Your vision for the outcome must be self-inspiring. That is the only way you will get out of your comfort zone and start moving.

Trust me on this one, it is going to be difficult. All dreamers suffer a lot along the way. The thing is that those watching don’t pay attention to you when you are struggling, they only look at you when you succeed. They look at you and are amazed at how you have achieved whatever it is you have achieved. And then they want a slice of it! They become jealous for what you have attained. When you tell them that they too can have what you have, they smile and walk away. It is very difficult to get there.

Do amazing things… you can

The biggest challenge facing succeeding is your mind. Of course your mind is going to get you great things, but it plays tricks on you. A tough time comes along and your mind will begin to think that things are bad. If you believe that things are bad, they will be bad. If you look at the tough times and believe that they are your greatest opportunity, then they will be.

“I am going to make this a successful time for me”. Some will criticize you, especially during very tough times. How can you say that? How can you behave that way? How can you ignore those who are suffering?

I am not ignoring them. I am being my best self and I can support others because I am succeeding. I need to have to be able to give. If it be talent, I need to have talent. If it be money, I need to have money. If it be time, I need to be able to afford to give time. Therefore I need to be successful. I must succeed at what I do so that I can help others succeed at what they do. Powerful positive mindsets will drive you forward and upward.

I am compelled to move from my comfort zone to do great things. I am obliged to so that I can pay my bills and still have something left over to help others.

I can only get better, stronger, wiser, smarter by stepping out and doing new and different.

Start with just one thing. Focus on it. Learn about it. Master it. You can learn anything today. Just go online and find the topic you want to master. Listen to audios, watch YouTube

, read documents, search and you will find!

Stop being a wisher, become a doer… later on you will experience the rewards.

Do what you always did, get what you always got.

Change the way you do things, change the outcome

Photo by Vansh Sharma

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