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Interesting things I have learned in life

I gathered a lot of stuff along the road of life and I want to share it with you... It's a collection of thoughts, ideas and all kinds of stuff... this is a place to browse and reflect... enjoy

This is stuff I've always wanted to share with you

It starts in the head, moves to the heart and becomes an unstoppable force

Think it

Feel it

Do it

Everything began in the head. It was just a thought, then it progressed to become an opinion. From opinion it became a belief and finally it became a conviction. 

Remember this. Everything you hold as a conviction today was once a thought. At some point in your history you did not believe it. It is now that you have it as a conviction that you could not conceive not believing it. Others may not have gone through the same process as you to reach where you are at. Your convictions are unique to you. No would has exactly the same commitment to what you believe in as you do. 

Retrace your steps. Where did you get that belief? What made you believe it? Why do you believe it? 

Is it true? Do you have all the information you need to know that it is true?

How do you feel when you have that feeling? How do you behave when you have that belief?

What if you had never had that thought? What would life be like?

Always worth questioning our beliefs before we make judgements. 

Mistakes are awesome

Let people think

Don't protect people from mistakes (only from danger)

Make your own mistakes



Remember all my blessings at all times

Judge not!

Live and walk in the presence of God every day. Concentrate on my walk with Him. 

Thank Him for all that He provides each day

Remember God's plan is revealed one step at a time, not the whole plan all at once

Faith says: In perfect submission, there is no why

There is only acceptance and gratitude and confidence that God is in control. 

God will answer. Be still and know that He is God.

Whyever would you abandon God? He made you. He has the best plan for your life. When you get tired of waiting it means that you are not ready to learn the lesson that He is trying to teach you at this point in time. If you ask God for something and do not receive it, did you not get an answer? Of course you did. The answer was, "No". Because you did not like the answer you will leave? 

Would it not be better to wrestle and try to understand why not? That God has a better plan in preparation that He will reveal to you in His good time?

Do what you are supposed to do. Be joyful always. Pray constantly, give thanks continually, for this is the will of God concerning you in Christ Jesus (1 Thess 5:16-18)

Anything else is the rise of your EGO... EGO = Edging God Out - I can

Lessons from The Matrix

Rest Neo - The answers are coming

I didn't say it would be easy, just the truth

Don't think you are... know you are

There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path

Stop Talking

I always feel that everyone is so busy talking that they forget to listen. When I am speaking all I am doing is recycling what I already know. When I listen I am learning! 
Listening is where my greatest growth takes place

Add Massive Value - as much as I can

If you have the mindset that says, "How can I add massive value? As much as I can?" then you will enter every interaction with the spirit that you are going to give something. 
What is amazing about this is that just by adding value you become more valuable


Constant and never-ending improvement. One of the great ideas by Tony Robbins that stuck with me is the idea of CANI?

YES I CAN. I can always get better at what I do. 
Where are you at? Great... can you improve it? Yes! 

And that my friends is the path to greatness. Getting better and better by giving more and more. 

Monthly Goal

Something that is really fun to do is to set out a goal for each month of the year. Something that you would like to accomplish. I recommend this as a great way to grow and to always be learning new stuff

The 25 Year Life Plan

I read about the 25 year life plan and I understood in a flash the powerful importance of having 25 years of life mapped out. If you are under 50 you have so much time ahead of you that a plan of 25 years is going to help you to slow things down and truly focus on what is important to you. Dan Sullivan wrote a book about it

I am a resource

I am a resource, a go to person
I Respect, Inspire and Enrichen other people's livess
They Support, Encourage and Educate me

I am Successful, Loving and Giving

Have 5 amazing relationships that force you to be better

Gather around you a collection of friends and relationships that force you to grow. I often call this my MESPF, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Financial circle. By having real or virtual relationships with 5 people who are better stronger, more successful than me I must stretch myself to reach their level.. it is great work trying to grow

Writing a letter from the future to yourself

Play a mind game with yourself. Go to a fixed date in the future and write a letter in the past tense about what you will change and how you will grow back to today. This is amazing. it is bigger than writing goals because your mind loves the narrative and finds it impossible to differentiate between the real and the imagined and so begins to create a new reality for you

A 3rd Choice

10 ways to cut the job
Write it and throw it away
My 3rd option is disappointment avoidance
Where am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? What can I do? What am I capable of? Where am I going? What is my destiny? 
Be myself. Love Myself and be me. 
Know my own power

A Millionaire Grid

This is where you create a grid of all the ways that you could make money in one year that when you add them together would be equal to one MILLION dollars.


Find a product that you can sell. Whatever it is you can sell, personally.

Find out how much it can sell for

Now divide 1 Million by that number

Now divide that number by 50 (the number of weeks in a year)

Now go and sell that number of products in a week


EG product sells for $2000 each

$1 Million divided by 2000 = 500 products

500 divided by 50 weeks = 10 product sales per week

That means 2 product sales per day. 


If you sell 2 of your $2000 product per day you make a million in one year. 

What I know and what I don't know

There's what you know

There's what you know you know but don't know you know

There are the things you don't know you know

Thanks that you don't know you don't know

Things that you know you don't know

Things you don't know how you know

Things that you don't know that there are to know

Constant Objectives

1. Employee Engagement

2. Customer Happiness

3. Cash Flow

a. Has my team bought into the mission?

    Do they understand where they are going?

