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A thought creates according to its power

If you have a powerful thought, it will resonate with you on different levels.

Your spirit will feel it

Your will will be influenced by it

Your conscience will be touched by it

Your intelligence will bend towards it

Your subconscious will pick it up and begin to give it importance.

Your subconscious never sleeps. Ever!

It will guide you towards the most powerful thoughts that you have, believing them to be your most important ones and taking their cue from you as the direction in which you want to go.

To have powerful thoughts you must first use your imagination. Then visualize what it is you are thinking of.

This process will generate belief within you that this is of importance to you.

If you repeat this visualization over and over you will begin to create auto-suggestion.

Create it in your mind over and over, every day. First thing in the morning when you are waking and last thing at night as you are falling asleep and throughout the day.

The things that happen in your life follow your belief and your convictions

Create your own slogans, put up a flag with your thought written on it. Create a paper tower and display it where you frequently see it.

Make sure that the thought that you want to give power to is in prime place where it becomes repetitive for you. Create a mantra out of it.


Know that you have this power. Use this power. Let you become what you think about.

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