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Ideas are worthless

Anyone can have ideas.

Gather a team in a room with a flip-chart or a white wall and some sticky pads, then get a reasonably focused person to stand up and be bold enough to ask questions and ideas will begin to flow.

What happens next? In the majority of situations, when you walk out of the room, nothing. It all evaporates into the ether.

People are too busy for ideas. They have real work to do!

What these same people fail to understand is that the brilliant ideas that they created will make their lives amazing and their work more successful, they miss this because they have been programmed to deliver some sort of result that proves they are working.

The problem with ideas is that they cannot be measured. They are just that.

What is more valuable than ideas is ACTION

Do something.

Have the ideas sessions, and then convert them into action. Get a name and a deadline next to each idea and ensure that there is one person who is going to hold everyone accountable.

Ensure that those who are assigned an idea to work on have the resources and time allocated to them to allow them to do the work of creating new solutions

Do this and you will succeed.

Will every idea make a million dollars? No! That's silly, and of course it is not reasonable.

Will the cumulative effect of having all your people work on ideas make you a million dollars?

I say yes!

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