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I am an idiot - I should have listened to my friend!

Our own intelligence can get clouded and we can lose sight of things that others see clearly.

Why does this happen?


Once we are emotionally involved in a situation we are stuck. it is crazy to say it, though it is true. Our emotions change our state and that changes what we tell ourselves, which changes what we decide to do.

My friend, a dear one decided to marry a few months ago. I talked to him yesterday and he told me that he is now divorced. They were married for exactly ten days!

That is not a record, but the funny thing is that I told him to think hard about it before he went into the marriage, and you guessed it, he told me that he had and that this was the right person for him and the right way to go.

Now his story is completely different. She was not the right one, she did this, she did that, her family etc... the truth is, he is now processing it with a different set of emotions. He is still unaware of his true thoughts because the negative emotions are running high.

We may smile and think, "that wouldn't happen to me", however I doubt that this is true. I am sure that we have all been there. Made crazy decisions based upon emotions of the moment, some good and some maybe not so good.

The cool thing is that you have friends, those around you who can see things differently from you.

Learn to use them, reach out to them and talk to them about the decisions

you are planning and you may hear things that are contrary to what you think, but in the long term they may prove to be right... have a think about it...

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