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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

"Every customer is going to walk away as a brand ambassador that sells your restaurants to their friends or family" Your passion has grown. Maybe you started off with a small restaurant that you poured all your love into. But now, it is no longer just you and your family and friends making a fun company that you are happy to run; it has become serious & Now its a business. As the business has grown the finer touches slip through your fingers like grains of fine sand. And, the more you try to grasp at them, the less effective you become. You have people working for you and though you are sure that they try their best they don’t quite seem to understand the feeling that you have been trying to propagate in your business. You’ve hired managers to help your business grow. And grow it has; so much so that you are now far away from the front lines. But what of the customer? They were the special individuals that you used to welcome personally into your restaurant for lunch and dinner, day in. d’ out You were always there. If you weren’t feeling 100 percent then you would at least grab a stool and sit in the back corner of your restaurant so that you could see what was going on. But today your customers rave become just numbers on a page. They contribute to your bottom line. They are a part of the KPI’s that you push your managers to deliver. so that you grown and serve even more customers, and make more profit It has become a circle. With the customer at the center, but never really the focus.            As your business grows it is right to leverage every reasonable opportunity to expand. But what if there was an equal amount of effort being focused on the customer? Here are two questions that you need to answer: · ‘What If every new customer you served was a referral? · ‘What If you stilt had every single customer you ever had? How would business be? Wouldn’t it be the best it’s ever been? Of course! Owners become busy and hire managers to help them. Managers become busy taking care of everything around them. Who focuses on taking care of the customers? So often it is just the front line employee, doing the best they can in the best that they think things should be done. He or she does not understand the performance that you want. They serve customers in the quickest way using the knowledge that they have. But is that good enough? Absolutely not! For years we hear managers and corporate people shouting about how employees are the pillars of the company, but they are not living that out in reality. It is time to convey the skills and experience and talent that seeded your business. Give it to these front line people and they will be true guardians of your customers. The way to do it is ABC. Create trainers. Create people in your organization that Love to share knowledge with others. There is always at Least one person that wants to deliver the standards in a fun and memorable way. ABC will ensure that every training session reaches its target. It is a time-honored system that has been handed down through the training industry for decades. A=ATTENTION – • Welcome people business . • Record their attendance • Tell them why they are here • Break the ice • Tell them what they will know and understand by the end of the session B = BREAKDOWN • Tell them what you want to tell them and show them how to do it • Ask questions • Get them to tell you what they are going to do, Showing you as they go along • Praise them and ask them if they can do it alone • Get them to do it • Praise them and ask questions to cover the key points C=CHECK • Praise everyone for their contribution and attention • Review and confirm the key points • Link forward to the next session • Thank them for being a part of your session Every training session depends upon these three pillars. Attention - Bring people in and tell them what they are going to learn. Make it attractive so they feel they will get something out of it. Breakdown - Tell them exactly what you want, and show them how you want it done, getting them to show you that they can do what you have trained them to do. Check - Finally, ensure that they ‘got it’. Pepper the sessions with an abundance of praise and above all encourage employees to think of training as the knowledge transfer that will inspire them, and transform their lives. Real training is a powerful and positive experience for trainer and trainee alike, and the owners benefit more than they could ever A imagine from an investment at the front end. After alt the mistakes that create the greatest challenges to your invariably take place between customer and server that is where you need to hone your skills and ensure that every customer is going to walk away as a brand ambassador that sells your restaurant to their friends and family. Train the Trainer is a powerful tool to help build the business. The tools that we created in the last article are the ones that our trainers use to ensure that our team is all working towards one goal. Practice builds strength. By doing something over and over S you build a reflex reaction that causes you to do a task without thinking about it. And once the team has been trained, then it is time to grow to the next level and develop group training skills where managers learn to be great speakers and presenters so that they can capitalize on the strengths of the people within the team through giving advanced training sessions. Managers need to remember: The better trained the team, the Less work there is to do! Owners need to remember: Training is always an investment and will always inspire people to grow and reduce team member turnover. Everyone needs to remember: Training makes CHECK happy and confident employees. Happy and confident employees create happy customers and spread it throughout the team. 

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