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A billionaire's thoughts shared with me

It was another training session and I was once more given the privilege of sharing with another wonderful group of people.

As we proceeded with our program one of the participants stopped me to share a thought. We were speaking about EGO and how it disempowers, he quietly said the following:

A tree bends when its fruits have ripened; a fresh water cloud hangs low; similarly, a gentleman becomes all the more humble in prosperity.

Shakuntala Act IV, 12  as told in the Mahabharata

And I found another quote that was along the same lines:

Spirituality automatically leads to humility.   When a flower develops into a fruit, the petals drop off on its own.   When one becomes spiritual, the ego vanishes gradually on its own.   A tree laden with fruits always bends low.   Humility is a sign of greatness. Sri Ramakrishna       1836 – 1886       Mystic of 19th century India

I wrote it down and desired to check it out afterwards. As I read this quote I explained to my colleague what the man had shared. My colleague said, "This is all the more powerful, for the man who told you this is a billionaire".

It blew my mind! The quiet humility of the man compared to the immense wealth that he bore, attending a simple training program online and sharing such simple truths.

Humility indeed.

Photo by Kaboompics .com

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