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Executing Basic Program

This is the place where we fall into a daze, a sort of half waking half sleeping mindset. This mindset results in individuals doing the basics.. neither excelling, nor falling behind, just doing what is required.

EBP's do not provide service, they process people. They do not elevate to higher standards and they do not aspire to more than what they have

Typically an EBP loves the comfort zone, hides inside the group and avoids the spotlight. EBP's hate to be on stage. They will run away from important roles and will avoid any conflict possible.

EBP's are valuable and make many things in this world work. EBP is not a derogatory statement, it is an awareness of whom you are dealing with. EBP's will not respond very well to logic and reason, they will generally be inspired by kindness and politeness and will deliver within their program parameters.

If you would complain to a waiter about the cleanliness of a restaurant, they will not understand. You are speaking to them outside of their program even though they are occupying the restaurant space for 8 hours of the day. They will be lost and not understand what you are really talking about.

At the counter in a bank you will encounter EBP's. They are polite, conduct your business in a reasonably efficient manner, will give simple recognition, but will not be able to talk about interest rates or currency fluctuations, those concepts being way outside of the lines of the program.

We need EBP's and we need to honor their contribution, but we also need to recognize the limitations of EBP's.

We must also remember that anyone can fall into being an EBP if they are not vigilant - some people call it COMFORT ZONE

Be kind to EBP's.

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