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CSR - Why we must give back

Photo by Suraphat Nuea-on

Why ‘giving back’ and CSR is crucial for governments/businesses/individuals in the region?

Governments must give back and here’s why: The government exists to serve its people. It is made up of its people. I never understand why anyone complains against the government. When there is a will in the people, the government will respond. Always.

CSR is Corporate Social Responsibility, however I don't think of it like that. I think that it is all about being responsible. Not corporately. Nor Socially. Just Responsible.

Let’s think about this. If there were no people, there would be no need for a government. Since there are people, then they need rules to help them function. What is critical to understand is that those same people that form the government are family members of those who are governed! The government performs the task of helping us organize and systemize life for the large population that lives in the governed area.

Will people disagree with the government? Highly probable. Sometimes those disagreements are justified, but the test is not if one person is disgruntled or angry, there will always be exceptions, it is about whether that body serves the majority of people in a fair and reasonable manner that is uplifting and creates aspirations amongst the governed. There is no separation between the two. They are one. They exist because of each other. And so therefore it is not about giving back or social responsibility, it is about creating a flow to the places where flow is most needed.

In this particular time the greatest need is to flow the energy of the people towards protecting one another and looking out for one another. Humans are naturally gregarious, so the government is required by the people to protect them from their own weakness and propensity for being together, so those who have been entrusted with looking after us are required tio create measures that will protect all.

And as the need for medical help rises, and the need for empathy, sympathy, and a greater love for one another arises, so the people must respond and do their part by following and contributing in whatever way they can.

We are all one.

There is critical pain in announcing a death to the nation, that is multiplied as more people die, but it is not the fault of the government, it is not the fault of the governed. It just is. And we must all gather together to create the next step. We must accept one another, even as we want to be accepted by one another.

One part of the whole criticizing the other, or playing “better than you” or “smarter than you” games is rather like a person criticizing their own body and expecting it to change.

We are honor bound to help ourselves be better. Lift up. Encourage. Inspire.

The greatest responsibility we have is to move as one. Government and governed.

And so to businesses. I have no praise for those who have opportunistically taken mean steps towards their employees. This is the time to reach out and support. Will it break you? That’s okay. Be broken. Your employees have poured themselves out for the companies that they work for over and over. They give, they commit. They work hard. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they don’t live up to expectations, but that is not the majority.

And now it is time for the company to care for and carry these people. They created the goodwill, they generated the love. So what if the company goes broke now in its efforts to care for its people. The people will help rebuild something even greater in the future. But what will you do without these people? Nothing.

There are corporations that announce their donations and contributions to charities long before they have equitable conditions for all of their people. What if your own employees cannot afford to live well and yet your company donates to third parties. Isn’t the person that commits themselves to the organization supposed to the person that benefits?

Corporations are made up of people, and all of them are employees. All of them. A CEO is an employee. It is high time that everyone remembered that there are no little people in a company. There are only people. It would be interesting to see if managers could manage a company without any front line employees. But I wonder how the reverse would work out? Wouldn't that be interesting. I would imagine that a company without managers would find a wonderful way to go forward, they would be able to take those massive paychecks and split some of it between the people at the frontline, they would be getting paid well and doing a great job, and there would be more money in profits. What an interesting world that would be.

Responsibility would be to each other. The management are employed. The employees are employed. So let them cooperate simply together. Let there be equity of working conditions.l Whatever privileges are afforded to one are afforded to all. Why not? Not socialism, no, I am not saying everyone earns the same, I am saying that the privileges are all the same.

That would be responsible and that would be social, so would that be corporate social responsibility.

Finally individuals. Well individuals are part of the fabric of everything, so let each one pick up his own litter, carry his own weight, be kind and thoughtful to others, help out with the particular skills that you have. Serve others, love others, give to those who have need whenever you see it and you can and we are done. We have corporate social responsibility.

Corporately (meaning all of us) Socially (We are all in this together) Responsible (everyone is a part of everything so we are all part of whatever goes on)

What a wonderful world!



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