    Do they know why they do what they are doing?


    Celebrate employees' achievements

    Let them know where they stand

    Give freedom and authority


Ice Breakers

Beach ball 

Object in a bag

Mingle - stickers - groups + Q's

Name Tags + stickers

Silly things to do. Bark/whistle/sing

Coin, water bottle, Toss coin, heads/tails, chain reaction to the end of the line, rotate team to front and continue

Going Deep

Doing less is more

Go slow to go fast

Less is better - Less is deep

Less is slow and deliberate

Less is human

To change we must process stuff

Dealing with things in life

Make a pattern that brings either pain or pleasure

Classical and Operant Conditioning

Classical = pavlov - involuntary automatic behavior
Operant - skinner - reinforcement by punishment or reward

Long term change in behavior is based on experience. 
+'ve reinforce - positive stimulus increased liklhood of change
-'ve reinforce - with punishment - no liklihood of lasting change

In it to win it

Further thoughts...

1. Give up chasing scale

2. Stop pretending that undeveloped parts are already done

3. Focus on revenues

4. Say no to time deviations 

5. Ignore unrelated stuff

6. Ignore noise. We have no competitor - Blue Ocean

7. Efficiency of effort

8. Live the Brand - Our culture - Done!

           What is our life story

9. Make a team and give them a good life

10. Be obsessed with our value to our user

11 Do unexpected things from time to time

12. Embrace being small, unique and boutique


My World

In the world I live in...

I choose who I want to work with

I avoid negativity and criticsim
I embrace positivity & growth

I interact between want & need



     Staff on demand

     Community & crowd


     Leveraged Assets







     Social technologies



Turn Quickly
Happy Team = Happy Customers


1. Express anger the next day
2. Surround yourself with people better than yourself
3. Good character and integrity are important - What would my life look like on CNN?
4. Form good habits
5. Communicate well
6. Do what you are good at. Use your skills. Learn other things in your own time till you reach competency


1. Be known for something specific
2. Be first to attack the hard problems and solve them
3. Don't just do stuff that's in front of you and that's expected
4. Search in the margins for powerful, effective and exciting problems that when solved will benefit the company and show off your skills at a high level
5. Help fix stuff
6. Share yourself
7. Work really hard while you are at work
8. Do stuff on time
9. Do simple things really well

Air BNB's (Brian) Rules
1. go to the source - you can often find what you want already prepared. FFWD by using it
2. Amplify your moves - Do great and important stuff, not detailed tiny stuff
3. Don't lead by consensus in a crisis - take a decision and stick to it
4. Refill the reservoir - get external inspiration

5 Things to keep in mind

1. Aim               Ambitions/desires
2. Attention      Be present/ground yourself
3. Attitude        Generate your attitude
4. Affection      Emotions
5. Actions         What am i doing

People who feel good about themselves produce good results.

Now is not the time to hunker down and think about how difficult life is. Everyone is already doing that and it is not helping the situation get any better. Watching the news is frustrating and negative, there is not one channel that is sharing constant positive news that makes us feel better. I feel sure that at the end of this crisis we need to have a moratorium on what news is.

The negative tone of voice, the upward ending questions that sound so innocent but that actually cause us to doubt ourselves.

There is a challenge in the world today and we cannot deny it, but there will always be challenges. Are we going to live as victims of those challenges or are we going to strike out and fight for better?

I believe that we should. 

Here’s one way to make yourself better prepared: Treat yourself in a little way to something that you would like. In other words, do good to you!

I am so sad to see lives ending so abruptly because of illness that just appears and steals away life in a moment. Let us live fully while we can. 

Elevate you.

Make you feel good.

Get yourself in your best state ever. Be strong. Take care of you so that you can then do whatever it takes to help others. If you are running on empty and feeling sad and down, you cannot help. You cannot react. You cannot step forward and be there for others. 

Think: What can I do today to make me feel good? Then do it. 

And once you are feeling good, pass it onto someone else. Together we are all connected to everyone in the entire world. Your change will help change everyone. 

How to grow a movement

Online gurus grow by doing the following

1. create a wepage where people click - it can be an ad on instagram.LinkedIn. Facebook. Invite to a webinar, live event, freebook. It should be a 1 hour event

Time together = trust built = increased price

2. Concentrate on the message. 

3. Tell your story. How hard life was, how it was over and how difficult it has been. and be honest.

4. Rewiring created abundance and it is this that you are going to learn about through this program

5. Always make it clear that the work is done by the participant who is paying for the service. That there are no guarantees. That the work must be done by them and if it does not work it is because they did not follow the program

5. Testimonials - easy to do. No risk. You sign up and you are going to experience greatness

6. Profit is made by hooking them. 

a. Sign up to a course

b. Graduate to a mastermind

c. Join a live event

Create the belief that it is going to work

We are all going to die

But not all of us get to make a difference

From the Netflix series Warrior Nun.

When we realize that we are here to live for a higher purpose we make a change, even if that means that we sacrifice ourselves for a greater good. It becomes worth it because the outcome is far greater than our present reality. 

Brilliant interview question - Bait!

I really like you. 

I want you to think hard before you answer this question.

Is there any reason that someone would say that......

(insert here, they saw you doing/being/etc)

Remember that anyone repeating their story when they are answering the question are doing something called self-soothing. 

If people answer the question talking about the subject in a third person it is probable that they are concealing something

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