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17 Things I learned about losing weight

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

It is a battle, for life!

AND... You can win.

You never finish with weight. If you struggle with being over-weight then you are going to have to deal with it for the rest of your life, but you can win. I promise you. I'll tell you all about it at the end of this article.

1. Walk for an hour every day

2. Sleep at 10 p.m. every night, no matter what!

3. Wake up very early, as near to 5 a.m. as you can

4. Do a muscle toning exercise each morning before shower (between 3 & 10 minutes) so that you never lose your muscles, you only lose your fat

5. Drink water - in tea, in coffee, in water! However you want. NO SOFT DRINKS whatsoever. Remember that every alcoholic drink has a ton of energy in it.

6. Stop caffeine by 3 p.m.

7. Understand how much energy you burn in your regular day to day life. To do this you will need to measure and count. Once you have understood this number you are the master of your weight. Measure all the food that you consume each day and count it's calories. Then weigh yourself at the exact same time in your daily process every morning. Keep a note of both numbers. Once you find the amount of calories that keeps you on the same weight then you are ready to lose weight. It will take a few weeks of perseverance to do this. I can help you, just ask!

8. If you did not do number 7 then you will not succeed.

9. To make it very simple, you must burn more fuel than you consume. That's it.

Most people do not know how much they consume (they underestimate) and most people do not know how much they burn (they overestimate).

10. 1 kg of fat = 7000 calories.

11. To get rid of 1 kg of fat you are going to have to have a negative difference of calories between what you eat and what you burn. You have 2 choices:

a. increase your burn

b. decrease your intake

The bigger the deficit of calories the faster your weight loss.

12. Avoiding fried food helps you consume less energy. Cutting out sugar (the white/brown granulated kind), soft drinks and all cakes and sweets and candy and fake sugar and chocolate and sneak treats and all that stuff will make your life better. All those things have chemicals and preservatives in them that make you old real fast. Don't be fooled by fruit juice!

13. No one else can understand your body like you can, so do what is good and right for you.

14. When anyone tells you that you have either lost weight or gained weight give them a nice answer. Avoid discussing it at any length. They will mess with your head with some "helpful advice" that will interfere with your game.

15. If you "have to lose weight" you are not going to lose weight. If you want to get into the best shape of your life, you are going to lose weight and have a great time doing it. Think: I am slim. I am fit. I am strong. I am healthy. Say it out loud every day. Write it down every morning. Breathe it in to you.

16. Have a day when you celebrate your progress. Every week. Make it the same day and make it a simple day, not a weekend. Avoid celebrating on days where you are able to get lost in a lot of energy consumption.

17. I love ginger, pepper, cinnamon, apples and oats, oh yes, and broccoli. There are 100 ways to eat them and they are good!

I did not know it at the time, but there is such a thing called the Oat Diet which I had created for myself. It is marvelous and you never feel hungry, though it can get a bit boring sometimes, it is super effective in weight loss and it is affordable for anyone. Oats cost about $5/kg and do not need any milk, since adding cold water will create oat-milk automatically. Typically add ginger powder or fresh ginger and cinnamon for a yummy dish, and 5g of brown sugar for a treat!

I weighed 132 kg. Yep. That is a lot. That is big. That is uncomfortable and that made me feel self-conscious, out of spirits, so I ate! Not a good cycle.

Today I weigh 102.4 kg and I am feeling fine. It is a battle, I am winning and you can win too.

Talk to me about it if you like. I am very happy to help you out. My way works. It has been working for me for over 4 years and I assure you that it is a beautiful process. The only thing you must keep in mind is that it is a new way of living. If you go back to the old ways, you will end up with the old results.

Avoid losing your weight too quickly as you will not be able to sustain the weight loss. Lose slowly and steadily over a long period of time and you will be amazed at the sheer amount of weight you will have lost.

There is no magic in losing weight. But there is magic in being fit and in great shape!

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