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What are your values?

Can you instantly list them out for me?

I would imagine that you cannot, because that is not normal behavior. Very few people actually know what their values are. They know that they have some values, but being conscious of your values is essential to developing your beliefs and directing your efforts as to how you best use your time.

Values can be written out on paper and looked at and read. They can be learned by heart and recited, and they can be lived.

Everyone has values.

Not everyone has the same value.

Your value is based upon what you are worth. How valuable are you?

The value that you have may well be related to the values that you hold, however being valuable depends upon a very different set of criteria.

You contributing to socienty

You creating valuable products or services

You creating processes and ways to release other peoples value

If you can create time for others, you are valuable. A computer reduces the time required to complete a task, it is therefore a valuable machine, the person who created it and made it work is even more valuable, because they created a way for others to get value out of the valuable person's ideas.

Those who originate massive ideas, amazing art, fantastic songs, one of a kind things, they are those who accumulate massive wealth or recognition, and it is due to the fact that they have become more valuable than others who do the same thing, but less well.

If you can kick a ball better than anyone else you will become extremely wealthy

If you can throw a ball better than anyone else. your success is guaranteed

If you can find a thing that is needed by others, and be a master of providing it, you will release your value and become truly valuable.

What is your value?

First figure out your values... then figure out what you love to do... then do it better than anyone else and you will become more valuable than anyone else in that area of your life.

Remember, those who become most valuable provide exceptional value to others - and get rewarded for it.


  1. what are my values?

  2. what is my value?

  3. Am I creating something valuable that will allow me to be valuable?

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