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Deeper thoughts - Monasticism and the inner spirit

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I was recently awakened to a sleeping giant - the deeper thinking of the ancients. There are those who have though long and hard about life without the constant clutter of noise that goes on today.

The book of common prayer - 1662 - morning & evening every day

The works of MG Wright

The mystical ways of our spirits and our soul... how do they work or manifest or indeed function?

Do we need to worship something bigger than ourselves? Is that what creates the restlessness within a man's sou?

How about becoming a friend to the Book of Psalms? Singing to God?

What about this thought: Do you know what you do not know?

It is not all about results. Nor about likes and shares. it is about creating inner lasting change. Deciding what I want and then dedicating myself to getting it.

There is word called Sanctified. Do we know and understand what it means? Do we have any inkling of the depth of this word? And the feelings associated with attaining sanctification? I know not.

We are all human. And therefore we are all messed up. None of us are perfect, we are just people all on our personal journey. Let us share kindness with everyone around us as we travel on this journey.

Athonasius - The incarnation - Deep thoughts

Here's a brilliant concept. Read and stop. Stop when your brain has absorbed something and let it settle there. Think about it and turn it around in your mind. Slow down and enjoy the journey

St Bernard - Stop Trying to Assert Yourself

And so the learning continues...

May 18th

Romans 7 makes no sense when you read it as a stand alone chapter

However, having completed the reading of Romans 6, 7 and 8 you will understand more completely what it is saying. It is a challenge to the mind, to the soul to know that without God, more specifically Christ, we are dead. Our purpose is to Bear Fruit to God. In order to do so we must die to the selfish life and be made alive by the spirit of Jesus to live for God and bear fruit to him.

In Romans 7 I discerned that I was once alive apart from the law. So there was no burden on me, for I lived along the way, without really a care. As soon as I know the law, then I am under a new commandment. now that I know, so I am dead! Deep.


Reading in Psalm 55 it calls upon us to pray, three times a day, to trust God to come to our rescue and not to worry or to focus on the things around us, for God will take care of those by himself.

My prayer is to be received by God, to live according to His word, to be free of the burden of money, to help people walk right in this life and so discover God. I call to God and the Lord answers me.

I need help. I must acknowledge that I need help. God is silent and present.

What is it that you desire? Is it greatness? That is a lot of pressure. How about to serve? Now that is a good place to start!

Mark & Craig - 21 May 2020

Stay honest

It is all about humility

Wait in faith - make every effort

Grace upon grace - I am open and ready

Praying is telling - meditating is listening

Let Christ do it for you

Turn to Proverbs and Psalms

Read 2 Peter 4

Romans 9+

2 Peter Ch 1 - May 20th 2020

It is all about adding to your faith. Add goodness, add knowledge, add self control, add perseverance, add godliness, add kindness, and finally add love.

It means to me, take the little faith that you have and make every effort to add these things to your faith. Starts with moral behavior, add good behavior, then learn and grow, then be self-controlled and disciplined to follow through on what you have learned. Then stick at it no matter what. This is perseverance. Endure whatever it takes to get to your goal. Be godly. the act of becoming like God. Be like Him. Be kind, practice kindness and finally be love. Do not try to be loving, be love.

Peter wrote this at the end of his life and he said he made every effort ensure that we remember this, it is so important that the man who was so close to Jesus considers it of prime importance that he makes every effort to ensure we remember this.

If you do not you will be nearsighted and blind and forgetful. Do whatever it takes to grow in these things.

Seek Real transformation not shallow change

Seek to become stable, focused and balanced as a person.

I run the race to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Straining - pulling hard towards the goal

Always going forward. forgetting what is behind, both the good and the bad and straining towards what is ahead. it is incomparable. Forget past victories and forget past failures.

The past is not where glory and greatness or salvation lies. It is only in what lies ahead.

I will is useless

I want to is hopeless

I should is guaranteed failure

I could means you have no intention whatsoever of doing anything about it

I am doing it now! This is the power of transformation

Believing is not enough

Self help is not enough

You want to go on a journey where you spin your brain

You will face challenges - you will refocus and go again

Growth becomes my natural outcome

Mark and Craig 28-5-20202

It is precious to get older, for in age we understand far more. I do not judge myself. No. Let go and let go of all things.

Be zealous to be passive... zealous passivity. Be radically self honest. find out the truth of what is within. Know what I can do and do it

In all things and at all times. God has to be God.

Jesus said to the rich young ruler, sell all your possessions. He went away sad, but it does not say that he did not follow. Maybe he did later.

Psalm 46:10 - cease striving

Titus 3:5 He saved us, not because of our righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us by rebirth by the holy spirit.

Eph 2:8 It is by grace that I have been saved. His love is for us. He is rich in mercy. He made me alive when I was dead. it is by God's grace alone, through faith, not works.

Make every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification.

June 4th

Become who I should be

God is in charge, not me!

Remember, when you feel that nothing is happening, things are happening. It is somewhat like making compost. You cannot see anything happening. It is very black and lots of dirt stacked up and just looks like nothing is going on. However, deep down inside the pile there is something magical happening. There is compost being created. Later it will be extremely useful to make plants grow and it will be rich and fertile. It starts off as dirty uselsss discarded stuff and eventually becomes of value. So remember, while it appears that nothing is happening, it is!

Humility is the core. I don't choose. Practice makes mastery.

Learn to go deeper and deeper. Memorize scripture so that you may have it whenever you need it.

Remember Psalm 46:10... be still and know that I am God.

Let it soak in.

Go to Psalm 91, 95 and 100. it is not about doing.

Be ready, sit with it and do nothing.