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Are you ready for the storm - Spiritual

Acts 27

What decision will you make in the storm?

A bad decision?

  1. Godly Wisdom prevents us from taking a bad decision.

    1. bad advice will cause a bad decision

    2. The wrong perception of circumstances - feelings can change rapidly

    3. Following the crowd - can take you to a totally wrong place

2. Be careful how you are driven and what you discard. Don't lose hope

a. storms drive our lives

b. we start discarding things from our lives. We must avoid throwing out our values. Avoid impulsiveness

c. We must not give up hope. we must not give in to despair. When we throw out hope we have reached the end

3. Be confident in the storm

Be calm and confident

We know where we are. We know where God is

Our character is revealed in times of crisis. Our character is made every day and tested in pressure

4. Drop your anchors and pray

Don't disrupt a disruption. Follow your plan exactly. Stick with what works. Do what works. Do what you have learned. Pray, read, stay convinced of what I learned.

a. Remember God's presence.

b. Remember God's purpose

c. Remember God's promise

d. Remember to pray to God

We receive an inheritance from God. It is not something that we deserve. It is something that we are given.

Do not beat yourself up. You did what you believed was right at the time that you did it. No matter how it may appear now, it was your best action at that time. Even wrong things that seem so wrong now were the best course of action to you at the time that you did them. You may not have been able to see clearly, or to act wisely by your present judgement, but at that time you were convinced that you were doing what was the best thing that you could do at that time.

Inspired by Chris Grazel

Photo by Matt Hardy

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